Capricorn Love Horoscope: Loyal but Melancholic.

Capricorn Love HoroscopeCapricorn in Brief: You are self disciplined, loyal and serious. You are also practical and work hard to achieve something. Sometimes you are slow to trust others. Emotionally you can be a bit restrained, super sensitive yet dignified. You can sometimes be melancholic.

Capricorn Personality

Ruling Planet, Saturn

Number, 8; Colors, Dark Brown, Deep Purple, Crimson and Black; Day, Saturday; Metals and Jewels, Lead, Ruby, Black Onyx and Malachite.

The Sun enters this Sign about December 22nd, and leaves it on January I9th.

Saturn is a very strong Ruler over this Sign, a fact that was recognized by the compilers of the older Zodiacs who used the figure of the old man with an hourglass-our Father Time-as its symbol instead of the Goat, though they agreed in the goat-like influences and characteristics conferred by the Sign.

The people of Capricorn seldom become rich. As a goat lives on bare hill-sides, subsisting on scanty herbage, so they lead hard and struggling lives. They are plodding and painstaking, and, thanks to Saturn, their lives after middle age will be far more comfortable and successful than they were in youth. When they succeed -as some do brilliantly- it is by hard work, never by a flash of good luck. They are steadfast and faithful to their ideals, but love of money, that money which it is so hard for them to get, may make them selfish, and always they are inclined to look on the dark side of things. They should cultivate some ambition, and, fixing their thoughts on it as on a star, climb resolutely to reach it. Without such a guiding light they may wander hither and thither, never meeting with success.

They take life seriously, and often a sense of humour is lacking, but they are absolutely true to any trust reposed in them. In any career connected with agriculture or mining they do well, or in work which is carried on in some large building such as a Government office.

Those born in December must be particularly aware of indecision. The influence of Sagittarius is upon them and its faults do not amalgamate well with those of their own Sign.

It is difficult for Capricorn people to say what is in their hearts, and often they brood over a fancied slight or injury which was inflicted quite unconsciously, so that the person with whom they are offended has no idea what is wrong. They should make up their minds to speak out when they are hurt.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Compatibility: You harmonize best with: Taurus and Virgo. There is mutual help and support with: Scorpio and Pisces. You either repel or attract: Cancer. You may ignore, avoid or adapt to: Libra and Aries.

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