Future Predictions

Psychic Predictions for India 2019 2019 Psychic Predictions for India by Craig Hamilton-Parker (Parameswaran) These are my psychic predictions for India 2019. I made these predictions on the 3rd October 2018 and will make further predictions later this year. Please watch the video that gives a detailed insight into what my clairvoyance tells me will happen in [...]

Psychic Predictions for Russia PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS FOR RUSSIA BY CRAIG HAMILTON-PARKER These are my psychic predictions for Russia. During February and March 2018, I was asked to make psychic predictions for Russia on a number of Russian Television Channels. I cannot speak Russian so don’t know what they are saying in the video shown here [...]

Predictions by Craig Hamilton-Parker Below are some of the correct psychic predictions made in the past together with the original list of predictions made every year. For LATEST Predictions Click Here Psychic Predictions Made in 2015 for 2016 CORRECT PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS POSTED 11 September 2015 These were my correct psychic predictions for 2016. They were posted [...]

Do you have Dreams About Doomsday? “I never make predictions. I never have and I never will.” Tony Blair -UK Prime Minister It is when we dream of cataclysmic world events that people wonder whether their dreams may be about the future. Vivid dreams of crashes, explosions, terrorist attacks and assassinations do sometimes come true [...]

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