Watch Mystic Journey to India Trailer: CLICK TO WATCH THE MOVIE AMAZON USA: CLICK TO WATCH THE MOVIE AMAZON UK: Please also post a review MYSTIC JOURNEY TO INDIA TV SERIES Mystic Journey to India is a new International TV series. It follows Craig Hamilton-Parker as he stumbles upon a 5,000-year-old Indian oracle that has [...]

Live Spirit Messages via Skype More online demonstration of spirit messages on Skype. We had a number of technical problems this week as people tried to get into the Skype session late but I got into the swing of things about half way through this video. Few people realize how hard it is to demonstrate [...]

Demonstration of Mediumship on Skype with Craig Hamilton-Parker This YouTube Video shows a demonstration of mediumship on Skype. It is the first in the series and we have a few technical hitches but some interesting spirit evidence came through nonetheless and in particular some Norwegian language. Watch the Video Feedback & Clarifications: WENDY: Hi Craig [...]

This is a clip from the TV debate ‘Enemies of Reason’ with arch-skeptic Richard Dawkins. The first clip shows the original show. The second is the ‘Richard Dawkins Uncut’ rushes. Watch both and you will see how Dawkins cuts a program to make him look good. Further down the page are testimonials from people who [...]