Strange déjà vu reveals past life?


Last year we went on a lovely holiday to Paris. As we walked through the narrow streets of Montmartre I had a strange feeling that I had been there before and that I was living a previous life all over again. I knew exactly what scene would greet us as we rounded the corners even though this was the first time that I had been abroad. It was a strange and eerie feeling. Is there an explanation for this?

David G.

Déjà vu

The experience that you have described is called Déjà vu which literally means already seen. Almost any situation can spark Déjà vu and when it happens we feel a lightness and a slight separation from what is happening around us. It is a very common experience and usually, the sensation lasts only a few seconds. There are various psychological explanations to explain why this happens but what they fail to answer is why so often the person is able to predict so many details with uncanny accuracy. Perhaps we receive the information by extrasensory perception or could this be evidence for reincarnation?

I have had a lot of letters and emails lately about Déjà vu. This is a characteristic account of Déjà vu which literally means already seen. Perception of the scene is accompanied by a compelling sense of familiarity. Usually, this lasts only a few seconds but there are cases where people retain this sense of Déjà vu for long periods of time.

Some psychologists say that deja vu can be explained by misfiring of the memory – paramnesia for example. But what do you think? Have you had an experience like this that cannot be explained by science? Perhaps you had an intuition about things that happened at a scene and found evidence to verify your experience. Id deja vu a paranormal experience or can it be explained?


Past Life dejavuDoes Dejavu reveal past lives?

Here’s another letter together with my reply:


Can you explain what’s the reason for getting a feeling of Déjà vu. I believe that it is a French word and means you have a momentary feeling of having been here before. The reason I am inquiring is that a friend complains that he keeps getting this feeling every now and again. He says it is a ‘weird’ experience and only lasts a couple of seconds. Can you help please by telling me what triggers it?

Mrs. Eva C- Keynsham.

Nobody knows for certain what causes the commonly reported feeling of Déjà vu which is a French word meaning ‘seen before’. Although it may feel like a mystical time slip I believe there is a clinical explanation. Some psychologists say that it is a trick of the memory. Areas of the brain that recall long or short term memory become confused so that a short-term memory feels like a long-term memory. Usually, this is caused by tiredness although there are cases on record where people have had persistent Déjà vu happening every few minutes.

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  • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jan 3, 2013, 6:54 pm

    Some psychologists beleive that the experience of déjà vu is just an extreme reaction of the system that your memory uses to tell you that you are in a familiar situation. Do you agree or is it something spiritually significant?

  • Josalynn Jul 29, 2012, 10:52 pm

    I have experienced about 5-7 episodes of deja vue in the past 14 years where I could actually remember that the “scene” was a dream I had dreamt before. The first dream was when I was 15 years old and the “SCENE” happened when I was 20yrs. I remembered unmistakably the dream to this day. I even spoke of the dream with my mom at the time. I am now almost 34 yrs old and anytime I have déjà vue I feel I am on the right life path.

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