Dowsing changed the course of our business.


My wife and I run a small business and needed some transparent stickers to put on the machines we make. We were told that we needed a specialist printer for these but had no idea where to find one. Also we are Danish and although we can speak English well we occasionally have trouble when we have to talk about technical issues.

To find the right printer we decided to use a pendulum to dowse the yellow pages. It indicated that the printer we needed was about 6 miles away. We trusted our instincts and visited the printers. Not only were they the specialist silk screen printers we needed but the boss was Danish. Language was no longer a problem and our work was done for an extremely good price.

Ken & Maria N.

Pendulum DowsingPendulum Dowsing

Nobody really knows how or why dowsing works. Some say that the pendulum responds to information that is already known by the unconscious but it appears that in many cases clairvoyant powers are also involved. Many companies employ dowsers to dowse maps to find water, oil, mineral deposits or archaeological sites. Uri Geller made much of his multi million pound fortune in this way. Although sometimes the pendulum can be wrong, cases like yours demonstrate its remarkable accuracy.

Have you had any luck with dowsing? Perhaps you have found lost object or a psychic reader has used dowsing to help answer a problem. Can dowsers see the future? And what do you think about people who use dowsing as a a method of diagnosis for holistic health? Is is bunk, dangerous or a legitimate tool. I’d be particularly interested to know if dowsing has ever revealed to you the future.

Please add your comments to this page and share your thoughts, questions and experiences.

My video today is closely related to dowsing in that the psychic senses vibrations from objects. This is called psychometry and below is a hard test I did with the BBC.

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