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Cancer Horoscope and Love Horoscope

Pisces Love HoroscopeIN BRIEF: You are cautious and broody as well as imaginative. You need to feel secure and for this reason, home is important to you.

You can be defensive when shy. In love, you can be emotionally possessive but are also totally devoted and trusting. You are thrifty, intuitive and easily hurt.

Cancer Personality

Ruling Planet, the Moon and possibly Neptune

Number, 2; Colors, Green, Mauve, Silvery Gray and White; Day, Monday; Metal, Silver; Jewels, Emerald, Cat’s Eye, Moonstone, Crystal, Pearl; Special Mascot, A silver charm in the form of a crescent.

The Sun enters this Sign about June 21st, leaving it on July 22nd.

Symbol of Cancer

The symbol of Cancer was not chosen because any resemblance to a crab was traced in the Constellation, but for the reason that at this time of year close observers of the Sun’s movements see it seems to go backward, thus somewhat resembling the crab’s mode of progression. Also, the Romans named the month of June after Juno, and Juno placed a crab in the Heavens in gratitude for a service the creature rendered her.

Having a strong affinity to the sea and the seashore, love of the sea and sands and cliffs is born in all Cancer people, and the Moon, the controller of the tides, is the Ruling Planet, increasing the influence of the watery Sign.


All the influences tend to produce people of a gentle disposition, at once placid and emotional, with many characteristics that seem to contradict. Domestic in their tastes, the women are real home-makers, yet they have the wanderlust born in them; they are sociable, yet can be happy alone; affectionate yet changeable.

Usually, both men and women born at this time of the year take the line of least resistance, allowing themselves to be persuaded by others, yet if once their minds are made up, no people can be more determined. Extremely sensitive, they may take offense where none is meant.


Romance will loom large in their lives, for if they do not meet it in reality (a seeming contradiction, but the truth) they will make a romantic world of their own from poems and novels. Many poets and authors of fiction have been born under Cancer, and it will be seen the people have much in common with those of Gemini.

Their vivid imaginations open out enchantments of which the work-a-day world knows nothing. They dream of adventure, and most of the boys who run away to sea and the girls who leave home hoping to become film stars are under the influence of this Sign. Wherever they live, they will collect pets around them, for they are interested in animals, and horror of cruelty is one of the beautiful attributes of the Sign.

If possible, they should live beside the sea, never in crowded cities. Their vitality is easily drawn upon by others, and intervals of comparative solitude are necessary for their recuperation.

The Strongest

The strongest characters are those born in the early days of July, when the influence of Mars combines with that of the Moon, though the Cusp period when the Sun is passing into the next Sign, is the most fortunate period of the whole year in which to be born. It is the meeting place of Leo and Cancer, the marriage of Osiris and Isis. The Sun and Moon unite to shed beautiful influences, increasing the good qualities of Cancer, softening the faults of Leo.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Compatibility: You harmonize best with: Scorpio and Pisces. There is mutual help and support with: Taurus. You either repel or attract Capricorn. You may ignore, avoid or adapt to Aries and Libra.

Cancer people are just so sensitive. They value emotions above all else so be ready for a passionate time and sometimes a bumpy track too. Emotional support is mandatory and like a crab, they will show that they are strong from the outside but soft within.

They are also very homely and are looking for a partner who will have family values at their heart. They will expect you to spend time with friends and family.

Cancer is also really easily hurt and even a passing remark is taken to heart and blow into a huge issue. If you want to get along with this zodiac sign then tread with care – they are dynamite!

Cancer men like to have a close relationship with their mother even when they are adults. He may see you as a mother figure. Cancer women are gentle and enjoy the home and absolutely love bringing up children.

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