Ghosts: Dead Celebrities Make a Comeback!

Ghosts! was a TV series Craig and Jane made for the BBC that investigated a number of haunted locations in the UK. Watch the show here and read an extract from my book about other famous ghostly encounters.

GHOSTS! BBC TV Show with Craig & Jane

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Real Celebrity Ghost Stories

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is an extract from my book ‘The Psychic Encountersfrom the chapter about real celebrity ghost stories and psychic predictions for celebrities. These are true accounts of celebrity ghost stories and psychic predictions for celebrities that I researched and sourced from working with the Psychic News. If you would like to read more real ghosts encounters with the paranormal then please read my book.

Most entertainers are creative, extrovert and sensitive – the same personality traits that paranormal researchers tell us makes a good psychic. So it’s no wonder that the superstars of the creative professions  have paranormal tales to tell that are stranger than Hollywood fiction. Some claim to know the future, are in touch with the dead and even posses the power of spiritual healing.

Michael Jackson Sees a Ghost

For example, pop megastar Michael Jackson claimed that he inwardly communicates with the flamboyant, pianist Lee Liberace who died in 1987

“I have my own secret room, with a moving wall and mirrors” said Jackson, “that’s where I talk to Lee. His is the voice I hear in there. I feel his presence so very close to me.” He added that Liberace “is like my guardian angel. He’s even given me permission to record his theme song ‘I’ll Be seeing You’.”

Liberache’s Paranormal Encounters

Liberace also believed that at times he was inspired by paranormal forces. He owned the piano which once belonged to the classical composer Liszt. “When I play his compositions on it I have the most eerie feeling, as if I’d played that music before in another time.” And just like Liberace, Lizst was a flamboyant dresser.

Ghosts of Rock Stars

Some musical stars have deliberately sought the advice of the spirit world. Rock star, Roger Daltry of ‘The Who’ says he spoke with the band’s former drummer Keith Moon  who died of a drug overdose in 1978. “I’ve spoken to Keith, or rather to his spirit,” says Daltry “There’s a psychic woman I go to see who doesn’t know who I am or who Keith is.

Celebrity Ghost Stories - Princess Diana's Ghost
Some of the most interesting celebrity ghost stories and predictions surrounded Princess Diana


Pop star Neil Tennant, from the “Pet Shop Boys” also spoke to the dead and saw his future with the Ouija Board.

“It happened when I was 15, a group of us decided to have a seance, and we got in touch with the ghost of Oscar Wilde. He warned us not to make the same mistakes that he did. He told me I would be famous one day”

Neil was pleased with the news from spirit “It was the advice I was longing for. “Ever since I was a young lad, I desperately wanted to be a pop star.”

Creative people often have latent powers are more inclined to see spirits and ghosts. Mick Jagger, lead singer for The Rolling Stones, was spooked by a bell ringing 18th Century ghost when house hunting at a £3.5 million Gothic mansion. “He seemed to change his mind rather suddenly after we told him about the ghost” housekeeper Anna-Maria Sliwinski told reporters. “I have heard the ghost first hand. I heard strange chimes on a windless night. The bells were ringing in the tower, but there was nobody else in the house.”


Hollywood Ghost Stories

‘Ghostbusters’ actor Dan Ackroyd even claims to be haunted by his best friend and co-star John Belushi who died of a drug overdose in 1982. He claims to see Belushi in Studio 8H where they worked together. “It’s weird,” says Dan Ackroyd, “It’s as if John is trapped in limbo there.”

Singer and TV star Cilla Black knows what it’s like to share your house with a ghost and has often seen the image of a girl by her bed. “She’s appeared to me loads of times.” says Cilla, “She’s about 14 with a sweet, sensitive face that has a really sad expression. I had this strong feeling she was searching for someone.”

Researchers revealed that a man called Thomas Redley once lived in Cilla’s house in Buckinghamshire, England.

His wife died suddenly and soon after Thomas died of a heart attack. Their daughter Lillian was left in the house alone. Three years later she died from pneumonia, aged 13.


The ghost of Lillian appears to be quite friendly but no so the poltergeist that haunts the house of pop star and actor Sting. A mysterious power sent a razor sharp knife flying across his kitchen. “It propelled itself over the room and embedded itself into a wall” says the singer “Just before that, the mobiles in my daughter’s bedroom began to spin crazily although there was no one in the room at all, even all the windows were tightly closed so there could be no draft whatsoever.”

Sting or his daughter were probably displaying the powers of psychokinesis which is defined as the power of the mind to influence matter. This psychic energy can move objects and in some people manifests as a spiritual healing power.

Again, Liberace believed he had healing powers.  “Why, the other day , in the Hollywood Bowl two cripples arose and walked at my command. I said to them. ‘If you really want to walk for me, you can!’ So they did.

“I have never professed to be a faith healer but the incidents referred to actually happened.”

Supernatural Sportsmen

Soccer legend Pele- hailed as the greatest footballer ever- says he can cure cancer-stricken children and help crippled youngsters walk again. He told Brazilian Playboy magazine that he performs miracles when parents ask him to visit their children. “Those children are in wheelchairs.” he says “Miraculously, when I touch them they start walking again- my God!

“I visit them in hospital and the boys and girls are cured.

“Parents call me saying their kid has one month to live. I go to the hospital and the kid recovers.”

Many stars have experimented with spiritual healing when they’ve been taken ill. Michael Bentine, voice of the Goons, is today fighting bone cancer with the help of spiritual healers. Bentine’s father was a psychic researcher and it’s not surprising that his son should follow in his father’s footsteps.

‘A List’ Ghosts Celebrities

Film star Omar Sharif was more skeptical. While filming in Bulgaria he was doubled over with pain because of a stomach ulcer. Then the producer’s wife, actress Betty Bolvary, told him that she was a spiritual healer.

“At first I scoffed at her”, admitted Omar, “but she insisted, asking me to give her just one minute. Gripped by pain, I thought, ‘What will one minute cost me? So I agreed.”

After Betty had finished, Omar Sharif had changed his tone: “I realized in that moment that the pain had gone. There was not even the slightest twinge. In 60 seconds I had been cured.”

Video of Celebrity Mediumship Reading

Celebrity ghost contact for Toyah Wilcox as Craig connects to the spirit world

Spooky Stories of Hollywood Stars

Many psychics and healers believe that crystals, and particularly quartz, can amplify healing energies. It has been claimed that Elizabeth Taylor’s persistent health problems may be caused by her love affair with  over powerful diamonds. Crystals are said to have protective properties as well.

Actor Michael York is a firm believer in ESP and takes an interest in the New Age movement that is spearheaded in the United States by actress Shirley Maclaine. He believes that a pocketful of crystals saved his life when six thugs attacked him and his wife in Rio de Janeiro. The actor went to defend himself and to his amazement the muggers fled. He is convinced that the crystals, which were given to him by a Brazilian healer, protected him.

Gloria Swanson, who passed away in 1983 also accepted the reality of spiritual healing. “I have seen healer Miss Kuhlman cure dozens of people of many different illnesses.” she said when interviewed by American broadcaster Bryce Bond “I have seen little children become hysterical with joy when their mothers or fathers suddenly walked after years of being crippled.”

“I accept the afterlife’s reality” she also said and described how once she left her physical body and “went a few blocks away”

Like Gloria Swanston, many psychic believe it is possible to leave the physical body or remotely witness events taking place at another place. The American chat show hostess Joan Rivers has claimed to have traveled out of her body. She says that she ‘flew’ to California, where her daughter lived. “I saw my daughter in the shower- I rang immediately to confirm what happened- and that’s exactly what she had been doing.”

Mediums, like myself, believe that at physical death the spirit leaves the body to enter the afterlife. But that’s not the end of the story. The people we love can return to guide and inspire us through our intuition. Hollywood heart throb and star of the hit film Ghost, Patrick Swayze says he is frequently visited by the spirit of his father who passed in 1982. “He appears in my dreams as an old Indian warrior. We were so close. I still want to cry every time I think of him,” the star comments.

Jane Fonda, daughter of late movie star Henry Fonda also claims her father’s spirit visits her. Jane says of her famous dad who passed in 1982: “I welcome the interest he takes in my work. After all if anyone should know about the movie business it’s Henry Fonda.”

Many people get a psychic flash of foreboding that can sometimes save a life. Actors and actresses are no exception. Actor David Niven’s wife Hjordis had a premonition that she would be accidentally shot. On one believed her even though twelve guests at a shooting party heard her comments.

“Sure enough,” said one guest, “our host didn’t see her standing behind a bush and accidentally shot her. Fortunately she was at the edge of the pattern of shot so she was not killed. Hjordis got 30 shots in her.”

Singer Eartha Kitt believes that her ESP gifts are a “strange power which can suddenly warn something bad will happen to someone very close to me.” In 1965, whilst visiting Argentina, she sensed that something was terribly wrong with her three-year-old daughter so she took the first flight back home to Los Angeles.

“I hurried home to hear my daughter cry ‘Mommy I’m so sick’ She had a temperature of 103 and was rushed to hospital where she fully recovered.”

Earther’s warnings have proved correct in several instances. When, in 1955, she greeted her best friend James Dean, Eartha told him “Your body is here, but your spirit isn’t.” The young actor passed seven days later in a car crash.

Actress  Ursula Andress didn’t like the the vibrations she felt from the car either saying “I told him the car gave me a bad feeling. He promised to be careful and said goodbye. I knew I would never see him again”

Many famous stars such as James Dean have believed in an afterlife or had premonitions of their death. Elvis Presley said that he believed he would die when he saw pictures in  cumulus clouds that predicted his death. In particular John Lennon, of the Beatles, took an active interest in Spiritualism and attended many seances with his wife Yoko.

It is believed that John had a premonition that he would be shot. He even stated that his fear of murder caused the Beatles to break up.

“We were not bored,” he said, “and certainly did not run out of songs. I was paranoid about somebody trying to bump us off.” When he heard that the Beatles’s road manager had been shot dead by Los Angeles police he said over and over again “I’m next, I know it.”

But John believed firmly in an afterlife. “I am an optimist about eternity. I believe in life after death. I believe that death is not an end but a beginning.”

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