How to be a Psychic Medium

Using Crystals for Psychic Protection “Every discolouration of the stone, Every accidental crack or dent, Seems a water-course or an avalanche, Or lofty slope where it still snows.  W. B. YEATS (from Lapis Lazuli) Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.See also: HOW TO HEAL WITH CRYSTALS Current interest in the healing and protective power of crystals can [...]

How to become Accurate Psychic Mediums Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about accurate psychic mediums. In this article Craig explains the CERT rules and how this is applied to develop greater accuracy when giving readings from the rostrum. In the first video we see an early example of Craig proving the accuracy of his mediumship. Put it [...]

Spiritualist Mediums Training Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about some of the methods used by Spiritualist Mediums to help students to develop inspirational speaking and clairvoyance. This article is a continuation of other articles on this site from my book called Psychic School. This article in the series talks about the last preparations made by spiritualist mediums [...]

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This article is an extract from my book ‘Psychic School’. In the book, I show my students how to Dowse for Ley Lines. You can also read other techniques and methods of dowsing in my books about psychic development here. Craig showing how to Dowse for Ley Lines LEYLINE AND EARTH DOWSING [...]

Advanced Mediumship Training Following our series of articles about psychic development, this articles explains Advanced Mediumship Training and how the novice students works towards become a fully developed medium. This article is from my book Psychic School  in which mediumship exercises are simply explained. This article follows on from my instructions about seeing the aura. Here [...]

How to Quickly Sense the Human Aura Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about sensing the aura. This article is an extract from my book Psychic School which teaches you the elements of mediumistic development. Connecting with the aura is an important part of becoming a psychic or giving a reading. Here I talk about Sensing the Aura. [...]

Watch Craig & Jane demonstrate psychic medium abilities on their early television show called ‘Something Strange’. Below the video we show you how you can also develop psychic medium abilities.  Video Showing Psychic Medium Abilities BACK TO OUR TV SHOWS LIST How to Develop Psychic Medium Abilities Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is an extract from [...]

Contacting and talking with your Spirit Guide Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about how to contact your spirit guide. Spirit guides have proven their existence many times through trance mediumship. They were photographed when they materialized at physical séances. You may become aware of the influence of your guides when they draw close during meditation. You [...]

Psychic Meditation Techniques SUMMARY: Psychic Meditation Techniques to help you develop your mediumship and psychic readings skills. Easy to follow mindfulness technique to help you with the first stages of psychic meditation. Modern psychology recognizes that people think in different ways and that their thinking is related to one or more of the five senses. Similarly, [...]

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about aura color meanings and their relationship with the chakras in the spirit body. Aura Color Meanings The prana that comprises the aura is colorless. It is like clear water or glass. The prana becomes colored by our thoughts and emotions. Mediums with a well-developed spiritual vision will be aware of [...]

Aura Meditation Techniques Article about Aura Meditation Techniques by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Extract from my book Psychic School: now available through Amazon. Although a medium experiences the same inner states as in traditional meditation, our remit and methodology are slightly different. We recognize that meditation is a tool for self-realization yet we also know it can [...]

Meditate for Psychic Powers & Mediumship Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about meditation for psychic powers. The aim of meditation is to realize your God nature. On the way to this goal, you may find various treasures on the path, such as enhanced health, sharper mentality, and extra-sensory powers. Meditation takes us beyond theoretical knowledge to [...]

Deepening Your Psychometry Skills DEVELOPING THE STRUCTURE OF YOUR READING: I have explained how to do a basic psychometry reading.  Now I want to take you to the next step with your psychic skills development and learning to give psychic readings. Once you have allowed your intuitive skills to flow, you can improve your accuracy by [...]

Psychometry Video: BBC Investigation with Craig Hamilton-Parker and Chris Packham Back to Television Section WHAT IS PSYCHOMETRY? Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about developing psychometry skills. Reading the vibrations from an object is called psychometry. The word comes from the Greek psyche (soul) and metron (measure), and literally means “measuring of the soul.” The term was [...]

Spiritual and Psychic Vibrations Article about sensing psychic vibrations using psychometry by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is an extract from my book Psychic School about Sensing Psychic Vibrations. It will also teach you the basics of giving psychic readings and mediumship. This article shows you how you can use psychometry as a stepping stone to mediumship. [...]

Psychic Light Guidance! We were guided by a psychic light that illuminated our room! It all started when the president of our local Spiritualist church, where Jane and I had met during one of my public demonstrations of mediumship, had arranged for us to exorcise poltergeist activity that was causing trouble on a converted fishing [...]

Astral Projection Techniques SUMMARY: Article about Astral Projection Techniques by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Includes methods to help you to separate the etheric and physical body during sleep and in the lucid dream state. Teachings about the soul as it moves into an astral body (or “etheric double”). 5 steps to Astral Projection During an astral voyage, [...]

Psychic Art Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about psychic art. Includes an 8 step guide to making a psychic picture called an ‘AuraGraph’ Research has shown that imaginative, creative people —particularly artists— score better in ESP tests than systematic thinkers. Some of my first psychic insights came while I was painting in oils. I was inspired [...]

The Rorschach Test and Psychic Intuition Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about the Rorschach Test and using the Ink Blots for developing intuition and clairvoyance. BLURB: “According to professional psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker the pictures we see in random shapes such as cumulus clouds not only expose our innermost hopes and desires but are also important omens [...]

Fire Oracles Pyromancy is the ancient art of divination by fire. It was first used in the ancient practice of ‘extispicy’. (The practice of using anomalies in animals’ entrails to divine future events.) The word Pyromancy  comes from the Greek word pyros, “fire”, and the word manteia, meaning “divination”. It is the art of divination by [...]

Simple Crystal Healing Techniques How to Heal Using Crystals and Gems Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Copyright: Extract from my book The Psychic Handbook SUMMARY: I explain crystal healing techniques and the claimed healing effect of crystals. Featured are some of the most important crystals with their supposed healing properties as well as details of how to [...]

Healing Techniques Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. “Spiritual Self Healing and Healing in general compliments conventional medicine by channeling life energy to the patient in order to help them recover from illness, injury or distress. Spiritual Healing is now beginning to be recognised in the west but in the east has been acknowledged for thousands of [...]

What Are the Chakra Colors? Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about chakra colors. This article outlines the Chakra Colors as proposed within Spiritualism and Psychic Meditation systems. Chakra literally translates from Sanskrit as ‘wheel’ although most people prefer to envision them like lotus flowers of light. The seven major chakras or energy centers correspond to the endocrine glands [...]

The Psychic Development Group Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This article gives you guidance about setting up a psychic development group. Who’s in Charge of the psychic development group? If the group includes an established medium then he or she will run the proceedings and their methods may differ from what is presented here. If you [...]

Extrasensory Perception Types (ESP) Extrasensory perception, ESP or Esper, is the alleged ability to receive information though means other than the known physical five senses. It is also known as the sixth sense or second sight. The ESP powers of the mind include Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition and Psychokinesis. Measuring Extrasensory Perception: The American researcher Joseph [...]

Spirit Message Proves Past Life Memories Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about past life experiences revealed through his spiritualist seances. This is an extract from my book Psychic School. Follow the ‘next’ button at the bottom of the page for more intriguing past life experiences and spirit messages. Souls on the same path I now run [...]

The Calling Begins… Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about how he and his wife became famous psychic mediums. How they got started as mediums and were called by the spirit world by a miraculous event. Eventually, they became internationally recognized and are now world famous psychic mediums. For more about Craig and Jane’s work as psychic mediums [...]