How to Astral Project in a Dream in 5 Steps.

Astral Projection Techniques

SUMMARY: Article about Astral Projection Techniques by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Includes methods to help you to separate the etheric and physical body during sleep and in the lucid dream state. Teachings about the soul as it moves into an astral body (or “etheric double”).

5 steps to Astral Projection

During an astral voyage, communication with other astral projectors is possible. Of interest is the work of Robert Monroe who founded the Monroe Institute and published several accounts of his experiences of astral projection including “Far Journeys”. Robert Monroe developed a method he calls Hemisync to induce mental states that are favorable for projection

Sometimes the astral traveler reports being attached to his/her physical body by a silver umbilical cord. Pets to react in a frightened way, and some claim seeing an astrally projecting person’s spirit as a colored beam or shot or light darting around the room.

How to Astral Project

  • Step 1. Before dropping off to sleep, put your body into a deep state of relaxation. Do this by systematically tensing and relaxing each muscle one at a time. Start with the toes and work up the body to the face. This will put your body into such an unfamiliar deep state of relaxation that in the early days you may feel a little discomfort. Your body may feel unbearably heavy but there’s nothing to worry about.
  • Step 2 Now let your breathing become slow and deep.  You may want to use some of the breathing techniques we learned at the beginning of the book. Slow, deep breathing will relax you further and keep you alert. Focus your attention on the center of your forehead but DON’T go to sleep.
  • Step 3 Become aware of just how heavy your body feels. Think of it as being cumbersome and made of clay. Now set your attention on your astral duplicate body. See it as made of light. It is weightless and free. Picture in your mind’s eye images of bubbles, sunlight, feathers floating on the breeze, smoke rising upwards. Your body is heavy but your soul is weightless.
  • Step 4 At this point many people report of being able to ‘see’ the darkened room even though their eyes are closed. It appears bathed in a purple light. If you get this far, try to focus your attention on the ceiling light fitting.
  • Step 5 Imagine drawing the light bulb towards you. As you do this you may feel yourself floating towards the ceiling. Try to stay conscious. You will become aware of floating in your astral self and may even see your sleeping body laid below you on the bed.

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The studies made by researchers such as doctor’s Sabom, Kubber-Ross, and Moody of testimonials from hospital patients who have been snatched from the brink show that most people report similar experiences- they step outside of their body into their astral form.

From a vantage point, usually on the ceiling, they see their ‘dead’ body. Sometimes they recall, when resuscitated, of having seen their operation in progress. They narrate details about the procedures that, without extensive medical knowledge, they could have never known.


From my Book Psychic Dreaming:

Out-of-body dreams, in which you “float” up and look down upon yourself or upon another place, are a form of a psychic dream. Some psychics claim they visit other locations, often ones that they’ve never seen. Traveling out of the body is sometimes called Astral Projection.

Frederik van Eeden presented one of the first studies of out-of-body dreams to the Society of Psychical Research in 1913. Van Eeden had already presented evidence for lucid dreams in which the dreamer becomes conscious while the dream is taking place. He told the society that his own lucid dreams were often preceded for several nights by dreams of flying. Sometimes these lucid dreams included apparent clairvoyant received information that could be verified later. In other instances, he believed he left his body.

Event Predicted

In one instance while ‘flying’ he dreamed that he would be robbed of a large sum of money, a predicted event that was to take place soon afterward. Of great interest to Van Eeden was when he noted that sometimes he would dream of lying on his stomach when in reality he was lying in bed and on his back. If he allowed himself to wake slowly he would experience the sensation of slipping from his ‘dream body’ that was lying face down into his actual sleeping body.

Depending upon the person, the appearance of the ‘dream body’ ranges from a gossamer-like form to an exact replica of the physical body. Having the ability to project consciousness can open up many interesting opportunities to the dreamer. Some claim to be able to travel to remote locations. They claim to be able to walk the beaches of Hawaii, explore the ancient pyramids of Egypt or even have a free ticket to the moon.

My Astral Projection Experience

I have had many of these experiences myself but have found in most instances that it is hard to keep up consciousness for long periods of time. My own experience is one of projecting my awareness and not a dream body. Nonetheless, on occasions, I have looked down at my sleeping body from the ceiling and have sometimes awoken with clear memories of having visited a remote location. Many people report having these experiences during puberty.

At first, being without a body is frightening if you have never heard about astral projection. It is natural to assume that you are dead and panic sets in. The result is usually a quick return to the body. A quick return is sometimes accompanied by sensations of a jolt to the physical body accompanied by a loud band and a flash of brilliant light. Once the first fears are overcome astral travel becomes natural and is not accompanied by any negative sensations.

Astral Projections Techniques Books

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  • Mike Jul 21, 2015, 12:32 am

    I appreciate the article and discussions…I am working up the “courage” to make another Astral Projection attempt. My first legitimate experience did not go as intended which is why I wanted to share….

    About 10+ years ago, I found an interest in Astral Projection, quickly read a few articles, an MP3 audio file downloaded, hypnosis practice and off I went, ready to face the unknown. Based on my history of lucid dreaming and “ability” to be easily hypnotized I, unsurprisingly, found myself outside the physical form very quickly. Confused and slightly overwhelmed, I looked towards the ceiling? and in the next moment I could feel myself gliding through the Cosmos. It’s difficult to explain this; it wasn’t outer space as if I was inbound to Alpha Centauri..or was I? The environment was somewhat vague, not Earth-like…it was a comfortable void of sorts, blurry colors scattered throughout. At once, I became aware of negative energy mixed within this void and suddenly negative entities seemed to take notice of me. Unchecked fear, too much Hollywood-movie exposure, whatever the reason, I panicked believing 100% my physical and/or astral form was “vulnerable” to dark energy and I had to race them back to my body to restore claim.

    I slammed back into my body, in a frighteningly abrupt manner. I jolted awake. At that moment, I felt as if I had violated the “rules” regarding how and where to travel. It was a profound experience to say the least. Though I avoided another attempt, I learned much from the experience.

    Ten years later, through many discussions and reading great resources such as this article, I realized I was definitely uninformed and immature in my approach. My new outlook is to crawl, walk, run, fly, get comfortable, return after short trips and build up experience. I have heard it is beneficial to “bathe” yourself/astral self in white light as you begin the process, in order to ward off darker energies? Going to try that and bring positivity. Everyone has different levels of tolerance and awareness – in my case I discovered I need to take it slow to start. At least, that makes sense to me at the moment. =)

  • Vikky Crawford Jan 15, 2014, 9:18 pm

    In 2001, I started suffering with sleep paralysis which at the time my doctor put it down to post traumatic shock and ‘panic attacks’ while I was asleep. At the time, every attack was terrifyingly horrific and I felt like I was going to die. Over the years, I’ve done my own extensive research on sleep paralysis which has helped me to cope when going through episodes of the paralysis and frequent visits from malevolent entities.

    In 2005, I was taking a nap during the day, on the sofa. Suddenly I was completely paralysed but awake and completely aware of my surroundings. I tried so hard to sit up… Which I managed to do, although could feel such a deep heavy pulling sensation. I looked down to my right, at the cushion my head had been resting on but instead of seeing an empty cushion, I was looking at myself sleeping. Immediately fear and panic arose and I thought that if I pulled away from myself any more, I would die. This experience was absolutely the worst and most terrifying experience of my life! So, I closed my eyes, concentrated hard on moving my fingertips or my toes (which is the technique I use to bring myself out of sleep paralysis when it’s unwelcome) and within a few seconds I was back within my own body.

    This happened several times since, but stopped a few years ago.

    That is until very recently! The sleep paralysis has come back with a vengeance over the last few months, although now it always begins with vibrations in my head… Electrical shocking pulsating vibrations. These always occur just as I am starting to fall asleep. My body becomes heavy, semi paralysed, but I am still fully aware of exactly what is happening. If I fight it, wiggle my toes, it stops. However, if I let it happen and ‘ride it out’ it becomes stronger and more intense and that’s then when things begin to happen (which I shan’t bore you with lol).

    About a month ago, I was lying on my back. The vibrations began, became stronger to the point that it felt as though my whole bed was on top of a pneumatic drill. The noise was horrendous. Then suddenly, I sat up and ended up flying head first into the wall at the end of my bed…. But… My body was still lying down. Instead of head butting the wall, my head and shoulders went through the wall. I knew this wasn’t right, so pulled back and ended up having what I can only describe as a kamikaze flight around my room. Fast, all over the place… The way a toddler wobbles to and fro when they try to take their first run! By this point I was enjoying the experience and stupidly started tapping my feet while in my head the song ‘come fly a kite’ from Mary Poppins was playing. This brought me straight back down to earth with a bang and I was straight back in my body, and wide awake.

    I’ve since read that these vibrations are or can be the gateway for astral projection, and that if I want to visit a place, all I need to do is see it in my mind and I will go there.

    Two nights ago, the vibrations came back, so I did what I had been told but ended up flying around my street in Weston. I was desperately trying to visit a friend in Spain, even though I have no idea where she lives.

    Anyway, sorry for the novel, any comments or advice on whether this really is astral projection and how I can take it forward would be massively appreciated.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jan 22, 2014, 5:37 pm

      I am interested by your comment about experiencing “Electrical shocking pulsating vibrations”. This has been described by a lot of people who have Astral Projected. I believe the writers/researchers Robert Monroe, Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington have all reported this odd sensation when entering the ethereal states.

  • Crystal Jan 3, 2014, 4:12 pm

    Hello. I just want to ask if what happened to me was astral projecting. I was sleeping the other day, I felt my body heavy. My eyes are closed but I can see my room clearly and what time of day was it. I was moving my hands but my physical hand wasn’t moving at all and saw myself attempting to leave the bed with my body still lying. I was halfway out my body but I got scared that I might not come back or I would see something scary so lay down again and woke up for real. My body in the same position I saw. Am I projecting? Also I always dream of flying and my dreams mostly are lucid. I can change what will happen next.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jan 5, 2014, 1:04 pm

      What you have described is very similar to the info I have included here about Astral Projection Techniques. I think you may be at the first stages of astral projection.

  • Sally Sep 15, 2013, 9:07 pm

    I had a dream where I was out of my body and astral travelled upstairs to my sleeping partner and child. I was asleep on the sofa. I knew I was asleep but I was awake in my dream I went upstairs and hovered above them. I then came down and saw myself asleep. I was shouting at myself to wake up. Then I travelled again – I came down and finally felt the weight if my body again and woke up. I also heard someone whistling somewhere – what does this mean do you think!? Is it a way of calling me back?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Sep 23, 2013, 5:38 pm

      Lots of people hear strange sounds when the astral travel. I don’t think the whistling has any special significance.

  • penny Apr 10, 2013, 11:07 am

    I sometimes have out of body experiences where I fly down the stairs in anger towards an unfriendly spirit and attack them. It is quite frightening when this happens. We all usually sleep better afterwards! About 3 years ago my daughter was having recurring nightmares and as I slept between my Husband and daughter, I was aware that we were sharing a dream and my Husband was driving an open top car with my daughter in passenger seat and myself sat in the back knowing we were going to help her. Me and my Husband went into a dark building, it looked like a workshop or laboratory, and he said “You know what you need to do, I will collect you when you are finished”. Immediately afterwards a very large illuminated head appeared and it was very evil and I struggled to fight it off. I decided to bite it very hard and it fled out the room screaming and flew up a long corridor out into bright light. From that night my daughter had no more nightmares but my Husband doesn’t remember the dream. During the dream I could feel that I was out of my body and it hurt like hell.

  • Carissa Sep 16, 2012, 8:04 pm

    I started experimenting with bi-neural beats that were at a frequency to assist with astral travel. I was making great progress and had succeeded in freeing my hands but the rest of my body felt so heavy, I could not get any other part of my spirit out of my body. I was in a completely dark room lying on my back attempting this, while looking through my third eye I saw two lights flash above me, I got scared of meeting another entity and haven’t been able to try it again, at least until I over come my fears. Once I am ready to try again I’m sure it will very easy to escape this physical form! thanks for the great info!!

  • Vene Jun 24, 2012, 9:41 pm

    I have lucid dreams; I had them since I was a child and I always remember them. I believe we remember the dreams we need to remember.

    Just before the sudden passing of my sister I was in a dream at a beautiful place-round hills, valley, trees, grass, flowers, crystal clear air….. amazing colors! It was like entering a perfect painting but a living one. When I wished to see something in the distance I was suddenly right there. It was so clean, fresh and perfect; no fallen leaves, no crooked trees or decay.

    I noticed on my right side high building with a big terrace on the second floor. I was staying in front of it and though the terrace was high up I could see what was taking place there. The door to the terrace was open and people were going in and out looking happy, talking to each other, dancing and laughing. I recognized some of them: my mum, her sisters and some other family members who had passed away.

    Sometimes I could participate in a dream, having conversations but not this time. I was aware this was a family and friends gathering and I wondered what they were celebrating. I looked for a door, there wasn’t any nor windows on the first floor, just stone wall like the wall of a fortress and I decided to look for entrance on the other side. Now I was looking at the building from the other side standing on the edge of a lake.

    There was no bridge or boat to cross and there wasn’t an entrance on this side either. I understood that I can’t enter.

    When I woke, I knew why I was shown that: it was not the first time spirit was preparing me gently for something that causes pain and tears here but joy and celebration of reunion and life over there. I was hoping, of course, that they were just showing me how happy they are, there was no reason to think otherwise but they knew better.

    I believe my lucidity is not an OBE but, as you said, a projection of my awareness or Astral Projection. I am asleep and then I find myself somewhere. I have seen some interesting places on the other side. I always felt comfortable and natural, never experienced fear or something scary. I become aware that is always someone is with me though usually I can’t see them, they show me things and answer my questions but its mind-to-mind conversation while with dear ones seems to be vocal.


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