The Famous Medium Doris Stokes Makes a Comeback

Doris Stokes
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Doris Stokes Makes a Comeback

The famous medium Doris Stokes makes a comeback from beyond the grave. Story of how Doris Stokes spoke to a medium on TV. You can also read the story of how Doris spoke to us through a medium in Brighton here.

This article reports on my experiences with Ellen Jameson who was a friend of the medium Doris Stokes and had a message from her on live TV. Watch the video then read Ellen’s comments.

Doris Stokes talks on Live TV

Once they were dismissed as cranks and charlatans but now psychics are gaining credibility, particularity with the famous. We talk to the Celebrity Psychics and people who rely on spiritual help in their lives.

Ellen Jameson, 46, best known for co-hosting a late-night Radio 2 show with husband Derek, is now a celebrity interviewer on Channel 5’s Espresso show. Almost 20 years ago she met the famous celebrity stage medium Doris Stokes and witnessed her amazing revelations firsthand. She has been a firm believer in psychic powers ever since and has even set up her own astrology company, giving forecasts to business people.

Ellen Jameson

Ellen has also been bowled over by a celebrity medium called Craig Hamilton-Parker who astounded her live on air with a message from her dead father, but she says Doris is still her personal psychic and gives her constant advice from beyond the grave. Ellen lives with Derek, 68, in a house called Angel’s Rest on the seafront at Hove, East Sussex. This is Ellen’s story.

I met Doris Stokes at a party many years ago and we had an immediate rapport. She invited me to join her on radio shows and on Television, and I was so taken with her I even started to travel with her when she did stage shows around the country.

Even today, now she has passed to the other side, I still say she is my number one psychic and my best friend. There isn’t a month that goes by without Doris coming through to me. Sometimes I feel her presence myself, but I get regular letters from mediums all over the country telling me they have a message for me from Doris. Sometimes she offers words of love and support, other times its practical advice about which job I should go for or something mundane like where I should go on a lunch date.

Doris Stokes Makes a Comeback

I remember the first thing Doris ever said to me was, “Stop doing the tarot cards”, and I nearly jumped out of my skin. I was dabbling with them because I’d recently lost my Mum and I was in turmoil. I suppose I was desperate and I’d always been interested in finding out more about the psychic world. We had a sitting together and Doris helped me actually “see” my Mum and hold a conversation with her.

We talked about a dancing clown musical box I’ve had since I was a child that plays the tune Send In The Clowns. Mum was trying to cheer me up, and over the years the music box has started up several times of its own accord whenever I’ve been feeling tearful.

Doris Stokes Death

Doris died before our actual wedding, but I blurted out at the church, “Derek, we didn’t invite Doris” because I was so used to having her around. He smiled and said, “She’ll be here, she wouldn’t miss this for the world”. He was right about Doris – I felt her come through to me on my wedding day and she was very close.

That happens a lot – in fact, as I’m telling this story I can feel her putting her arm around my shoulder and it’s making me feel very emotional.

Doris gave me lots of support when I decided to start my business, Astro Angels. She told me as soon as I met her when I was dabbling with the tarot cards, that I would end up in this line of work and she says she is very proud.

Sometimes it seems strange to think I started out as a journalist and had to be professionally skeptical about anything remotely paranormal. Now the spirit world is as real to me as the material world, and 1 would be lost without Doris.

Doris is my Guardian

Both my parents are dead, but I feel Doris is my guardian now. I never feel alone. I recently challenged’ another medium, Craig Hamilton-Parker, to demonstrate his skills live on my Espresso show. He knew nothing about my link with Doris, but she came through to him and he said, “Doris tells me you’re a chocaholic, but you’re doing well”. I was astounded because nobody knew I had battled to give up chocolate two years earlier.

He then said Doris had “opened the door” and let my father through, and gave an amazingly accurate description of him. He described Dad as a small man who’d had trouble with his legs before he died and said he was quite foggy when he passed over. That was spot on and I was very moved.

I don’t know how I would cope with the loss of a loved one without my trust in mediums. It would seem very strange not to be able to contact the other side.

The Medium Doris Stokes

The medium Doris Stokes on Stage 

The Medium Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker, 43, is a medium who works in partnership with his wife Jane, 46, from their home in Eastleigh, Hampshire. He says:

I was not surprised in the least when Doris Stokes came through to me on Ellen’s show because she had already made an astounding prediction about my own life. I went to see Doris in 1982 when my first marriage had broken up. She told me I would meet a woman called Jane Wallis on March 6th who would become my wife and we would have a child.

Six years later I met Jane on precisely that date, we married three months later and have an eight-year-old daughter. The only fact Doris got wrong was that Jane’s maiden name was Willis, not Wallis.

It was wonderful to hear from Doris again when I was with Ellen. It was clear the two of them are very close and Doris wanted to comfort Ellen by passing on the news of her father. It’s wonderful when the spirits can help us in this life, and I think you are a very lucky person if you have a friend in the spirit world.

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