Prediction Dreams that Foresee Terrorist Attacks and Doomsday

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Do you have Dreams About Doomsday?

“I never make predictions. I never have and I never will.” Tony Blair -UK Prime Minister

It is when we dream of cataclysmic world events that people wonder whether their dreams may be about the future. Vivid dreams of crashes, explosions, terrorist attacks and assassinations do sometimes come true and I have many examples from my news columns from people who claim to have foreseen the death of Princess Diana, the Chernobyl nuclear tragedy or the 911 attack. Similarly there are a number of documented cases from people who claimed to have dreamed of the assassination of President Kennedy.  But remember that we all dream several dreams every night and considering the huge population of the Western world and JFK’s world fame it is likely that someone some where would have dreamed of his killing.

This is a copyrighted extract from my book  Psychic Dreaming  by Craig Hamilton-Parker ( ISBN 1-4027-0474-7 Sterling Publishers 2004 ) We also have a section on this website showing AMAZING PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS FOR THE WORLD

So we have to be a little careful when we make claims of foreseeing world events. I have met psychics that make such long lists of predictions that the odds of some of them coming true is highly likely. They may then make a big fuss about the ones they get right but completely ignore the ones that were off target. If we are honest with ourselves we need to keep a careful record of our dreams that come true but also must take into account the dream predictions that don’t come true. In this way we arrive at a fair assessment of our ability to have precognitive dreams.

Nonetheless sometimes dreams may appear that are so precise in their detail that the odds of this being a coincidence are astronomical. And if you continue to have highly accurate dreams about world events then this may be suggestive that you have a true paranormal insight.

Doomsday Predictions

Many psychics predict a Doomsday meteor shower 

If you believe that you have had a dream about upcoming world events it is important that it can be verified. There is a psychic in the UK who draws pictures of his dreams about world events and takes them with him to his local bank. Here he stands in front of their date clock and has a photograph taken of him holding the picture. In this way he is able to prove the date of the drawing.

Psychic dreamers have used the psychic message boards on this website to post their premonitions and psychic dream insights. A visitor with the user name Yaqiatee posted one interesting example. My site helper and fellow medium Vi Kipling reported the story on our news pages and later interviewed the visitor.

On 17 May 2002 Yaqiatee put the following prediction on the Premonitions Board: “I wonder if anyone else has felt or seen that 14 June might be a disaster day? While the symbolic reference would be Jewish and Moslem, with Jerusalem as a focus, the area of damage will be in the West. Originally I thought it would be Jerusalem but today I am not so sure but I worry about the Tunnel? I saw the date in big green letters in my mind about four or five weeks ago as I was driving and it so happens I was thinking about the conflict in the Middle East. My own context of the date is horrific… Sorry. I hope I am wrong… I will try to open this path if I can…”

Many site visitors added their thoughts and feelings about this particular day and soon there were a great many postings about the date. Nothing happened and everyone felt a little foolish about getting so excited about the date. A site visitor posed the question ‘So what did happen on 14 June?’

A subsequent visitor to the Premonitions Board pointed out that on 14 June the earth was very nearly involved in disaster of major proportions which was not known, or reported, until 17 June. The information from the website of the BBC read:

“Astronomers have revealed that on 14 June, an asteroid the size of a football pitch made one of the closest ever recorded approaches to the Earth. It is only the sixth time an asteroid has been seen to penetrate the Moon’s orbit, and this is by far the biggest rock to do so. What has worried some astronomers, though, is that the space object was only detected on 17 June, several days after its flyby. It was found by astronomers working on the Lincoln Laboratory Near Earth Asteroid Research (Linear) search programme in New Mexico.

Catalogued as 2002MN, the asteroid was travelling at over 10 kilometres a second (23,000 miles per hour) when it passed Earth at a distance of around 120,000 km (75,000 miles). The last time such an object is recorded to have come this close was in December 1994.

The space rock has a diameter of between 50-120 metres (160 – 320 feet). This is actually quite small when compared with many other asteroids and incapable of causing damage on a global scale. Nonetheless, an impact from such a body would still be dangerous. If 2002MN had hit the Earth, it would have caused local devastation similar to that which occurred in Tunguska, Siberia, in 1908, when 2,000 square kilometres of forest were flattened.

A major issue of concern centres on how late this object was picked up. Dr John Davies, of the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, has calculated the orbit of the asteroid from the Linear data. He concludes that the asteroid came out of the Sun and was impossible for Linear to see until one hour after its flyby of the Earth on the 14th.”

While it cannot be proved that this was the disaster of which Yaqiatee was being made aware as, thankfully, the asteroid did not hit the earth. The report does not include a speculation as to where it is thought the asteroid would have hit the earth but it is very interesting to note that the observatory which did eventually pick up on it was in the West, i.e. New Mexico and it is possible that it could have hit the Tunnel which was one of Yaqiatee’s major concerns.

When interviewed, Yaqiatee, who is a gentleman in his prime living in Alaska when not travelling the world with his job, was naturally pleased, as we all were, that the asteroid did miss the earth but felt comfortable with the thought that this ‘near miss’ could account for his feelings of impending disaster on 14 June.

Sometimes it is possible to be aware of an impending disaster, or catastrophe, which does not take place and that is fine because nothing in life is set in concrete and the events which were shaping a future disaster can change and the disaster is removed.

This is a copyrighted extract from my book  Psychic Dreaming  by Craig Hamilton-Parker ( ISBN 1-4027-0474-7 Sterling Publishers 2004 )


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