The Psychic Mediums Code of Ethics – Good Practice & Morals

This is an extract from The Psychics & Mediums Network Teaching Manual that is used as support material for our online classes and distance learning projects.

Ethics and Morals

Any person who deals with a member of the general public by way of giving service is responsible not only to him/herself and to any parent organization but also to the law of the land in which s/he is resident. In all countries, there are laws regulating services and offering protection to clients receiving such services.


One of the main criteria is that people must not be given information or products which are harmful to them and this is where the psychic has to be very careful in how s/he presents any information received.

A psychic reading, with or without tools, must be kept strictly confidential and all, or part, of it, must never be repeated. A visit to a psychic or a medium is akin to a visit to the Doctor as in all cases; it is possible that personal problems may be discussed.

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