Ley Lines and Crop Circles: How to find them by Dowsing

Dowsing for Ley Lines
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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

This article is an extract from my book ‘Psychic School’. In the book, I show my students how to Dowse for Ley Lines and Crop Circles. You can also read other techniques and methods of dowsing in my books about psychic development here.


In 1924 the Herefordshire businessman and amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins published a book called The Old Straight Track. The book was responsible for an explosion of interest in dowsing and, in particular, dowsing for earth energies.

Watkins noticed from maps and from his rides in the countryside that some ancient sites, such as stone circles, standing stones, churches built on ancient sites, and tumuli (ancient burial mounds) fell into alignment. Perhaps they were old traders’ routes? He named them leys—an Anglo-Saxon word for cleared glade. He borrowed the term from the archaeological writer Williams-Freeman, who also had noticed similar correlations.

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Ley Tracks

Of particular interest, was the fact that many of these leys formed “tracks” that corresponded with the path of the stars, planets, and sun. Many authors said that ley lines pointed to a hidden history that was written into the geometry of ancient sites around the world. Ley lines, they claimed, are a network of interconnecting energy fields that were understood by the ancients to be beneficial to life.

It was theorized by famous dowsers such as archaeologist Tom C. Lethbridge, who died in 1971, that the human body is a sort of antenna that is attuned to the influences of nature. With this, we can instinctively know the proximity of underground water and other hidden things.

The Ancients

The ancients were attuned to this intuitive knowledge and applied it to harness nature by building their standing stones at places they believed would influence the earth’s energy. Megalithic monuments were acupuncture points that benefited the flow of the planet’s life force and boosted its fertility. John Michel, in his book View over Atlantis, argued that this ancient geometry of the leys and the astrological correspondences of ancient standing stones. They point to a lost knowledge with its roots in the legendary civilization of Atlantis.

Dangers of Fantasy

I believe some of these ideas are nonsense. However, it is certainly the case that my group and I do sense unusual energies at these places and that dowsing appears to respond to these energies. There is, of course, a danger of allowing fantasy to rush in to fill in the vacuum left by the absence of empirical facts about prehistory. I encourage a measured approach to anything we may discover. Psychically retrieved information needs to be qualified by historical facts. Few clairvoyants would deny there is something intriguing about the energies we believe we sense at these mysterious places.

Dowsing for ley lines is not a mediumistic gift. My objective with these outings, and particularly with psychic archaeology, is to refine my students’ psychometry skills. These are a clairsentient pathway toward mediumship. Just as psychometry unlocks the history of an object, so to dowsing and consciously attuning oneself to nature’s energy put us in touch with the vibrations of the earth and its history. According to Eastern philosophy, the prana life force is present in everything. I believe it to be a mycelium of energy that connects everything to everything else. It connects this world with the next.

How to Dowse for Ley Lines

Divining rods are easy to use and can be employed for finding water or other hidden substances. The best way to learn how to dowse is to go out and try it. Dowsing rods can be purchased on the Internet or you can easily make them yourself.

Step 1:

Keep your arms by your side and relax. Take a rod in each hand, holding them loosely by the sleeve so that the metal rod moves freely.

Step 2:

Bring your arms up so the rods are horizontal and about one foot apart (30.5cm) They should be held parallel to each other and facing forward.

Step 3:

Walk forward holding the rods in this position. They will cross each other when you walk over water or over the hidden source you are looking for.

Step 4:

Once you have mastered the rods over a short distance you can widen your search. Mark the spots when the rods react and try approaching your markers from different angles. Keep marking the spots where the rods cross to identify your find. Perhaps the markers will make a line suggesting that you have found a hidden pipe or an underground stream.

Step 5:

In the same way, the rods can be used to seek places of high earth energy or to track the course of a ley line. The rods will respond to whatever object you hold in your mind. This could be water, gold, oil, lost objects, a historic site, or a ley line.

Dowsing is a fun way to become attuned to the energy of a place and gives you empirical proof that these energies are real. You may also practice map dowsing with pendulums during circle.

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