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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

Fear of Evil Ghosts

Most people have inner fears that occasionally manifest in some irrational way. Thoughts that people find unacceptable are relegated to the fringes of consciousness. Denied and repressed, these thoughts tend to result in illogical behavior or compulsive fears.

This is often the case when people believe that are being attacked by ghosts and spirits. Afraid “of their own shadow,” instead of accepting that the problem is within, they look beyond the physical even to the spiritual world for an explanation of their fears.

Many reports of demonic attack and malevolent spirits may be explained by this aspect of psychology. However, the power of the mind can also influence the world around us, and these repressed energies can take on physical form to influence the world by psychokinesis.


Magic Energy

I spoke earlier of “mind fields,” and how they surround individuals, places, and groups of people. I have cited a case from Tibetan mysticism in which a Tulpa entity is created from the mind of the meditating monk and how this entity took on a life of its own. There are similar reports from other cultures about spirits, born of the mind, which became temporary independent beings.

They very likely have no self-sustaining consciousness or sense of self, but act out the original motivations of their creator. I have myself investigated a number of so-called haunted houses and reports of spirit attack, and it is my belief that many of these are not spirits at all but thought forms that have taken on an energy of their own.

Once brought into being, they continue to feed on the energy and the fear of those people who come in contact with them. Like the Tulpas of Tibet or the Genies of Arabia, these thought forms have no self-awareness; they react to us but have no will of their own.

An experience by Spiritualist Medium

One powerful example of a deliberately created mind form happened to a close friend of mine, a very powerful medium. My friend is a very level-headed woman; not someone prone to fantasy or exaggeration. At the time, her group was working with a distressed young man who had become involved in a Black Coven.

He now wanted to break free because of the unsavory sexual activities that some members were practicing. The coven must have found out about what was happening and, as her group sat in meditation for their trance séance, all Hell broke loose.

“As soon as we sat I was ‘controlled’ by something which filled my mind with abominations,” she says. “I saw an altar draped in black cloth with black candles placed upon it and I was being dragged towards it. Then I screamed and then vile and vicious language and abuse spilled forth from my mouth. I was completely unable to stop what was happening.

Cackling like an Evil Hag

“The control left me and I was myself again, hugely relieved. Then, within two minutes, I was cackling like some demonic hag threatening myself. This went on for a while; changing from me to the monster and back again, and being unable to stop the changing from taking place.

“By this time I was on the point of total hysteria. Our healer friend came across saying ‘that’s enough!’ and gave me healing which cleared whatever was attached to me, or using me.”

For my medium friend, a thoughtful and very stable person, to have come out with “vile and vicious language” is completely out of character. As a tutor at a leading mediumistic teaching organization, she explains to her students that there is nothing to fear in developing mediumship, for spirits cannot harm us if we work within the right conditions. “I believe that, in this instance, the Coven had sat down and created, with mind power, a thought form and directed it toward us,” she says.


“It attached itself to me when I was most vulnerable. If I had known that it was possible for thought-forms to be so powerful, perhaps I could have protected myself from what happened. I was shaken by what happened but not, I believe, harmed in any way. My problem was the same problem that infects all new mediums, thinking I could take on the world on my own and literally walk where ‘angels fear to tread’.”

Evil Ghosts

Evil Ghosts and Black Magic

Breaking the Connection

Fortunately, at that sitting, a mutual friend of ours was present and was able to break the connection with Coven’s thought-form. This incident happened to my friend at the early stages of her trance work. Future mediumistic meetings had no further problems. Rarely is a person vulnerable, in a mediumistic circle, for we are protected by the group’s collective energy, which shines around us like a brilliant light.

In the instance cited above, the group was unaware that such a thought-form had been projected towards them, and they proceeded without adequate preparation. Recognizing that you are dealing with a thought-form helps you disperse its energy. Spiritual healing can help do this, too, breaking the attachment that a thought form has to an individual.

The knowledge that it is “not real” also helps dissipate the fear associated with these things. Similarly, cheerfulness and laughter are powerful weapons.

Earthbound Spirits & Evil Ghosts

Earthbound spirits are the term given to spirits that have not been able to progress to the afterlife. They are the main theme of Hollywood’s ghosts and spooks, and a great deal of misunderstanding has arisen about these things. Just about all of the many cases on which I have been asked to help are either the result of over-active imaginations or other manifestations of psychic power.

For example, objects that move by themselves or fly about are often caused by a living person with an emotional problem. Their spiritual energy is under such tension that it cannot find a release in normal life; it, therefore, explodes as a physical manifestation. (Sometimes the earth energy of certain places can amplify this paranormal phenomenon.)

Repressed anger or sexual fears may result in the psyche’s energy escaping in such a way that it can move objects or manifest as poltergeist activity. These people are generating powerful thought forms that can influence the world around them or appear as ghostly phenomena.

There are many instances on record of phantoms of living people. These often occur in times of crisis. For example, one woman wrote to me saying, “We emigrated to Ontario, Canada, where my father worked in the steel plant. Dad was very ill and sick in bed when I went with my friends to the club. On the way home I said, “Here comes Dad to meet us.”

There was no mistaking him and we all saw him, a miner, short, bandy-legged with his flat cap on his head. I rushed towards him, wondering how he had recovered so quickly, but as I approached he was gone.” In this instance, the father was still alive when the group saw him.

What is a Ghost Double?

A large number of phantom encounters involve some sort of life crisis, most frequently the crisis of death. In the example I quoted above, the ill man died soon after the girls saw the vision. Apparitions of the living may manifest themselves for no particular reason. Many people have written to me of seeing their doubles, or of being separated from the body and performing mundane tasks. The person projecting the phantom is entirely oblivious to what is happening, yet the phenomena is seen by observers.

Similarly, ghosts and haunting are experienced by groups of people who have no emotional connection to the deceased. Hospitals, museums, mansions, and houses of all sorts, dilapidated or not, have been the abodes of human or animal ghosts. And, as well as individual ghosts, witnesses report seeing ghost trains, ships, long-sunken submarines or phantom armies fighting ancient battles.

Ghost Experience

One interesting example from my own experiences was a woman who claimed that a spirit was sexually molesting her. My initial reaction was that this was either someone with a serious psychological complaint or perhaps suffering from sleep paralysis. However, Spiritualists who contacted me regarding her claim reported witnessing a lot of poltergeist activity related to the “attacks.”

When the woman showed me around her modern apartment and explained the places where the phenomena happened, I felt no particular negativity. However, I could certainly feel negative vibrations connected to the woman herself. I believed the phenomena was coming from her, as projected energy, but how could I prove this to her?

My solution was to sit with her and connect to someone she knew in spirit. Using my mediumistic ability, I gave her rock-solid evidence of her dead father. Once she was absolutely certain that I was indeed in contact with him, I then asked him to tell us what was the source of the poltergeist activity. He confirmed that it was his daughter’s own energy and that she needed some counseling and healing to get her back into balance.

It is not easy to tell someone that they have not seen a ghost; that the phenomenon troubling them emanates from them. However, it is often the living that creates this frightening vicious circle of poltergeist activity fueled by fear. To stop the manifestation, victims must understand that they are the source of the phenomena. To protect themselves from these things, they simply have to stop being afraid.


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