Can Dreams Predict the Future?

Dream Predicts the Future
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Some dreams do contain portents for the future but we must know how to distinguish between precognition and psychological content. Examples from studies show that sometimes dreams may get an overview of what may happen but the details may change. Mystics argue that the future is not set but can be changed by our free will.

Hopes and fears for the path ahead

Dreams that predict the future may show unexpected events, pitfalls, and opportunities but in the fact is you have free will and can choose your path. We may already hope or fear that certain things will happen and the unconscious will oblige with a ‘psychic dream’ that may be more about our own fears than things that will happen.

It is important to always have a sensible and discriminating attitude toward our dreams and not assume that everything that is revealed if a prophecy for the future.

How to tell if a dream is about the future

My own experience shows that dreams about the future have a special quality about them. You awake from the dream ‘knowing’ that it is about the future. These dreams usually have a strangeness about them but for me at least are rarely frightening or upsetting. Even disastrous events appearing in a psychic dream are experienced with calmness and sometimes with a sense of disinterest. The non-attachment may show that the dream is less about my own anxieties and could be a prediction or premonition of real events.

Questions to ask about the dream

If in doubt there are a few questions you may ask about the dream to find if it is about the future or not.

  •  Was the dream exceptionally vivid?
  • Are there any elements that seem particularly bizarre or don’t make sense?
  • Does the dream include things that have never happened?
  • Does the dream include people you’ve never met?
  • Is the dream set in situations you’ve never before encountered?
  • Is the emotional content unrelated to your own feelings?

Dreams that predict the future

Have you had a dream that predicts the future?

Signs, Stories, and Symbols:

Sometimes dreams contain the strangest signs of the future and the sleeping mind may latch on to the oddest of predictions. A dream that is famous in the UK happened to William Cavendish-Bentinck, the sixth Duke of Portland. While involved in preparations for the 1901 coronation procession of King Edward VII he dreamed one night that the royal coach got stuck in the arch at the Horse Guards.

Disturbed by the dream he ordered that the arch be measured the nest day. “to my astonishment,” he said, “we found that the Arch was nearly two feet too low to allow the coach to pass through.” It had been many years since the coach has been through the arch and over the years the level of the road had been raised by resurfacing work. The Duke had the road lowered and the procession went smoothly.

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