Aura Meditation Techniques

Aura Meditation Techniques

Article about Aura Meditation Techniques by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Extract from my book Psychic School: now available through Amazon.

Although a medium experiences the same inner states as in traditional meditation, our remit and methodology are slightly different. We recognize that meditation is a tool for self-realization yet we also know it can be used as a way to develop mediumship. As I have explained, the seeking of psychic powers for their own sake is a wicked, egotistic path that eventually brings ruin to those mediums who follow it. In spite of the few who mistake God’s power for personal power, most mediums have integrity and are sincere in their work. So long as you embark on this journey in a spirit of modesty and compassion and maintain this throughout your work you will not stumble.

The Aura Meditation Techniques used for the development of mediumship has many similarities to kundalini yoga but without the severe aestheticism or complicated postures. As in kundalini yoga we awaken the energy at the base of the spine and take it to the top of the head. To do this we draw upon the power of the aura and its energy centres called the chakras, which I will now describe before explaining psychic meditation in detail.

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The aura is the energy field of the life force and appears to mediums and those with clairvoyant vision as a fibrous light that surrounds living things. This ethereal light emanation also surrounds us and extends from two to three feet in all directions from the body. It is not to be confused with the lights seen by people suffering from migraine or epilepsy, cell debris in the eyes (sometimes called floaters), the bright spots of light caused when the eyes are rubbed, or the after-images caused by retinal fatigue.

Many people can sense the aura and some can see it. Have you ever stood close to a stranger and “felt” their personality—something we sometimes call the “human atmosphere”? For example, you may have visited the home of a married couple and inadvertently interrupted an argument. They may greet you with sweet smiles and pretend nothing has happened but behind this façade you can feel a pressure, like the moment before a thunderstorm. You are sensing the emotions from their auras—their projected personalities—and this is why you know that something is wrong despite their pretence. Perhaps at some time you have also experienced psychic sight and have seen the aura, but have been too embarrassed to talk about if for fear of being ridiculed by non-believers. Trust what you sense and see and stand by what you know to be true, for this is a natural phenomena. Fortunately many more people today are having the courage to talk about their spiritual experiences, which are proving to be more commonplace than one would have expected.

When your clairvoyant vision becomes highly developed you will notice that every human being is surrounded by auric light. The aura is brightest around the head, and this may account for why painters of Christian iconography depicted aureoles, or halos,around the heads of saints. Sometimes you may see it as a luminous cloud, like the shimmering of heat from a hot street. You will see that it is denser close to the body and becoming more tenuous and indistinct toward the peripherals. As your celestial vision sharpens you will also see the fibrous form of the aura as a dense web of fine cotton-like threads of light radiating from the body and most easily observed around the finger tips. You will note also that the aura is filled with energy and movement and that the quality of the aura changes with the mood and inner activity of the person being observed.

The Energy and Form of the Aura

The aura is a manifestation of the life force, which mediums usually refer to as prana—a Sanskrit term for universal energy with a literal meaning of “before breath,” suggesting that it is the vital force or life essence that animates breath and gives life to the body. In the material world there are two forms of prana: the specific prana that pervades the human body and aura and the universal prana that is omnipresent, giving structure to and sustaining all things. When doing psychic meditation we not only expand and extend the aura’s energy (sometimes called opening) but also draw upon this universal manifestation of the prana life force. Prana is the energy that fuels our psychic powers and is also the healing energy that is channelled by spiritual healers. (Some spirit guides, speaking through their entranced mediums, have explained that the substance of the aura is electromagnetic in nature.)

According to Eastern teachings, prana is the substance of the human aura and manifests in a number of ways and layers. The layers closest to the body are usually called the “health aura” with various layers radiating outward serving different functions. The aura is alive with energy, never static. Sometimes it can be seen as full of countless sparkling particles and may shimmer like the heat from a stove. Sometimes amidst the vibratory movement there may be seen larger balls of light, usually around the head, that indicate that the person has been involved in concentrated mental or emotional focus. The energy around the head will be seen to pulsate around people with very active brains or may be very bright around the heads of people focused on spiritual matters.

But not everyone’s aura is beautiful. Some people have weak auras that draw their power from the people around them. You have probably met what we mediums call a “psychic vampire,” that is, someone who unconsciously or consciously draws from the energy of stronger persons. These people sap your life energy and leave you feeling drained. The auras of ill people will be less vibrant and clouded; in an angry person’s aura you may even see what looks like flames; and in depressed people the normally bright, straight fibrous quality of the auric light becomes gloomy and wilts like a plant starved of nourishment.

Our next step is to now practice the actual technique of opening and closing the aura. I have explained this in a video here.

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