Dream Superstitions – are some dreams unlucky?

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Since the earliest times, people have believed that dreams hold special messages. It was believed that dreams contained prophecies that augured good or bad fortune. Many of the meanings given to dreams were taken from the existing omens associated with nature such as the hooting of owls or the howling of dogs which were considered to pre-empt forthcoming events. For example, to dream of a barking dog indicated that there would be quarrels and that is if bites you then someone will betray you.

The Chinese say that dreaming of dogs foretells fights and disruption and if it enters the house a field worker will die. Similarly, Native Americans believe that screeching owls predict death. The same superstition can be found in European cultures where hooting owls – or any noisy night birds- are generally considered to be bad omens unless the person is single for then they will marry an intelligent person!


Similarly unusual events such as eclipses, comets, or the flights of sacred birds were believed to be messages from the gods and these folklore themes became part of the predictive dream traditions. To dream of an eclipse is a bad omen though for it allegedly indicates that you may lose a female friend. (The moon is a traditional female symbol.)

Similarly, comets were a worrying deviation from the order of nature and were considered to be portents of evil and considered to be a symbol of war or shattered dreams when seen in dreams. Similarly to dream of flights of birds signifies lawsuits and enemies.

Superstition is any belief that has no basis in fact. The belief usually pertains to a supposed cause-and-effect relationship, e.g., the belief that the spilling of salt will cause bad luck. The life of a superstitious person is a fraught path. If you thought that all you have to worry about are magpies and spilled salt then think again for everyday life and dreams too are beset with thousands of potential terrors.

Touchwood, you will not let superstition get in the way of your enjoyment of your psychic dreams. I will nonetheless refer to many of these superstitions throughout this book just for fun and to keep you on your toes!


Superstition says that it is unlucky to go against the advice of a dream. This may well be true for many of our dreams for they often have a superior insight into ourselves and what motivates us. Also they may see into the future and is the reason why the famous psychic Edgar Cayce said that one should always act upon your dreams even if you did not understand a dream’s meaning.

But dream superstition has also been used to wield political influence by playing on a person’s superstition that dreams must be obeyed. In medieval times, dreams were sometimes used as a sanction for those wishing to put forward controversial political policies. One of the most notable cases concerned the knight who informed King Henry II that the voices of St Peter and the Archangel Gabriel had told him to present a number of demands foreshadowing the Magna Carta. Similarly how far would Joan of Arc advance if her French followers had not trusted her dreams and visions?

Throughout the ages, dreams have spoken with the authority to make political decisions or even to identify criminals.

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