Life After Death

How Mediums Talk with the Dead Communicating mind-to-mind in the spirit world. SUMMARY: Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about Spirit World Telepathy and how mediums use telepathy for talking to the dead. For more information about what the spirit world is like read Craig Hamilton-Parker’s best-selling books about the Spirit World and developing your powers to [...]

Spirit Guides

Who is your Spirit Guide? About Spirit Guides and Spirit Gatekeepers. Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about spirit guides and discovering who is your spirit guide. The Spirit Guides and Gatekeepers guide your entry to this life and return to the next. In this extract from my book I show you how to connect with your [...]

SPIRITUALITY ARTICLE BY CRAIG HAMILTON-PARKER “In this article I address the biggest questions of Spirituality. The word spirituality generally refers to our contentedness with something bigger than ourselves and sets us on a journey to discover the meaning of life. This is a universal experience and raises questions that touch us all. This article is about the [...]

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about the Soul’s Journey After Death. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DEATH? Everything that exists is energy in motion. The only difference between soul and body, consciousness and matter is the rate of vibration. Only the Absolute–God in Primal State–does not vibrate and is at perfect peace. When God stirred, the universe was [...]

A World Beyond the Earth “What happens after death is so unspeakably glorious that our imagination and feelings do not suffice to form even an approximate conception of it.”–Carl Jung (Psychologist) Your Spiritual Preparation Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. The Afterlife – Many spiritual systems believe that life should be lived as a preparation for death. [...]

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