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These are some examples of very emotional medium readings with Jane Hamilton-Parker. Jane is based in Eastleigh near Southampton UK. Medium Readings with Jane can be booked through this website. This article was published in Bella a leading UK Magazine.


“I came out of the reading shaking.”

“Amazing I came out of the reading shaking because so much of the reading was accurate. What made Jane better than the rest? Maybe you really do get what you pay for…” Journalist Andrea Kon writing in BEST MAGAZINE

Diana’s son Mark just loved motorbikes. He also loved life, family, people and owned a pet chinchilla dog and two other dogs.

But he really loved motorbikes and would spend hours tinkering and fine-tuning his pride and joy.

“I’ll never forget that night in August 1994” continues Diana “Mark had been helping me decorate before going out to play pool. It was an exciting time as the next day Mark was to sign the agreement for the mortgage on a flat he was to purchase and share with his friend David. Every mother is a little sad when their children finally leave home. He’d be in his flat by the weekend.”

Jane Reading on BBC

“As he left, he smiled and said: “Bye, Mum.” Then he came back into the lounge, kissed me and said: ‘I won’t say goodbye, I’ll see you later.'”

Later that evening the police came to the door bearing terrible news. Twenty-four-year-old Mark had been in collision with a car. The accident had killed him instantly. “‘Not our wonderful Mark,’ I sobbed uncontrollably, as my husband Peter tried to console me.

“I thought the grief would tear me apart but I kept going in those first few days by organizing the funeral. I dressed him myself, putting on his favorite jeans, shirt, and blazer. At his side, I put notes that friends and family had written to him, saying their goodbyes. Finally, when it was time to leave, I placed a single red rose in his hands, kissed him tenderly, and whispered: ‘Goodnight, my darling.’

“They say time is a great healer, but as the months passed I couldn’t get the image of Mark in his coffin out of my mind.

The Accident

“Whenever I talked of Mark’s accident and told people that he was on a motorcycle at the time, they seem to think that it was his fault almost in the belief that all motorcyclists are ‘accidents waiting to happen’. And matters were made worse because of the post-mortem and by not knowing when the inquest was to be held and worrying about its outcome. My GP prescribed me some anti-depressive tablets and I received some professional counseling but that terrible aching pain just wouldn’t go away. One of my biggest fears was that Mark’s spirit was trapped in some limbo state and that he was unhappy.

“I’d spend hours in his room. ‘I’m keeping it exactly as he left it,’ I sobbed to Peter.

“Wracked with grief, I’d gaze at his pictures on the wall. Some showed him in his biking leathers and crash helmet at Goodwood racetrack in Sussex, where he loved to compete.

“He’d always made such a success of everything. As well as his job as a salesman, he loved go-kart and his trophies took pride of place on his shelves.

“As I looked at them, my gaze would always wander to that special container alongside them- the one holding Mark’s ashes. We’d never discussed death with him, so we had no idea where he’d want his final resting place to be.

“Everything else in my life had lost meaning. My marriage had begun to suffer and I’d contemplated taking my own life. Then, in May 1996, a concerned friend suggested I should visit a clairvoyant she’d been recommended. ‘She’s supposed to be excellent’ she said”

Diana telephoned Jane.


“My fingers trembled as I picked up the receiver. But before I could utter a word, a woman’s voice said: “You’re ringing about your son Mark. He wants to talk to you.’

“My head began to spin. How did she know his name? I was stunned.

“‘ He’s standing beside me holding a red rose in his hand’ continued Jane “the one you put in the coffin. When you come to see me, I’ll tell you what he wants to say.’

“So, on 19 April 1996, 20 months after Mark’s accident, I found myself going to see a perfect stranger about my son.

“Jane started talking about mark the moment I sat down in her living room. ‘He’s here in the room with us now, Diana,’ she said. ‘He’s tall and good-looking. He’s wearing jeans, a shirt, and a blazer. He says the notes you put next to him in his coffin are still in his pocket.’

A strange feeling swept over me. I must have looked dazed. She couldn’t possibly have known the things she told me. I looked around expecting to see Mark

“Jane smiled. ‘Only I can see him,’ she explained gently. I imagined him standing close, his big beautiful brown eyes sparkling.

“Jane also gave me other amazing facts about Mark that completely convinced me that he was not only with us but happy. He said how the accident was not his fault, how I still kept his Arai racing helmet and he talked of my feelings when I first saw his body. He joked about how after his death I’d had a photo of him enlarged ‘The bigger the better, I deserve it’ were his words. He spoke of how his friend Lee was still visiting car boot sales and extended his thoughts for his motorcycle friends, especially David. He even said how I’d tried on his clothes- a fact that not even my husband knew- and how I had recently bought a large toy dog and laid it across his bed!


“With tears streaming down my face I listened as she continued: ‘Mark’s worried about you. He says he wants you to get over his death. He’s happy now and wants you to get on with your life. He says you should stop keeping his room as a shrine and that you must not hang on to his things any longer. He wants you to give them away. He’s saying it’s time to let go. One other thing’ Jane went on. ‘Mark says it’s time to get rid of his ashes. He’d liked them to be scattered at Goodwood.’

“I sat stunned. There was no doubt in my mind that the words were coming from Mark. ‘But how can this be?’ I stammered.

” ‘He says to tell you it’s like in the film Ghost,’ she replied. ‘He can see and hear everything that’s going on.’

“Then she added: ‘He’s being called back to the spirit world now, Diana. He says he won’t say goodbye, just that he’ll see you later.’

“When I returned home, I listened to the tape I’d made of Jane speaking. For the first time since Mark’s death, I felt a spark of hope.

“The following week, we went to Goodwood, as Mark had requested. ‘Take care, my love, ‘ I whispered as I sprinkled his ashes next to the starting line on the evening of Thursday 2nd May 1996.

“Although it was difficult letting him go, as we drove back to our home in Southampton I felt as if a huge weight had lifted. ‘This is a new beginning,’ I thought to myself. ‘It’s what Mark wants.’

“Over the following months, I began to sort through his belongings. It was difficult to part with them as I felt they were my last link with my son.

I would have never recovered

“But I’ve done it- the only thing I’ve kept is a tiny model of a motorbike Mark made just before he died. I am now no longer have to take medication for my depression and don’t have to visit a counselor. I know that without the help I have received from Mark and the Spirit World through Jane I certainly would have never recovered. Even worse I would probably have committed the ultimate sin and taken my own life!

“I owe Jane so much because she changed my life. I am now at peace with myself. I still see her sometimes and she always lets me know how Mark’s getting on.

“I still go to his room whenever I want to be with him. Knowing Mark’s still with me is such great comfort and, one day, I truly believe we’ll meet up again.”


In this next article, Jane talks about her work with Medium Readings from her home in Eastleigh

I’m no different than anyone else…

Fiona Griffiths talks to Jane Hamilton-Parker from Southampton about her life as a medium and what affect it has on her. Article about medium readings first published on Saturday 23 June 2001 Southern Evening Echo Southampton:

STANDING in Marks & Spencer Southampton, trying to decide what make-up to buy, Jane Hamilton-Parker didn’t particularly want to be bothered by a two-year-old requesting to contact her `mummy’.

“There was a lady there looking at make-up and she was about six months pregnant, and all of a sudden I saw a child appear in front of her and saw all these autumn leaves going towards this child,” recalls Jane from Southampton, who is more than used to being contacted by spirits at all times of the day and night – and in all sorts of places.

“I don’t go looking for it, it just happens,” says Jane.

Not Her Fault

“The child said `can you tell my mummy it was not her fault, and I don’t want mummy and daddy breaking up because I’m looking forward to my new baby brother that’s coming?’ So I said to the lady `I hope you don’t mind, but have you lost a child?’ She said yes I have and I’ve come over from America to get over my Loss.

“So I brought her back home and gave her a reading, and it turned out that her two-year-old daughter got killed in the autumn when she ran out into the road and got hit by a lorry.”

While some may view Jane as strange, or `a charlatan’, everything about her appears starkly normal – and she’s certainly not a Mystic Meg-type character.

She lives in a `normal’ detached house on a `normal’, suburban Southampton/Eastleigh Hampshire estate.

She wears `normal’ clothes, her home is decorated in a `normal’ style with soft yellows and creams (the room where she does her readings is bright yellow – an “awareness color” in the Chinese system of Feng Shui), and if you were to see her walking down Southampton high-street, she would give you no reason to think she was any different to everyone else.

Jane talks about the Afterlife

But of course, Jane isn’t quite like everyone else – if she were to see you walking down the street, she may notice a little more than just the color of your hair or clothes.

“As a child, I used to see auras around people’s heads. I had no idea I was different at that stage because when you see people’s auras as a child, you just take it for granted that everybody can see them.

“An aura is the energy field that’s round a person’s physical body, but I don’t see auras around everyone because it depends how emotional somebody is,” explains Jane.

“If I see blue around somebody’s aura I know they are very much in need of healing. If somebody has come for a reading and they’ve lost a child, you’re going to see blues and also pink, which means they’re in need of love.”

Jane relaxes on the white sofa in the lounge of her Bishopstoke home, as she explains how she first realized she had been blessed – or cursed, depending on how you feel about constantly being contacted by `the other side’ – with a sixth sense.


“I had a wonderful grandmother and when I was 11 I actually saw somebody standing at the top of her stairs in her house, in an old nurse’s uniform.

“I described the woman to my grandmother and she explained that it was her sister who got killed in the war. Then my grandmother said `I will sit you down and explain that you are different from most people, but you must not tell anybody else because they might think you’re strange and put you away’.

“She said `you can actually see people in that world and you mustn’t be frightened because they won’t hurt you – it’s only the living to be frightened of.”

When she explains, in her soft, soothing voice, that her grandmother died when Jane was 13, she describes her as “passing into the spirit world”.

Jane believes, as her grandmother – who was also a medium – told her, that everyone who dies simply passes from this life into `another spiritual plane’.

The knowledge is a comfort to Jane – and to the other hundreds of people who have communicated with loved ones through her in the 35 years, she has been a professional medium.


She trained to be a nurse, married, and brought up her three children and a stepdaughter – one of whom (although she won’t tell me which) has inherited her psychic powers – but throughout that time she continued to help bereaved parents contact their dead children. “When I was a nurse I noticed that just before somebody dies and crosses over, they can actually see their loved ones who come for them.

“People would sit up on their deathbed and say `there’s my father there’, and I could actually see it, while none of the other nurses could. It was so beautiful.

“If everybody could see it they would not be afraid of death,” says 50-year-old Jane, who went through a near-death experience herself during the birth of her 12-year-old daughter.

“I had a tumor on my Fallopian tube and the doctors thought I would die. I crossed over and I actually saw my grandmother come for me. I didn’t go down a tunnel of light, I saw my grandmother standing in the most beautiful garden, with beautiful colours and people standing there.

“It was so peaceful and there was a beautiful crystal stream. Then I heard my grandmother saying `go back, go back, it’s not your time’.”

Meeting Craig

In 1994 Jane and her husband Craig, also a medium, were the resident psychics on Channel Four’s The Big Breakfast, when they achieved an 85 per cent accuracy rate predicting the next week’s news.

Their success and popularity led to other Television and radio work, but today Jane prefers to concentrate on helping bereaved people at her home, as well as doing readings for the odd celebrity – none of whom she wants to identify.

“I turn Television down now because I’m not a psychic monkey and you can’t just click your fingers to the spirit world. That’s not the most important thing to me – the most important thing is reaching people and joining the two worlds together.

“Before anybody comes to see me I meditate for half-an-hour to try to tune into the spirit world.

“As a medium, I can’t guarantee any particular contact, no more than a doctor can guarantee to save somebody, because I don’t know until it happens. When people come to see me I’m acting like an instrument for linking the two worlds, and it’s like having a two-way conversation on the telephone,” explains Jane.


“It’s wonderful when people come and their loved ones connect with them, especially people who have lost children because they are absolutely devastated. If children die they do grow up in the spirit world and they always find a way to reach their earth mothers and earth fathers – sometimes in a dream state.

“But I believe that, karmically, if somebody’s meant to go and it’s their time, they will go and nobody can stop that.”

Lesley Wilcher, 57, was absolutely devastated when her 35-year-old son Billy died in May, five-and-a-half-weeks after being taken to hospital with meningococcal septicemia.

She saw an article about Jane in a national newspaper and, despite feeling a little unsure about the idea of seeing a medium, especially as a devout Christian, she felt desperate to contact Billy.

Lesley, of Kenwyn Close, West End, says: “When I first spoke to Jane on the phone she told me that the person I was desperate to communicate with, he had not passed over long enough, and I said how do you know it’s a he? She just said it’s your son isn’t it?”

“I was so bereft because this son of mine meant so much to me and we were so close, mentally and spiritually, and I felt he was dragged away from me.


“I was dubious before I heard her voice, but Jane is very, very genuine. She doesn’t go into a mystic trance or anything, she just closes her eyes and hears the voices. You don’t tell her anything at all – she tells you.

“She just repeats what she’s being told and she was so accurate.”

As I sit with Lesley in the lounge of her home, she plays excerpts of a tape-recording Jane made of the reading.

I can hear Jane’s gentle voice on the tape saying: “I’ve got somebody really excited here. I feel you must have been very, very close to him because he’s saying my mother has sensed me.

“I do feel as if he did not want to go yet because he felt he still had a lot to do on the earth plane still. He says he feels you can’t get to sleep.”

Lesley tells me that since Billy’s death, except for the last couple of nights, she indeed hasn’t been able to sleep, but there were more snippets of information during the reading that left her in no doubt Jane really was communicating with her son.

Lesley says: “Billy sustained brain damage while he was in the hospital. I talked to him all the time and I always felt he understood everything I said, but the doctors said he couldn’t.

The Reading

“In the course of the reading, it turned out he did hear what I was saying. He said he couldn’t communicate with me but he did in the end – through Jane, he said `my mum knew I could understand her’.”

Jane also told Lesley about the pajamas Billy was dressed in after his death, and a joke her other son made at the hospital.

Lesley explains: “It’s really quite amazing because when Billy died, I washed him and the nurse got some bright green pajamas for me to dress him in, and my other son said when he goes there’s no way he wants me to wash his bits and pieces and dress him in green pajamas. Jane said Billy was really, really laughing at that!

“I’ve always been one for worrying about other people and Billy used to say `you just worry about yourself mum’, and he said those exact words through Jane. Another one of his expressions was `for goodness sake mum, have a good clear-out’, because I’ve got a house full of ornaments and all-sorts, and he said that too.”

Lesley explains: “When Billy died I felt totally lost and I was saying to myself `Billy where are you, where are you?’ I felt he was here with me but I didn’t know where he was, and Jane answered all that.

“She even said Billy told her `my mum’s been asking Billy where are you?’ I feel I know where he is now.”


She adds: “My mother came through as well and said she and my dad had come to get Billy, which was really comforting. Jane gave me lots and lots of hope. I went to the reading with a friend and we both came out feeling that it’s all right, everything’s all right, everything is as it should be – that I can’t see him but he’s here and he will be here as often as I need him to be here.

“It made me realize that love continues, love does not die – love goes on. If you love somebody, when they die you still love them – that doesn’t stop and they don’t stop loving you, it’s a perpetual thing.

“I felt very, very peaceful afterward – and I still do.”

And Sheila Giles is another lady who feels comforted and calmed by the experience of visiting Jane, who contacted Sheila’s mother Marjorie Grant.

Marjorie, who lived in Locksheath Park Road, Locks Heath with husband Geoffrey, died in February last year, at the age of 70, after suffering a heart attack.

Sheila and Geoffrey were skeptical when they first went to see Jane, and although former policeman Geoffrey remains very unsure whether Jane really did contact his beloved wife, 48-year-old Sheila feels differently.


“I think Jane was right in a lot of things – it was quite startling the day we were there. I feel comforted by it because I was worried mum had died on her own and in pain, but Jane said she was happy,” Sheila explains.

Again Sheila and Geoffrey admit they did not tell Jane anything about Marjorie before the reading

Sheila said: “Jane started on about mum’s hair. She asked if I cut a piece of her hair and I said yes I did.

“She said mum was saying she was worried about her hair – there was something that wasn’t right – and in the coffin, they parted it on the wrong side.

“She said it was a shock for mum when she died, that mum wasn’t expecting to go – and that was true.

“Jane said mum was a very fussy lady and liked her underwear. I dressed her for the coffin and mum was saying to Jane `fancy putting me in there with no knickers on’.”

Sheila added: “Jane asked who put the notes in mum’s coffin and I said I did. She said you’ve said everything you wanted to say in those letters and she was pleased, and she’s got them near her heart.”

Why the number 45?

Geoffrey, 72, said: “There’s so much coincidence. Jane asked why is she showing me the number 45? Well, our first police house was number 45 and the first house we bought was 45, and that would have been happy memories for Marjorie.

“She also said a very smart gentleman in a naval uniform had met her and was holding her hand, and that was my dad. He thought the sun shone out of her backside and she felt the same about him, so that was nice.

“But it was all little things – nothing startling – and there were names Jane mentioned that didn’t mean a thing.”

Sheila adds: “Before I went to see Jane I couldn’t accept that mum had gone, but now I know she has. The real bad hurt has gone – it’s a different feeling afterward.”

Whatever your beliefs about whether it’s right or wrong to contact the spirits – and Jane answers her critics with the notion that “if it was wrong, then God wouldn’t allow it to happen”- one thing is for certain, both Lesley and Sheila seem to be coping better than many other people I’ve spoken to after the deaths of loved ones.

Maybe that’s simply because time is a great healer – or maybe it’s because they’ve had the chance to say a proper goodbye, and to reassure themselves that their loved ones are content.


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