Life After Death

The Spirit of Princess Diana Returns Watch our American TV program ‘The Spirit of Princess Diana’ about the seance to contact the Spirit of Princess Diana. This is an edited version of the show that was screened to 30 million people worldwide. Below the video is an extract from my book Messages from the Universe that [...]

Reincarnation Memories and Recalling Past Lives Article by By Craig Hamilton-Parker about reincarnation memories remembered after death. this is an extract from the book What to Do When you Are Dead. Many of us have spontaneous reincarnation memories. Reincarnation is the progress of the soul through many lives. It enables you to grow to your full [...]

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Angels have existed since the dawn of creation, in every culture, myth,and tradition. They are normally portrayed as being filled with grace and beauty and represent a higher order than humankind. The word “angel” in Greek means “messenger,” and they are considered to be an intermediaries between the Creator and the [...]

The Spirit Community Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about the spirit contact of Princess Diana and the spirit community in the Afterlife. Followed by discussion about what the afterlife spirit community is like. What happens to famous people when they die? Princess Diana: An unexpected contact. My own work as a medium brings me into contact [...]

The Akashic Record and Halls of Learning Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker – The term Akashic Record comes from the word ‘akasha’ and is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether“. The akashic records are considered by Spiritualists to the the collective knowledge of all human experience that are retained in the etheral world. This would [...]

Sex in the Afterlife? Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. As you can see, even on these first levels of the afterlife, there are many things that differ from our own world. As you begin to spiritually progress, you will gradually drop many of the trappings that you once knew. For example, you may decide that eating [...]

Is there a Life Review at Judgement Day? Article by: Craig Hamilton-Parker “Moreover, whatever state of being he remembers when he gives up the body at the end, he goes respectively to that state of being, Arjuna, transformed into that state of being.” –The Bhagavadgita (8:6) The afterlife is not a place like the world [...]

Sleep Apoplexy Video Video and Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about Sleep Paralysis. Sleep paralysis and apoplexy video and meaning of paralysis dream. When you “pop your clogs” (as they say in the UK) you are unlikely to bump into most of the ghosts that are reported in folklore. Sadly, you will not be able to mix with [...]

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