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Clairvoyant Readings: “Medium found my lost sister”

Tracey Roberts from London went to see the Weekly News Psychic columnist Craig Hamilton-Parker for some advice about a neighbour who was causing trouble. She found out much more than she bargained for.

“You’re either a hairdresser or something to do with Television was the first thing Craig said when I sat down for the psychic consultation. He could never have guessed that I’d just embarked on a career as an actress. ‘Although you’ve come along today to sort out a material problem there’s something more important you should know about. Although you are black your step father Jim was white. He wants you to know that you’ve a four year old sister that you’ve never met and who one day will want to get in touch with you.’

“I had a sneaking feeling that what Craig was saying was true but had never really wanted to face up to it. There were family rumours, but I’d always thought that they were just that rumours.’

Tracey was also given the information she needed about her neighbour dispute. Craig saw how it was a Chinese woman with a disabled child who was causing the problem but there was some good news from the spirit world the woman would be moving soon and everybody, including the Chinese woman and her son, would be happy. Craig also told Tracy about her friend Ronnie who died of bowel cancer. “I had no idea how she had died but found out later it was bowl cancer – just as Craig had said.”

“When I got home I decided to check out what Craig had said about my lost half-sister. I hadn’t seen my father since I was ten years old and it wasn’t the sort of question I wanted to ask Mum. My only option was to ask my sister in Jamaica. At first she wasn’t forthcoming when I rang her but when she discovered how much I already knew the facts came out. Yes we did have a half sister and she’s just had her fourth birthday.”


 Mum told not to worry in message from daughter

From interview about Clairvoyance Readings with ‘The Portsmouth News’ 10/2/96

Clairvoyant ReadingClairvoyance Readings can give comforting proof of life after death

Teacher Pam Alexander and her friends were all `healthily skeptical’ when they met up for a demonstration of clairvoyance.

But Pam’s blood ran cold when psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker told them he could hear a child reciting the poem The Owl and the Pussycat.

He then said the little girl was holding a teddy bear, which had something missing.

Pam’s 11-year-old daughter Charlotte died seven years ago after suffering a terrible asthma attack. She was buried with her favourite one-eared teddy.

Charlotte loved poetry and just days before her death had won first prize in a school competition for her adaptation of Edward Lear’s poem The Owl and the Pussycat.

On the day of her funeral, her younger sister Francesca accepted the award on her behalf.

`I welled up when Craig described the little girl – I knew immediately it was Charlotte. I was gob smacked, ‘said Pam.

`I found it strange and frightening but at the same time comforting, because Charlotte told me, through Craig, that she was happy because she was with nanny. She also told me not to worry about her.’

Pam (46), from Colenso Road, Fareham, said: `I’m a down-to-earth person and I was really quite skeptical at first, but when he started talking to me I was stunned.’

During the evening, he also communicated with Pam’s late mother Winifred.

`One of the first things that he said to me was, “I’ve got your mother here and, it seems odd, but she’s holding a new set of towels and is stood by a wardrobe”.

`I was amazed because just the Saturday before, I had cleared out mum’s room and in the wardrobe, all wrapped up, there was a set of new towels,’ she said.

`It was obvious he was actually communicating with mum because he was even using her expressions – it made me laugh that he kept saying “about bloody time” just as she had. `He also knew that she had put on weight before her death and that she had water retention in her legs. As he was communicating with her, Craig was talking really quickly, just as mum had done when she was alive. He kept saying, “your mum is making me talk fast”.

`It was the little details that convinced me that mum was talking to me.

`Craig said mum had lost her false teeth and was laughing. He also said he saw a train. A big joke in the family was that mum had once lost her false teeth while leaning out of a train window and she had no teeth in the two years before her death.’

Pam was also stunned when Craig told her that her mother had looked through a photo album with a flower in it – a blue freesia.

`I shivered because when I got married my mother . had pulled a blue freesia out of my bouquet and pressed it in the front of my wedding album.

`Cynics will say Craig could have researched well and come up with the information… but no-one could have told him about that,’ said Pam.



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