The Psychics’ Code of Conduct

Ethics, Good Practice and Morals.

How we established a world-wide Code of Conduct for psychics and mediums by the website owner Craig Hamilton-Parker. 

British Clairvoyant Academy Code of ConductIn 1995 I wrote a book called The Psychic Workbook that helped fledgling psychics to discover and enhance their psychic powers. In the last chapter I wrote a section about the morals of being a psychic and how best to use your God-given skills to help people in the most positive ways.

The idea for a code of conduct was inspired by Peter Clark, the ex-presenter of the BBC’s Crime Watch program and who after retirement became a journalist. The Code of Conduct is now used in the teaching of mediumship.

Updating the Code

This simple code was later modified to deal with some of the many issues that we met during our home circles and in particular in the teaching chat rooms on this website. In particular the issues raised were used by the famous Spiritualist mediums Violet Kipling who modified some of the ideas and made them more suitable for the issues we discovered. This also triggered our online course called Myths and Misconceptions that helped to dispel some of the silly ideas being touted by some self-proclaimed psychics and mediums.

Psychics’ Code of Conduct:

The Psychics’ Code of Conduct is a voluntary code of ethics and practice proposed by Craig Hamilton-Parker and Violet Kipling. It’s simple do’s and don’ts have been adopted by the British Clairvoyant Academy and psychics and mediums worldwide. 


  • DON’T PREDICT A DEATH. A genuine psychic will know that this is impossible. It is not something that we have clairvoyant access to.
  • DON’T PLAY GURU – Stress that you are only an ordinary person or the sitter may think that you’re the only person in the world that can solve their problems. (Psychiatrists call this transference) As part of our remit we do not give readings to people who are on medication or require psychiatric or medical help.
  • DON’T MAKE EXAGGERATED CLAIMS – You can’t guarantee that you can mediumistic communicate with the person that they want to hear from in spirit. Nor can you guarantee to solve their problems.
  • DON’T EMBELLISH CLAIRVOYANCE. – Keep your evidence clear. If toy dry up, stop the sitting. It’s no good adding a load of junk from your own subconscious to the reading.
  • DON’T FORCE YOURSELF ON PEOPLE. – There’s nothing worse than the overeager psychic that pushes clairvoyance onto people while waiting for a bus, for instance. Some people just aren’t ready yet to hear from their long-dead granddad


  •  INSTILL OPTIMISM. – Try to see beyond bad events to better times. Of course there may be obstacles ahead but help the person realize the power of positive thinking. You’re a useless clairvoyant if you only breed despair.
  • STRESS FREE WILL. – A prediction that inhibits a person’s growth is worthless. If you said to a girl, “Your marriages will all end in divorce,” they probably would. How could a marriage last if they’re subconsciously thinking that it’s doomed? Clients may remember things they’ve been told for the rest of their lives.
  • GIVE EVIDENCE. – Try to give quantifiable facts about the sitter’s life or those they know in spirit. Don’t talk about woolly future events.
  • CULTIVATE SPIRITUAL VALUES. – Make your daily life part of your psychic work. Try to change your attitudes and develop spiritual good habits.
  • BE GOOD HUMORED. – Try to spread a little happiness with your psychic work.
  • IMPROVE YOURSELF. – Psychic development is a lifelong process. Like an artist that’s never fully satisfied with their last painting, always try to improve on the quality of your evidence.

Extended Version

The above Code of Conduct has also been expanded to a fuller version here. You can also train at our online psychic school here.

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