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About Spirit Guides and Spirit Gatekeepers.

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about spirit guides and discovering who is your spirit guide. The Spirit Guides and Gatekeepers guide your entry to this life and return to the next. In this extract from my book I show you how to connect with your spirit guides and helpers. This is a continuation of the section about guides and angels. You are welcome to ask questions about communicating with spirit guides and gatekeepers at the bottom of this article.

What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are, according to Spiritualism, incorporeal beings from the spirit world.  They are spirit entity that voluntarily remains as a dis-incarnate spirit to act as a guide or protector for mediums, healers and spiritual seekers. Some claim that are assigned to us before we are born and will help us spiritually progress. They may protect us and guide us through earthly life.

Start Talking to Your Spirit Guide Now

There is no problem recognizing guardian angels. As soon as you see them in the afterlife, it is also possible to make a connection with them before we die. Part of their mission is to help and guide us in our earthly life.

Mediums become familiar with their guardian angel, in Spiritualist circles often called the gatekeeper or doorkeeper . This is your main spiritual helper, who sees you into this life and guides you through the next. However, we also gather other spirit “guides” and “helpers” around us who can help with spirit communication and protect the medium from negative influences. In the medium’s case these guides may help with specific tasks such as healing, work with child spirits, clearing negative energies, and so on.

In my own work, I have an American Indian as my “guardian angel/gatekeeper,” a Tibetan as my “trace control.” and an Italian clown who helps me with my public demonstrations of mediumship. There are others, too, who work in the background of my awareness.

Does everyone have Spirit Guides?

Non-mediumistic people may also have spirit guides and helpers working through them. These are often people you know who have gone over to the spirit and do the work–a dead relative or someone known very well in this life may serve as guide. Many great men and women have accredited their genius to the guidance received from spiritual influences. For example, the pianist Liberace believed that, at times, he was paranormal inspired. He owned the piano, which once belonged to the classical composer Liszt. “When I play his compositions on it, I have the most eerie feeling, as if I’d played that music before in another time.” And just like Liberace, Lizst was a flamboyant dresser.

Lucille Ball believed that she received help from the dead actress Carole Lombard. Jayne Mansfield also received spirit guidance: “The woman I admire most, Ethel Barrymore,” she said, “spoke to me. Then my Aunt Kathy, who had been dead these 15 years, talked to me and her voice was exactly as I remembered it. Aunt Kathy always had a great sense of humour. She still had.” Jayne also held séances in Rudolph Valentino’s former home, Falcon Lair, and received guidance from the “dead” silent-screen legend.

Sporting Spirit Guides

Sports men and women have also said that they sometimes feel guided by the spirits yet they may not always know consciously who is their spirit guide.  Donald Campbell, the former British car and speedboat racer, believed in life after death. He spoke on a number of occasions of feeling the presence of his dead father, Sir Malcolm Campbell, with him in the cockpit of his boats and rocket cars. As he sat in the cockpit of the Bluebird and prepared to achieve his 648 kph (403 mph) land-speed record on Lake Eyre salt flats, Australia, he saw his father’s spirit. “He was crystal clear and looked down at me with the half-smile on his face I knew so well,” wrote Campbell.

Then he heard the spirit say, “Well, boy, now you know how I felt on the morning of September 2 at Utah in 1935”–the day his father burst a tire at over 480 kph (300 mph). His father’s voice encouraged Donald Campbell. Like his father before him, Donald became holder of both the water- and land-speed records.

Churchill’s Comment

Perhaps one of the most intriguing comments about spirit guides was made by Sir Winston Churchill. He said “I have a feeling that we have a guardian because we serve a great cause and that we shall have that guardian so long as we serve that cause faithfully.”

How to start a conversation with your spirit guides

If you are sincere and attempt to raise your consciousness through regular meditation, you are likely to feel the invisible presence of your spirit guides. Many people find this an exciting experience. It is important to remember that it is a normal part of your spiritual development Just because you have made contact with your guide/angel it does not mean that you are in any way unique, or chosen for a special destiny. Remain modest and keep your feet firmly on the ground. Be advisable to avoid “guide worship.” The guides that help us with our life are spiritually advanced beings but, like us, have limitations.

It is spiritually beneficial for you to establish a communication in this life for this will help you to accelerate your spiritual development as well as prepare you for the life to come. It may take many years to develop a full rapport with your guides/angels. This is best accomplished by sitting in regular meditation with like-minded people with a similar intent. What is particularly helpful is a medium who can guide your group. Unfortunately, it is now difficult to find good teaching mediums, but this method will get you started on your journey to spiritual understanding.

10 Steps to Know Who is Your Spirit Guide

Step 1.

You need to establish a regular time to sit for meditation in order to attune yourself to your guides/angels. The guides/angels are also eager to establish a connection and need to know when they can draw close. Self-discipline is important so that the guide only draws close when he/she is invited to do so. A regular time for attunement helps both sides to blend your consciousness.

Step 2

Sit upright in a comfortable chair and let go of all stress, allowing yourself to slip into a deeply relaxed state. As you become more relaxed you will notice your breathing slowing down. Let the warm feeling of relaxation spread upward from your toes and feet until your whole body is completely relaxed.

Step 3

Once you are completely relaxed, you will notice that your mind is slowing down. For a while just enjoy being in this comfortable state. You are totally relaxed yet remain alert and awake.

Step 4

The spirit guides are able to influence your consciousness when your mind is quiet and still. This allows them to align their rate of vibration with your own. Within this stillness you will become aware of the gentle loving vibrations of your guides. At no time are you in any danger and you are always in complete control. You are establishing a spirit-to-spirit communication and at no stage can the guide, or anything else for that matter, take you over.

Step 5

During this state you may have a glimpse of someone who was known to you and who loved you. This could be a wife, husband, or a parent. These clairvoyant visions may make you feel happy and inspired. Be encouraged if you see swirling colours or visions from your own mind, as this shows that your mind is opening to new ideas and inspiration. Also, be aware that not everybody “sees” the spirit people. It is just as valid to inwardly “hear” or “feel” your spirit guides.

Step 6

Pay close attention to everything you experience during meditation. The thought processes you are having will help to strengthen the link between you and the spirit world. You may also discover that this technique increases your ability to communicate telepathically with people in this world as well as in the next.

Step 7

It is most important to realize that what is happening is real. You are getting guidance from intelligent spirit people. Broaden the bridge between you by inwardly thanking them when you believe that you have been given a glimpse of your guide/angel or have intuitively received some helpful information. Your thoughts are potent forces that go out from you and influence the world. They will be received by those in the spirit–even if you are not aware that they have “heard” you.

Step 8

Be patient. Do not bombard your guides/angels with a stream of requests. Ask the occasional question, but the answer may not always come immediately. You will get a reply when you are ready to receive it.  Your answer may come though during meditation, or during a later period of reflection. It may be given to you coincidentally, such as an overheard conversation, or something you read in a book. Know that you will be guided.

Step 9

Discovering the identity of your guide/angel is not of primary importance. It does not matter whether your guide was a great saint, philosopher, pauper, or king. What matters is the quality of the spirit person who is helping you. It is often the most humble people who live the most spiritual lives. Do remember, however, that even though they are part of a hierarchy of angelic beings dedicated to helping people with a spiritual intent, these guiding spirits are limited beings, like us.

Step 10

Your most important insights will come in the form of a silent influence. The spiritual beings will blend with your own character and thought. They will help you overcome your negative traits, inspire you in times of crisis, help you rid yourself of selfishness, and enable you to become a better person. Intervention by angels, throughout time, is an important part of most religions. It is still happening today.

A little about my own Spirit Guides

Visitors to this site often ask me about my spirit guides and helpers. I am reluctant to talk about these things as there are many people who get completely carried away with ‘guide worship’.

The truth is that although these mentors do most of the work, they prefer to remain in the background of a medium’s work. It is enough that the work is done and the communication and proof from the spirit is given.

A medium will acquire a number of spirit guides who will help him or her with specific aspects of their mediumistic work. Some may help with healing, others with children, with intuitive insight, writing and so on.

Who is My Spirit Guide?

Spirit Portraits by Coral Polge

Spirit Guides portrait Flying EagleFlying Eagle is one of my main spirit guides. This is my Gatekeeper guide. He was the first to appear to me and comes close to me during meditation. The guide gives guidance and advice and helps to keep me on the spiritual path. My guide has a very good sense of humour and sometimes works in conjunction with my mischievous clown guide (Called Piccolo) The drawing here is by the world famous spirit artist Coral Polge who was recently died. I have been given confirmation of this guides reality when the words that he spoke to me were repeated word for word by medium soon afterwards. Picture by Coral Polge

spirit guide taraTara Tara is my Tibetan spirit guide. He calls himself Tara (Though sometimes he has referred to himself as Taratha) as during earthly life he was a follower of the Tibetan god Tara – a female aspect of the Buddha nature. Tara is my spirit control who speaks through me while I am in trance. During a trance session he will give a discourse to the gathered circle. As the trance deepens he steps back to allow direct communication from dead relatives and friends of members of the circle. Tara demands that the trance is evidential. He will often tell members of the circle facts known only to them in order to confirm his reality. Picture by Steinar Lund

Circle Spirit GuideCircle Guide Unfortunately I am unsure of the name of the guide pictured here. (Again drawn by Coral Polge.) When Coral Polge drew this picture I could not place the guide and assumed she was mistaken. However, this guide has appeared many times over the years to members sat in my circles even though they have had no knowledge of this picture or his appearance at previous meetings. He appears with a staff- as Coral Polge said he would. According to Coral Polge he is an Irish Celt. His role is to help with the smooth running of my circle and presumably also with the classes on this site! Picture by Coral Polge.

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  • Chinyere Mar 20, 2015, 1:31 pm

    Your articles are great! Thank you. It took thirty years plus for me to realize that I may have come across my spirit guide. It happened twice, over a span of thirty years. In a state of sleep that was more mystical than normal, an entity dressed in a brown monk habit and bearing a staff walked up to me and spoke these words that have shaped my spiritual journey since then. He said: come dine with me. When I woke up I knew with utmost certainty that he was referring to things of a spiritual nature.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Mar 31, 2015, 3:43 pm

      It is certainly true that for many people it can take a whole lifetime before the spirit guides reveal themselves to us. I think there are what I call ‘Spiritual Seasons’ in our lives. For you the time for this revelation was right.

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