Future Predictions About Boris Johnson Predictions by Craig Hamilton-Parker about Boris Johnson and his future as British Prime Minister. These predictions were made on 15th July 2019 VIDEO: Boris Johnson Predictions   BORIS JOHNSON PREDICTIONS – made 15 July 2019 Things said in the past: I predicted Theresa May would go and Boris Johnson will [...]

Predictions by Craig Hamilton-Parker Below are some of the correct psychic predictions made in 2018 together with the original list of predictions made every year. For LATEST Predictions Click Here 2018 Psychic Predictions Video by Craig Psychic Predictions for 2018 TRANSCRIPT: These are my psychic predictions for 2018. The predictions are recorded to YouTube and posted [...]

Predictions Made for 2017 (Review) These are the predictions I made in October 2016 for the year 2017. Predictions here include both those that I got right as well as the ones I got wrong. For this year’s predictions please see the main Psychic Predictions Page Here. My 2017 insights Now on YouTube: 2017 will be [...]

How to see the spirit world This is a visualization technique to show you how to see the spirit world. Working initially with your imagination you will gradually learn to ‘see’ with the spiritual eye. Visualizing Your Entry into the Afterlife. For this experiment, you are going to visualize yourself meeting the people you love [...]