Ghost Photography

Can You Explain these Strange Snaps? These haunted house photographs are from my news column about paranormal images. Some I can explain but others are a bit more difficult to understand. Take a look at the enlargements by clicking on the images here and give me your assessment at the bottom of the page. If [...]

Are ORBS Real Spirits or can They be Explained? There are a number of effects that can be caused by cameras and naturally we need to first consider if there is a natural explanation for the strange effects shown on your photo that could explain ORBS in pictures. If we cannot rule out a natural [...]

Phantoms or Fakes? These images are samples from my magazine columns.  Every picture has been carefully scrutinized and the originals have in some cases been enlarged to check for Photo-Shop tricks or film flaws. I have examined thousands of ghost pictures and know most of the tricks of how to fake a picture or the [...]

Our Unique Collection of Weird Edwardian Spirit Photographs These alleged real ghost pictures are from a series of glass photographic plates that were recently found. You can click the ghostly images for larger prints from these photographic glass plates. Please share your thoughts at the bottom of the page. My friend Violet Kipling was an [...]