How to Quickly Develop Psychic Awareness

Psychic Awareness
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Steps to Psychic Awareness

This article is part of our direct learning program written by Vi Kipling with Craig Hamilton-Parker.


This section explains various awareness exercises which will help develop the psychic potential. Some of the exercises can be practiced alone while others will need a partner, or friend, for the student to work with.

Being psychic does not mean that an individual is any different from any other person and it is a mistake to think in this way, for that pathway leads to egotism, loss of friends, and a general demeaning of an individual’s own spirit. Every person is psychic but not every person works at expanding his or her psychic energies to the extent that it is possible to use them in life to help themselves and others.

There are also two exercises that should be practiced on a daily basis and these are Meditation and Affirmation. These exercises will act as a solid foundation for the work to be undertaken. It must also be stressed that when carrying out any of these exercises, great care should be taken to remember to open and close the awareness and to stay a grounded individual as opposed to one who lives in ‘fairyland’.

Awareness Exercises for One Person only

Hello! Hello!

Write down who you feel is making the call each time the telephone rings. To start with the categories could be Friend, Salesman, Family, Business colleagues, etc. If good results are obtained extend the list to decide the sex of the caller and names of friends, family members, and business associates.

Making the Headlines

The student should sit quietly for a few minutes about an hour before purchasing a Daily Newspaper and try and attune to its front page. Whatever thoughts come to mind should be recorded with the date and time of them. The newspaper should then be checked when purchased or delivered.

In an exercise of this nature, it is possible to allow leeway inasmuch as if the psychic sees what is thought to be a ball and the front page news is about the sun or the moon, then it must be classified as a hit.

Awareness Exercises for Two or more People

Back to Back

Chairs are arranged so that people are sitting back to back and should not, if possible, know who is behind. The students are then asked to attune to the vibrations of the person sat behind and to write any thoughts that come to mind with him/her.

It is possible to ‘pick up’ on likes and dislikes, illnesses, personality, memories, and current situations. It is important that any attunement is kept to a surface level and probes into a person’s innermost thoughts should not be attempted; this is intrusive and an infringement of privacy.

Practicing this exercise will enable the student not only to ‘pick up’ more information with each attempt, but will eventually help the student to recognize when s/he has entered that altered state of awareness wherein it is necessary to be for this to take place.

Psychic Readings

The student should sit down with a friend when s/he feels ready to attempt a reading; sit quietly for a few minutes to quiet the mind and allow the blending of auras and then the student should relate the thoughts that are coming to mind. In the early days, it is a good idea to check the degree of accuracy and when more proficient, the student can attempt giving readings to strangers.

As accuracy increases Internet Readings can then be given where the student must attune to a person’s energies regardless of where that person may be situated.

Giving readings to another person carries great responsibilities and the student psychic should familiarize him/herself with the Ethics and Morals of readings listed in Section 4.

Working with Tools

Tarot and other Cards

There is a varied choice of cards on the market for a student psychic to practice with; the more usual ones being the Tarot Cards. Each deck of cards contains a book listing the meanings of the individual cards, but it will be found that the student will eventually work with his/her own intuitiveness when interpreting them.

The student can do card spreads for him/herself before practicing on a friend. This will give the student the opportunity to study the cards and also to get ‘the feel’ of them.

The cards are a tool and like all the other tools, can be dispensed with once the student has achieved the ability to enter the psychic level of consciousness and work solely by tuning into the energies emanating from an individual.


Sit quietly and hold an object which belongs to someone else; relax the mind and allow the thoughts, pictures, and/or feelings to surface within the mind. With practice, it should be possible to establish where the material of the object came from as well as the person or persons to whom the object has belonged during its lifetime.

Psychometry is also an excellent training aid for the development of mediumistic awareness. If a personal object is held at the start of a sitting, the medium will find that s/he will more easily attune to the sitter and from there, to the sitter’s family and friends in spirit. Once that spirit link has been made, the object must immediately be put down.

It must be stressed, however, that psychometry must only ever be used as a training and/or development aid as to hold an object while making a link with the spirit world is totally unnecessary.


The student can practice the art of divining by using either a pendulum or divining rods. Divining is used for locating various items; water, people, minerals, objects, the list is endless. The pendulum is also used for answering questions but the user must be sensible when asking questions and look at any answers given very carefully.

Divining rods are two metal rods usually encased in steel tubes which allow free rotation of the rods. If the object of the search is water, the diviner will hold the rods in front of him/her and cover the area where water is suspected and at the point, the diviner is stood over water, the rods will cross. Divining for water has been carried out over the centuries, usually with a Hazel twig in the shape of a letter ‘Y’; the diviner holds the two handles of the ‘Y’ with the straight edge extended to the front.

When water is located the twig will quiver and the straight edge will either point upwards or downwards. Divining using rods and Hazel twigs have located water, gold, lost objects, etc.

The pendulum has been used by many psychics to find lost people or dead bodies. This is done by holding the pendulum over a map of the area where the person was last seen, gently moving back and forward over the map, and when the pendulum reacts over a particular spot, investigate.

It is not intended that this course will teach students the various methods of divining as there are many books on the market that will give greater information and teach how to make rods and pendulums and how to get the best use out of them.

Once a method has been chosen then exercises can be carried out such as:

Finding the coin

Place several sheets of paper, or material, on the floor. Ask a friend to place a coin under one of them and then using the preferred method of divination, find the coin. It may take a long time to become skilled in this but it is something that can be practiced.

Digging for Gold

This exercise is similar to the one above and again a friend is used, but only to bury an object in the garden and the diviner will try to find it.

With practice or if the diviner finds that s/he has a flair for pendulum or the divining rods, a wider area, such as a field, can be covered. There are many avenues open for exploration.

These exercises for students working alone, in pairs, in groups, and/or with tools are not comprehensive and there are many more for the student to use to enhance his/her psychic faculties. There is no easy pathway to the development of any gift or talent and the main criterion required is a dedication plus a willingness to spend many hours in practice. What can be said, however, is that the results will be commensurate to the efforts expended, as will be the satisfaction of knowing that it has been possible to use psychic energies to help another person who is probably also on his/her own pathway of spiritual discovery.

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