Can Someone Be Possessed By A Demon?

Demonic Possession, Attacks and Sleep Paralysis

Old Hag SyndromeArticle by Craig Hamilton-Parker. True reports about Old Hag Syndrome,  ghosts, ghouls, and spirits are a recurring theme in day-to-day correspondence generated by my media exposure. From the incoming mail, it is clear that a surprising number of people claim to have had paranormal experiences, and many ask for help in dealing with malevolent spiritual forces. One widespread problem seems to be spirit attacks while people sleep. The sinister entity may grab the sleeper by the throat, sit on their chest, and in some instances sexually abuse them.

Could it be that a large sector of the population is under attack by demons? Certainly, some of the letters I have received show that this is happening: “I awoke one morning and realized that my body was completely paralyzed,” writes one reader. “I couldn’t move a muscle. Something was in the room and walked across the bed. I tried to scream but only a slight noise came from my throat. Whoever or whatever was in my room then disappeared. Unfortunately, I have been getting this horrible paralysis for about two months now. The last time it happened I managed to open my eyes but still could not move my body.”

Sleep Paralysis / Old Hag Syndrome

This person is probably suffering from what psychologists call “sleep paralysis.” Recent surveys suggest that it affects between 25 to 30 percent of the population. People also often report feeling a “presence” that is often described as malevolent, threatening, or evil. An intense sense of dread and terror is very common. Sometimes the “entity” may attack by strangling the sleeper and exerting crushing pressure on the chest. It is caused when the back of the brain comes to consciousness before the rest of the body “wakes up.” This is more likely to happen if you are over-tired. Doctors also recommend that it is best to sleep on your side and not on your back, as this can trigger the condition.

If you find yourself in the midst of a sleep-paralysis episode, you might try a traditional method for overcoming the paralysis by attempting to move your fingers or toes, or even your tongue. A number of people have suggested rapidly moving one’s eyes back and forth as a way of bringing a bout of SP to an end. As it is possible to have multiple episodes in a single night, it may help to get up briefly and move around after any such episode before trying to sleep again.

Demonic PossessionUnderstand Demonic Possession

History of Attacks

In medieval times, people believed in the incubus, a lascivious male demon that was said to possess mortal women as they slept. He was responsible for the birth of demons, witches, and deformed children. According to one legend, the incubus and his female counterpart, the succubus, were fallen angels. In medieval European folklore, it is said that female demons may visit men in their sleep to lie with them in ghostly sexual intercourse. The man who succumbs to a succubus will not awaken from sleep. Other folklore speak of Chinese Fox spirits, East European vampires, an Old Hag myth, and even Eskimo spirits, all including the theme of a person waking up, unable to move, and sensing a presence. (Some psychologists argue that Sleep Paralysis may account for what claim to be real UFO experiences or alien abductions – the modern day equivalent of a demonic attack)

Scientific Studies

Recent theories claim that these sexual attacks are also the result of sleep paralysis. As we know from Freud, a great deal of dream content is of a sexual nature. Some psychologists claim that penile and clitoral erections in REM (dreaming) sleep demonstrates the validity of Freud’s insights about the primacy of sex. Also the asphyxiation that accompanies this syndrome may also cause sexual excitement. It is conceivable that many of the sexual attacks these people describe may be simply a vivid waking nightmare with a sexual undertone that occurs during a bout of sleep paralysis. Similarly, psychologists have explained that sleep paralysis may be at the root of cases of people who believe that they have been abducted by aliens. Often such claims begin with a report of someone waking up, terrified, feeling a presence, unable to move, may include sexual “experiments,” and often include waking-dream type hallucinations.

A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy body, mind, and soul. Many of our troubles arise because of over-tiredness that in turn creates emotional vulnerability and intellectual weakness. In some of my other books, I have gone into detail about how to establish positive sleep patterns and how to prepare an inviolate area where dreams can safely take place. The most common cause of a bad night’s sleep and nightmares is mental over-stimulation before bedtime. It is, therefore, essential to prepare your mind for sleep. Avoid watching violent films on Television just before bedtime. Instead, do something restful, such as listening to music or reading something light.

Protective Visualization

Light snack of foods that are high is tryptophan will also help you sleep. These include eggs, meat nuts, beans, fish, and cheese. Similarly, foods high in carbohydrates help you to snooze, such as cereals, milk, cakes, spaghetti, and honey. Limited consumption of high fat foods can also help sleep. But it is most important to let go of negative thoughts and fill your mind with positive imagery. You may think of happy events from the past or visualize beautiful places you know. This will create positive thoughts that will keep nightmares away. One of my personal favourites, as I prepare to fall asleep, is to imagine that I am being bathed in twinkling golden lights that fall from above. Each one is a spark of energy that carries with it a special blessing to encourage inner peace and well being.

Real Attacks and Demonic Possession

There are cases in my files of people who appear to have undergone paranormal attacks as they slept. A prison inmate, for example, wrote, “The last time it happened, I was tossing and turning and trying to get to sleep when a strange dark power pulled me off the bed and pushed me against the wall. My cellmate screamed when he saw what was happening.” Similarly, an old woman relayed, “I am terrified at night as I believe that I am being menaced by a ghost or spirit. If I awake during the night, I see what I would call “smoke” in my room. One night my husband and I saw the harrowing sight of my bedclothes being slowly pulled off the bed. But the last straw was when I felt “it” move to the side of the bed and poke me hard in the arm. I prayed out loud but it wouldn’t go away.”

Real Demon Stories

Other case files are reports of people who have been attacked by these malevolent spirits and display mild to severe bruises and bite marks, many of them in places where they could not be self-inflicted. Some researchers have noted that women occasionally have torn vaginal tissue after an alleged attack by an incubus. And how can science explain the many cases of spirit attack that are witnessed by others or happen to two people simultaneously? Clearly science has not completely explained these phenomenon.

My advice to you, should you experience an attack by a malevolent spirit, is to first consult your doctor and ask about treatment for the common complaint of sleep paralysis. If you remain unconvinced as to that cause, and feel that a malevolent spirit has indeed been making its presence known, you must not give in to fear. As with the thought forms I spoke of earlier, these things feed upon our own energy, particularly the powerful energy of fear. If we persistently refuse to feed it with energy, we deprive it of the life force that energizes it.

Demons and Religion

The peace and comfort provided by a belief in traditional religion, unfortunately, may be compromised by religious fanatics who use the fear of demons to terrorize their flocks and encourage financial contributions to their cause. Some, under the cloak of religious teachings, hold incendiary torches ready, with nothing to stop them except the critical reasoning of thinking people. Casting out demons, for example, to bring about on-call “miracles” makes exciting church, but whether the healing effect is real or the message is in any way true to the teachings of Jesus is debatable. Most enigmatic “healing” can be explained by auto-suggestion and the psychological manipulation of vulnerable people. I may be mistaken, but I prefer to believe that the teachings of the humble carpenter are about love and tolerance rather than devils and demons. The love of God, in whatever religious guise, is a powerful means of protection from all forms of negativity, so long as it comes from the heart and is not polluted by those with their own agenda for fame and power.

Demonic Protection

On a more down to earth note, a number of folk remedies are said to protect sleepers from night attacks. A peony flower taken to bed or a cauldron in the room is specific to keeping away the incubus; while bluebells or phallic-shaped magical tools are supposed to ward off the succubus. These things reinforce your feeling of being safe. Simple rituals can help some people strengthen the aura and protect against harm in daily life or as they sleep. You may, for example, wear a crystal or talisman to strengthen your faith in your protective energy.

This could be a religious symbol, such as the Star of David or a cross, or something personal that will help you achieve a positive state of mind–perhaps a locket with a photo of a loved one. Similarly, burning essential oils or placing a bowl of water in the sleeping room helps create a protected atmosphere. Hanging certain pictures in this area may inspire positive thoughts at bedtime. By creating a safe place to sleep or work and perhaps following a short ritual in a special place, you can help improve your own and the environment’s positive energy. A ritual need only take a few minutes, and is helpful to focus your attention and intent.

Just to re-affirm my earlier point. Most instances of demonic possession and the like can be explained by ‘sleep paralysis’. If you think you may have this condition then seek advice from a suitably qualified person such as your GP.

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  • Nichola sherlock Mar 30, 2016, 9:38 pm

    Many years ago, when I lived in a caravan by the sea, I woke up one night to find myself screaming in the middle of the room, with my duvet around me. My window was open (as I had left it) and I saw this grey smoke turn and flee out of the window. If you can imagine a dementor from Harry Potter, you’ll have an idea of what it looked like. I was scared and I learned that night, to always sleep with a light on.

    Many months later, when I was living in another caravan further down the field, I woke up one night aware that something horrible was coming towards me. With that, something came in through the bottom open window, climbed on top of me and started raping me. This is as true as true can be. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel the effect of it as it violently thrust against me. I remember having to muster so much strength to be able to get up. I managed to, I got off the bed and ran out into the field! This was in the middle of the night!! I think I was naked but I can’t be sure. Then, I heard someone say my name and a blonde man by my caravan appeared, as if he was there to calm and protect me. He was not of physical body, he was spirit, although I could see him as if he was a real man.

    Very scary…

  • Kev Jan 18, 2016, 3:42 pm

    No body actually really knows what it is only the fact that it is happening. I’m 37 and I have been having sleep paralysis episodes all my life. Last night it happened again but the strangest thing this time is that it also happened to my girlfriend who was trying to sleep in the downstairs bedroom as we had fallen out that night! It also happened to my ex girlfriend one night she was with me too and it had never happened to her before she met me, when we broke up it never happened to her again. This is twice it’s happened to my current girlfriend who never experienced sleep paralysis before she met me. Good luck to anyone going through this , I know exactly how you feel.Stay strong mentally, physically and spiritually and be prepared for the day you get your answers, whatever those answers turn out to be. You are not alone in this. Always remember that.

  • A Dec 24, 2015, 6:24 pm

    A couple weeks ago I woke up with a bite mark on the side of my foot. It was shaped weirdly. There were more teeth marks than any animal I could think of. They were all small and crammed together, but there was a large tooth mark in the middle. Is this an attack or am I just being paranoid?

  • HmaN Nov 15, 2015, 9:01 pm

    I have been looking for an actual demon for 40 years, I have been at “satanic” meetings, occult sittings and the such but so far not one has ever shown up, so where are they? other than in the delusional minds of poor mislead individuals prompted by morons who pretend to be able to “cast them out” why don’t you crawl back in your hole and quit spreading this bullshit. Feel free to have one stop by any time if you disagree otherwise quit misleading the goldfish.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Nov 17, 2015, 2:34 pm

      What a foolish waste of 40 years. Try spending the next 40 years seeing Divine Realization and see if you feel a bit happier and at peace with yourself.

    • George Apr 3, 2016, 4:19 pm

      You’re obviously doing it wrong.

  • Owen Oct 19, 2015, 4:09 am

    The funny thing is that you never acknowledge that you may be wrong. In the case of sleep paralysis/demonic possession, it’s just as likely to be demonic possession as a biological mishap, or perhaps even more likely. You claim that what people see is a hallucination whilst your body is paralyzed, but that doesn’t account for the fact that many of these instances have ended due to the use of the name “Jesus” or asking for help from God.

    I’m willing to bet that you’ll argue that the use of Religion adds to comfort that releases some chemical in your brain that does something to relax your body and free you from “Sleep paralysis”. That might be a plausible explanation, except that it doesn’t account for every instance. For example, almost everyone in America and most of Europe has a pretty good idea of what Christianity is based around: God creating the universe, Jesus being the Son of God. But not everyone believes it (you for example), and yet on occasion someone who doesn’t believe has attempted to speak the words of God when attacked, believing that they will most likely not be released, and miraculously, they are.

    Another thing, is that it’s very unlikely that everyone in the world that has experienced this, has happened to hallucinate very similar and sometimes identical circumstances or evil beings. A very common thing seen during these attacks is shadow-like figures standing on or around the person viewing, which a good portion of this comment section has described. Highly unlikely that 12 year-old’s and adults well into their 40’s will somehow see the same thing, considering make-up of the brain changes considerably as people age.

    The fact stands, there are times when sleep-paralysis may happen, being caused by biological reasons, but there is definitely a malevolent force causing this that fears Christ. My take: if your right, and I’m wrong, then there’s nothing to fear. But if I’m right, then there is something very evil that you should fear. Better to be safe and admitting that you’re wrong than to be a pompous, stubborn idiot that ends up in danger.

  • Natalie Oct 14, 2015, 5:07 am

    I’m kind of concerned because I think that I have been getting up and do things while I’m asleep. I woke up one morning feeling sore like I get when I ride my bike for a long time but I hadn’t ridden my bike in months. I figured I had probably just thrashed around in my sleep and moved on, but last night I remember getting up and putting on a pair of glasses and being annoyed to find that they were my 3D glasses rather than my prescription glasses and did nothing to improve my vision. It was as if someone not quite used to my body was using it. Any thoughts?

  • Jason cano Aug 16, 2015, 3:12 pm

    I found my self sleep but awake like the others I couldn’t move a muscle I felt something or Someone an I asked who are You an some how me as my self said in a deep Demonic voice ANDREW !! I’m so confused I forced my self to wake up .. What do I do?

  • Cherry Aug 15, 2015, 8:39 pm

    I suffer from sleep paralysis, I wake up and I can’t move and it feels like somethings pressing hard on my chest I struggle to breath let alone scream, it starting two months ago, so did seeing things in reflections the corner of my eye and in a figure walking down the hall at night. I started locking my bedroom door at night. I know that wont help but it made me feel better but recently I have been finding strange bruises. I put it down to self inflicted while I slept but they tend to be finger marks hand marks. Today I noticed them on both wrists and they are on the wrists that could of done them. My rooms locked at night. I sleep alone.

  • Michelle May 27, 2015, 4:24 am

    What if I have experiences BEFORE I have fallen asleep? I am conscious and fully aware, just lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep (but not feeling sleepy)…. and then I will feel the sensation of someone sitting down on the end of my bed (I can feel the mattress sink), or my comforter being slowly pulled off the bed, or a weight moving up my leg as if it was crawling. Also, I feel a strongly malevolent presence in my bedroom. My instinct is to be still and keep my eyes shut tight, while feeling overwhelmed by terror. Sometimes when I am home alone, or late at night when my mother is asleep upstairs.. I hear sounds downstairs… the sound of a chair being pushed across the floor, or sounds as if someone bumped into something… I am sitting up doing stuff on my laptop, not feeling tired at all, not even close to sleep. I am completely sober when these events occur, and I do not use drugs in the first place. Is it possible that a demonic spirit is harassing me? And how do I rid myself of this unwanted attention?

    • Pam M Jul 30, 2015, 10:50 pm

      I have the same problems, only I’m attacked all day and night! Still in search for help!

    • Rhodes from Kenya Aug 5, 2015, 2:45 pm

      That’s exactly what I feel but only before waking up. Sometimes my comforter gets pulled off and soon a male evil spirit or whatever lies on top of me I guess to rape me but always call Jesus and the spirit disappears. Other times I feel him sitting or lying right next to me and can also hear his breath. The other day, he was so huge that he pushed me to the wall and almost fell from bed before I called on to Jesus. Its very scary considering that I leave alone in my apartment.

  • Asina Nov 14, 2014, 4:54 am

    Hello, I’ve been suffering from nightmares almost daily after I caught a sight of a spirit on my cam from grandma’s house and before seeing the spirit I get into a phase while asleep that when am trying get up from bed am unable to do so can’t even move any part of my body. When I start chanting prayer it goes away and I sleep, it happens once in a week and I saw myself possessed.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Nov 19, 2014, 1:03 pm

      You are not possessed by a demon or anything like that. It sounds like you have classic symptoms of ‘sleep paralysis’ – a fairly common complaint that has often been misunderstood to be demonic possession. You can ask your GP about this and may get some reassurance and help.

      • Rhoda Jul 25, 2015, 8:50 pm

        Claig if its just sleep paralysis, can you then explain why the heavy male demon lay on top of me and try to rape me? It happens every month and sometimes 2 times a week but the demon has never succeeded. I always call on to Jesus to save me and the demon disappears. It happened to me today in the afternoon when I went to sleep. The other day, I felt someone pull my beddings and in seconds, a heavy man was lying on top of me, got me so scared as I fought back but I called Jesus to save me and the demon disappeared. It was at 4.00am but I couldnt go back to sleep. I live all alone and sometimes is hard to go to bed with lights off.

        • Craig Hamilton-Parker Sep 23, 2015, 10:48 am

          Sleep paralysis used to be known as ‘Night Hag’ in which people claimed they were being attacked by an old hag or witch. I’m still of the mind that these are psychological forces from the unconscious mind rather than demons as brain scans show that people who report these problems suffer from similar slow functioning of the back of the brain.

          • George Apr 3, 2016, 4:24 pm

            It’s demons not Sleep paralysis

  • Simon Hughes Sep 29, 2014, 11:27 am

    I don’t often reply to these threads but can’t resist this one as it’s something I’m familiar with. I believe what you’re referring to is commonly known as “Sleep Paralysis” – searches for this will yield more of what you’re referring to, and some limited information too. There are several scientific sites dealing with the issue. Now that’s covered, the less scientific. I don’t have this issue any more. In fact my first and last occurrence didn’t end on a scary note at all. I’m a fairly rational individual for the larger part and someone who empathizes and reasons. (Post abridged as far too long. You are welcome to re-post a shorter version here or as long as you like in the community forums)

  • dennis o'connor Sep 29, 2014, 9:14 am

    There is no such thing as hell, a devil or organized evil force which TV, movies, religious myths created…any psychic, medium or paranormal source who tries to sell these fear filled realities is simply selling corn flakes. The other side is about love. Yes there are folks who have died and not gone to the light but they pose no real threat to anyone.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Sep 29, 2014, 10:29 am

      I think with the rebirth of television’s ‘Most Haunted’, now led by Yvette Fielding, it’s important people think a little more deeply about this. It’s good to see sensible and informed people posting their ideas.

  • Gustavo Sep 28, 2014, 1:38 am

    Im tired of this institutionalized dichotomy between what “mystics” and “psychologists” say. Just because you can replicate a mechanism in a lab and call it “sleep paralysis”, does not mean that demons are not just out of sight and using you against yourself.

    Its like this…

    Take a chandelier in a room with a light switch and 2 people trying to explain what is going on what happens when the switch is turned on.

    Engineer: The closed circuit caused electricity to flow through the bulb lighting it up…thats it.

    Poet: The darkness that had befallen the room was once again alight by a single source of illumination

    Both right. One examines process while the other examines phenomenon.

  • Gemma W. Sep 27, 2014, 1:55 am

    Interesting article. It’s also possible that these people became aware during an astral projection, which could trigger hallucinations of all sorts, including presences. Astral projection occurs to everyone during sleep, and most of the time we’re not aware of it, or we may remember it as a dream. Astral projection involves paralysis and other sensations, so if someone becomes aware during the beginning stages, they will likely experience the phenomena described.

    Demonic possession is not often heard of, but when someone is experiencing true demonic possession, there usually are other signs in the person’s life, often these signs will be very hard to ignore. Even if some of these other signs are present, it’s not always down to a demon. A lot of people have spirit attachments that are not actually demonic possession, and these attached spirits will affect people’s lives quite dramatically (depending on the strength of the attachment), sometimes overnight, or sometimes it will occur over a period of years.

  • Melissa H. Sep 15, 2014, 1:41 am

    Demonic possession is real… However, I’d like to add….They’re other types of Spirits that are not characterized as demons… Demons and “Other” wayward Spirits often times attach themselves to those who think or behave in an evil manner… Demonic have the ability to leave scratches and bruises on the body, trigger mental illness and otherwise wreak total havoc in ones life… There are certain prayers, when recited, that fortify, shield and protect.

    • daniela Oct 6, 2014, 7:44 am

      Which prayers? May I know? I am in need…thanks

      • Craig Hamilton-Parker Oct 7, 2014, 12:14 pm

        I guess any prayer if said with sincere connection to the divine will work as a protection. In India they say the most powerful prayer of protection is the Gayatri Mantra. This is a beautiful prayer/mantra in it’s own right and is one of the oldest chants in the world.

  • Danielle Lucas Jul 25, 2014, 7:11 am

    I have just discovered what I think is sleep paralysis which I did not feel myself it first started when I was drifting to sleep my hands didn’t look or feel like my hands they were all crumpled up and I went numb then suddenly my jaw went weird and then the next minute I was downstairs possessed screaming at my dad knowing I was possesed but when I was possesed this was actually a dream. Not real because my dad was in his bed and then the next minute I was lying upstairs in my bed again in the same position as I am now and was still numb felt like somebody was there I tried to scream but couldn’t and move, then a loud sound of music went through my ears I fell onto my floor and went to my door to try and open it and get to my mums room then I woke up in so much fear can anybody help me I’m confused

  • amarjit singh bamrah Mar 11, 2014, 8:38 pm

    Sai Baba taught me a mantra, he said it is very powerful to counter negative energies, demons and spirits.

    “Narasimha Ta Va Da Sohum”

    I have continuously chanted this mantra day and night and it has created an amazing Protective Auric field around me.

    If you look on Youtube “Deva Premal Narasimha” This is the Mantra where Deva Premal appeared with Sai Baba and she sung this Mantra to me. Its an amazing beautiful powerful mantra that I would recommend you to chant this as much as you can all day.

    At my bedside I placed this mantra on a continuous play so it played softly into my consciousness while I am sleeping. So in fact I slowly have become the Mantra. Try it it powerful simple and Sai Baba recommended it.

  • Simon Dec 19, 2013, 1:19 am

    I’ve had one or two entities harassing me daily for the past two years though sometimes I’ve had breaks and not had an attack for one whole month or less. I’m getting very tired of them and I just feel like I would want them destroyed for what they are doing and have done, both physical mental torture. It started with a sense of something touching my hair but later I got scratches – usually 3 long red marks at the waist. Sometimes I’ve had got sleep paralysis, like someone zapped me and all my strength to move disappeared, heard like heavy breathings then paralysed, strange experience for sure.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Dec 21, 2013, 12:36 pm

      I think your first step should be to see your doctor to ascertain if most of this can be put down to the sleep paralysis. What you have described often accompanies people who suffer from this and is mistaken for possession. Stanford University have a few articles about it worth looking at. It’s sometimes called Old Hag Syndrome.

  • clare Sep 16, 2013, 2:57 pm

    For years I have experienced sleep paralysis but last night was my worse one yet. I always see different unsightly characters,one of them was being really nice and caressing me then all of a sudden bent my fingers back stuck his thumbs in my eyes and strangled me. I’ve also experienced one trying to rip my teeth out, being held down and strangled dragging me out of bed and pulling blankets off me. I’ve also experienced myself floating during these episodes and I feel that a spirit is trying to take me somewhere to show me something. I’m very scared when this happens and I cant breath or move. The more I try to wake up they wont let me I’m not religious so why are they bothering me? It also happens to all my other siblings and also my mother. I usually get it when I’ve been stressed more than usual what can I do to stop it?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Sep 23, 2013, 5:35 pm

      It is good that you have realised that it is not demonic possession but most likely sleep paralysis that is causing your night terrors. We cannot give medical advice here but I suggest you persist with your doctors and ask if you can see a specialist who understands sleep-paralysis.

    • sophiac Mar 5, 2014, 4:37 pm

      Sounds like demonic harassment to me. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re religious, demonic harassment can happen to anyone and activity can begin for a variety of reasons (its attached to the land, or an object or the house or your family lineage). Please seek religious help if it continues to happen because this kind of thing can escalate. Do not be afraid, as this energy feeds off negative emotions. Find someone who can perform a cleansing ritual of you or your home, preferably a priest. Good luck.

      • Nadine Jun 1, 2015, 1:32 am

        Agreed. I have no idea why a site called is advising people who have CLEAR signs of demonic oppression, to go to the doctor. All that will happen there, is maybe a prescription for anti depressants or some other drug which will only break down the person’s will and constitution even further, opening them up for an escalation of the phenomena.

        • lexalina Nov 10, 2015, 2:35 am

          I think they are suggesting that people go to a doctor FIRST, see if medication stops the occurrences or not, and if it does not, call someone who can help spiritually

  • stephan Aug 29, 2013, 2:17 pm

    When I was two years of age I had my first and only Sleep Paralysis which is often mistaken for demonic possession. I woke up in extreme fear and paralysed. After a long time just staring at my ceiling I felt that there was something in my room so I turned my eyes to my open doorway and there was a beautiful spirit – dark energy body swirling colours. After staring at it for a long time I decided to move slowly out of bed and stood in front of it (all this while still in extreme fear and paralysed.) I walked in it and I felt it incarnate in me!

  • Rationalist May 2, 2013, 9:33 am

    That’s just silly. Grow up, man! Stop believing in bullshit.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker May 2, 2013, 1:05 pm

      Have you read the article? The point is that Demonic Possession may be possible to explain as a psychological condition caused by sleep paralysis though there may be unexplained cases worthy of investigation. This is a rational attempt to explain real phenomena. A closed mind in not a ‘rationalist’.

  • Erica Mar 25, 2013, 3:46 pm

    Hello I hope you can answer my question: I have experienced sleep paralysis for years. My earliest recollection is from 12 years old (I am now 37). My friends can vouch for me in that whenever I experience an episode of sleep paralysis soon after someone I know dies. Every time I have an attack I tell my friends someone is going to die. I am also able to predict how they pass sometimes. These deaths normally occur between 1 day and 3 weeks after my sleep paralysis. I have undertaken a sleep study on my paralysis but no one has any answers to my dilemma. I’ve tried to research to find out if anyone else had experienced this but to no avail.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Mar 26, 2013, 11:14 am

      This is not a case of Demonic Possession (The topic of this article) however your paralysis may give you access to ESP. Alternatively, if the paralysis is very frequent then it may just seem to coincide with people dying. It would be interesting to keep a log as I expect that if you look closely that not every incidence of your sleep paralysis coincides with a death. An accurate log would make an interesting study.

  • Collins Halwenge Nov 5, 2012, 12:35 pm

    I am dealing with a student has a lot of demonic attack that makes see visions of headless ghosts that in more than one occasion, have dragged him out of bed and made him to walk throughout the night. What can this be if not demonic possession?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Nov 5, 2012, 5:32 pm

      Sleep Paralysis is also liked to sleep walking and can sometimes appear to be demonic possession. Try a search for other words on a good content search engine like Yahoo! to learn more: Sleep paralysis has been linked to disorders. Search for some of these terms: “narcolepsy”, “anxiety disorders”, and “obstructive sleep apnea”.

    • Ivana Jan 14, 2015, 6:00 pm

      That is demonic possession. If some people are mind sick I would say that this type of powerful response have turned against that boy. I was dealing with the moon and I felt that a stronghold energy turned against me. I couldn’t speak but I was possessed. If there is someone who is suffering depression, this is a very bad sign of this whole ritual. Ritual have all small small signs to make it rain on a day. Even a small raindrop can cause a rainstorm. When the moon was big one day when the happy new year festival was almost over I were possessed by a Albanian girl.