Can our Dream Premonitions reveal Future Disasters?

Disaster Dream
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Accident dreams are rarely what they seem and are more likely to allude to personal concerns than actual events in the future. Nonetheless, dreams can certainly give us practical warnings so it is important to approach them in a logical way and to try to take an even-minded view of your feelings during the dream and when you wake up.

The subconscious may be aware of things that the waking mind has been too busy to register. For example, you may not notice a dangerous broken banister but the subconscious may spot it and give you a dream about falling down the stairs in order to bring the danger to your attention. Discovering that the dream was right about the banister is not necessarily paranormal but a subconsciously observed fact.


Dreams about accidents are not necessarily a dream premonition of the future. These nightmares may reveal deep anxieties and fears. A car crash may represent your emotional state. Perhaps you are driving yourself too hard and need to slow down a bit?  Do you feel as if your emotions have taken a crash? Perhaps you have recently experienced a shock or had news that is disastrous to your security.

Dreams about accidents happening to other people may show that you may have hidden resentment about that person. Are you jealous perhaps and wish that their success would take a turn for the worse? Unexpressed jealousy, resentment, or hatred may be finding its release through your dream.


Dreams rarely reveal an unalterable fate. Supposing your dreams gave you unrestricted access to the future, you might learn things that you do not want to know about yourself or other people such as deaths and accidents that are about to happen. You may discover things that would rather not want to know. If we had complete ESP we would not be able to wall ourselves off from the pain and suffering in the world or be able to distinguish between our own thoughts and the thoughts of other people. This is why the gift of ESP and the ESP during psychic dreaming may be limited as we would be unable to cope if we knew everything that is likely to happen. We’d never sleep!

Most psychic mediums believe that every person is making their own future by past and present actions and it is, therefore, possible for a future to be predicted. Unfortunately, that prediction will not always happen as every individual has free will and can change his/her mind. Where the future was leading down Road A, it is now traveling down Road B, which could then be changed again, with the perversity of human nature, and become Road C.

My Dream Premonitions:

During the period of my first marriage, I had a dream of sitting in the back seat of a car with my friend Stuart. My wife was driving and his wife was beside her. The car ran out of control and spun off the road into a terrible crash. I woke with my heart pounding just before we were all torn to pieces.

I assumed at the time that the dream was a representation of my emotional problems for Stuart’s and my marriages were showing signs of trouble. In time, the dream came true with first Stuart, and then my marriages ending in failure. I consider the day my own marriage went off the road was from the time we had a real-life car accident the shock of which brought into the open our problems. The dream was both a symbol and a prophecy of an actual event. (Fortunately, all the parties involved – and including myself – are now either re-married or with suitable partners.)

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