Aquarius Love Horoscope: Creative but Unpredictable.

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Aquarius love horoscope

Unpredictable and full of creativity, you like to express your ideas freely. You can be rebellious and distant. Emotionally you can be detached with a preference for cool friendship. You are idealistic and a humanitarian.

Aquarius Personality in depth

  • Ruling Planets, Saturn or Uranus.
  • The influence of Venus is strong also.
  • Number: 8 if Saturn is the Ruler, but 4 if Uranus is the stronger;
  • Day Saturday
  • Colors, dark as those of Capricorn, but the Venus influence makes blue fortunate.
  • Jewels, as given for Capricorn.

The Sun enters this Sign about January 20th and stays till February I9th. Old Zodiacs showed this Sign symbolized by a pitcher of water; later the figure of a man carrying a vase was substituted, and from being called “The Watering Pot” or the “Vase Full,” which were its ancient names, it became The Water Carrier, as we know it now.


Aquarius people are perhaps the most attractive of all, since their gift of fascination brings them hosts of friends. They enjoy company, they love to be in any place where a great number of people are gathered, and the Drama, Art, and Literature appeal to them strongly.

It is seldom their lives run smoothly in a conventional groove, for everything about them is apart from the commonplace. They have many changes of fortune and are particularly faithful to their friends. Their great faults are a tendency to dwell on personal grievances, and to be discontented in their surroundings, whatever they may be.


They are apt to worry over money matters, but generally, this is not a personal affair. They will face poverty quite happily themselves but fret over the possible troubles which may beset their friends. When they have money they give it lavishly, yet petty cheese-paring, verging on miserliness, is one of the faults of the Sign.

Lack of concentration is another failing they should strive to conquer. They can be easily distracted, as do the people of all Air signs.

The true Aquarius people are tall or at least above medium height, well built, with an oval face, brown hair and light eyes. They are liable to nerve and blood disorders and to accidents affecting the legs and feet.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

  • You harmonize best with Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.
  • There are mutual help and support with: Sagittarius and Aries.
  • You either repel or attract: Leo
  • You may ignore, avoid or adapt to Scorpio and Taurus.

Aquarius is eccentric and fun to be with. They love their freedom and do not like to be suffocated with affection. They cherish their independence and freedom. You cannot get an Aquarius to do something against their will.

Expect a fun time with an Aquarius – they love to socialize and will always have you laughing. They may have a huge circle of friends.

The Aquarius man is free of vanity yet intensely conscious of his dignity as a human being. He likes to see his partner as an equal.

Aquarius women also believe in sexual equality and have an adventurous approach to life. They are best with partners who share their values and beliefs.

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