Spiritual Teachings

How to see the spirit world This is a visualization technique to show you how to see the spirit world. Working initially with your imagination you will gradually learn to ‘see’ with the spiritual eye. Visualizing Your Entry into the Afterlife. For this experiment, you are going to visualize yourself meeting the people you love [...]

 Interviews and True Stories There are many thousands of fascinating stories about Sathya Sai Baba and many examples of personal interviews and life changing encounters with India’s most famous modern teacher. Below are a few unique examples that I collected while working as a journalist with my paranormal column in various newspapers. You can also [...]

Rishikesh Experiences (Hrishikesh) Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Apart from the spider as big as my hand that crawled from under my bed, Rishikesh is a comparatively safe place. This is a holy city stuffed with saffron-clad holy men and sadhus. Many are just beggars dressed up, looking for an easy living but others are doing [...]

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