Earth Energy Vortexes and The Lost Knowledge

Earth Energy at Glastonbury Tor
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Earth Energy Vortexes and Sacred Pathways.

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. 

What is an Energy Vortex?

An energy vortex is spiraling spiritual energy strongly focused at a specific location. Here ‘earth energy’ spins in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. It has a vacuum at the center. Earth energy is also believed to form into straight lines called ‘Ley lines’.

Collective Thought

Just as collective thought can create a mind field that imprints itself as a recording onto the atmosphere of an environment, so too there are certain places where mental energies are magnified. Here, even the emotional state of one individual may leave a lasting imprint.

Parapsychologists say that certain places are affected by negative earth rays. These places can cause illness, poltergeist activity, and retain negative energies from the past. Others say that these places are portals to demonic spirit planes, accounting for why they usually have a history of paranormal and ghostly occurrences. People who live in an area affected by these negative forces because they suffer from a condition called “Geopathic Stress.”

We go in Hunt of Crop Circles

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Sacred Paths

In ancient times, people were nomads who moved from one religious site to another following the earth energy vortexes. Today the Aborigines of Australia continue these ancient treks. Each tribe looks after their own sacred line that connects the sacred centers. These traditions date to the Stone Age. At one time, the knowledge of the Aborigine people were universal. People around the world would “walk the sacred paths” in order to connect the energy of the earth.

Early peoples built the standing stones of places like Stonehenge to canalize the force, and to act as outlets for this energy. The techniques seem reminiscent of acupuncture, which serves to stimulate and direct the vital energies of the body. The standing stones may have served a similar purpose for Earth’s life-force.

The ancient monoliths and the pyramids of Egypt acted as amplifiers for these energies. Many of today’s geomancers call these concentrations of earth energy “vortices.” They are points of power or earth energy linked together by straight lines of energy called “ley lines.” An analogy might be that the vortices are acupuncture points and ley lines are the meridians of the Earth.

These focuses on energy are very important spiritually as they enhance our consciousness. They are sacred spaces where we can come close to God.

Sacred Sites

Sacred sites of the ancient world are located at these vortices. In 1921, Alfred Watkins observed that many roads, footpaths, and farm tracks form an interesting network connecting old churches, ancient mounds, and standing stones. In his book The Old Straight Track, Watkins named these “ley lines” and argued that these grassy tracks were ancient trade routes.

Towards the end of his life, he concluded that ley lines were of religious significance. Others have theorized that these ley lines reveal patterns of triangles between these ancient sites.

Ley Lines

The Indians of the American Southwest, as well as those in Peru and other parts of South America, located their cities and the roads between them on vortices and ley lines. And very ancient sites such as Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, and Glastonbury Tor in the UK conform to these patterns.

The ideas were elaborated on by the author Guy Underwood who says that these ancient sites were founded on underground streams that connected to the energies of the earth. Dowsing revealed that this earth energy was a spiraling magnetic force. The author John Mitchell expanded these ideas further, saying that the crossing points of these ley lines (called nodes) are often associated with UFO sightings and paranormal activity because of their numerous sightings.

GLASTONBURY – Sacred Energy

Glastonbury Tor is famed for being the Isle of Avalon in Arthurian legend. It is a site infused with concentrated sacred energy. In the USA, the most famous earth energy manifestations are the Sedona Spiritual Vortexes in Arizona.

It may also be the case that earth energies are responsible for the crop circles that have appeared around the world. Clearly, many of these are the work of pranksters, but others are caused by earth energy, or Mother Gaia’s energy, streaming out of the earth. Some have appeared within a few miles of my home at places I would consider being high in energy.

Certainly, those I meet who have a keen interest in these things claim that they can feel the energy in these places. The patterns crop circles form is certainly impressive.

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