Aura Color Meanings

The Colors of the Aura Simply Explained

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about aura color meanings and their relationship with the chakras in the spirit body.

Aura Color Meanings and the Prana

auras and thier coloursThe prana that comprises the aura is colorless. It is like clear water or glass. The prana becomes colored by our thoughts and emotions. Mediums with a well-developed spiritual vision will be aware of these colors and how they change. The colors are seen by using clairvoyance. They are called  ‘astral colors’.

Three primary colors make up the palette of the aura. These are red, blue, and yellow. Other colors are formed from a mixture of these primary colors. The primary color red represents the physical world, blue the spiritual, and yellow the mental. White stands for purity and black for negativity. (Black is not a color but is the absence of light. White is the harmonious blending of the astral colors.)

As a general rule, the bright colors seen in an aura have a positive diagnosis. They show a happy disposition. The duller tones show moodiness, illness, and depression.

Aura Video to explain

VIDEO: In this next video I talk about the aura and explain what it is. I describe the layers of the human spirit – called the Koshas and relate these to the Lokas – the layers of existence –  as well as explaining how the aura moved through Nadi channels and sustains our physical body. I also explain how to move the aura to become healthy. If you have any questions about issues raised in the video, please leave a comment and I will answer your questions. 

List of the Main Aura Colors and their Meanings

The following list of aura color meanings explains some of the colors you will see in the aura, but remember when working with and interpreting the aura that your own intuition will tell you most about the person. Thoughts and emotions affect the colors of the aura. Look beyond the colors to the thoughts and feelings that also bathe in the aura’s light. The colors you see may trigger a gut feeling in you that is likely to correspond with the thoughts and emotions of the person you are observing.

Aura Color Red - aura color meaningsRed (primary color)

Physical energy and the activities associated with the color red.  It governs the vitality of the body, such as athletic or sexual activity. A clear, clean shade of red indicates friendship, vitality, determination, and vigor.  Anger may cause a red light to flash through the aura because sensitivity and kindness manifest as a gentle pink tone. The aura of a pregnant woman is usually pink but that does not necessarily mean the baby will be a girl.

Aura Color Orange - aura color meaningsOrange

The color orange combines the power of red with the intellect of yellow and can show intellectual ambition, mastery of will, and pride. It may show a desire for change and break from the past. Balls of orange light in the aura show that the person has concentrated on a number of issues. Orange is also linked to the spleen area and shows healing through spiritual cleansing.

Aura Color Yellow - aura color meaningsYellow (primary color)

Intellectual activities and creative self-expression are given with the color yellow. If these aspirations are inspired then the aura around the head will become a nimbus of golden-yellow, sometimes edged with a blue tint. If seen as many fine moving lines, it shows the subject’s mental activities are many and varied. This fibrous effect may show aura color meanings of a worrier even though yellow generally is an optimistic color.

Aura Color Green - aura color meaningsGreen

Often found in the auras of spiritual healers, green lies in the center of the astral spectrum and indicates balance. It is nature’s color and is associated with renewal and recovery. Green combines the intellectual creativity of yellow with the spirituality of blue. Bright spring green will show someone who actively likes to help others, whereas a sickly lemon-green reveals deceit and envy. Rich emerald tones show reliability, a strength of character, and a well-balanced personality.

Aura Color Blue - aura color meaningsBlue (primary color)

Blues are the spiritual colors of the astral palette. Blue stands for high ideals, altruism, devotion, reverence, and religious aspirations. Blue is the healing color. It brings calm and peace. It is associated with the sky and feelings of freedom and escape from restriction. An aura dominated by blue indicates that the person is healthy and at peace.

Aura Color violet - aura color meaningsIndigo and Violet

Indigo and violet are a continuation of the spiritual aspects of the color blue.  It is a sign of clairvoyant ability. An intuitive person who is inspired by their dreams is will show indigo colors in their aura. Purple will show a love of ceremony and deep religious conviction. Violet is the highest of the spiritual blues, showing a person who has integrated their higher nature.

aura color gold - aura color meaningsBlack, White, Silver, and Gold

Black is not a color but the absence of light. Nonetheless, sometimes the aura does show dark clouds. These usually show depression, negativity, and lack of energy in the traditional interpretation of the aura color meanings. A heavy overshadowing of black stands for hatred, malice, and a vengeful disposition. White indicates the opposite and is a sign of purity of heart, good character, and a positive attitude. Silver expresses spiritual sincerity as well as quick thinking, mental agility, and, to a lesser extent, humor. The color of protection is Gold.


When we meditate for mediumistic development our physical and spiritual bodies go through a number of important changes that enable us to become sensitive to the spirit world. At first, these changes may be a little uncomfortable, and sometimes you will be over-sensitive. You may respond to the anxieties and fears of other people and pick up their stress and general mental condition.

As you progress it will get easier and you will discover how to regulate your sensitivity. This is one of the primary reasons we work with the aura during meditation, for the aura is a spiritual doorway that we can open or close at will.

Spinning Colours

The aura has a number of focuses of spinning energy called charkas, a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. The seven main charkas correspond to the endocrine glands of the body and run up along the spinal chord. The aura color meanings relate to the chakra colors. They connect the physical body to the etheric body. This the psycho-physical bridge between the earthly and ethereal worlds because it connects the physical and spiritual bodies. Some see the chakras as swirling vortexes of light. Others describe them as lotuses with varying numbers of petals or like a spiral galaxy of stars.

Chakras are focal points for the flow of prana energy through the body and help to keep up our health.  The spiritual channels carry the prana energy through the physical body. It travels from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

Seven Chakras and the aura color meanings

How to become a psychic or medium:

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