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Protection from Evil Spirits

This article covers some of your experiences of evil spirits. This is an extract from my book called “The Psychic Casebook”. You can also read in-depth articles about experiences of evil spirits in my book “Protecting the Soul” which as the title suggests gives methods to protect yourself from evil spirits and bad energy.

Most of us like to watch a good horror movie and have the pants scared off us but it is a little less entertaining when it starts happening in reality. Hollywood did not invent spooks, evil spirits, specters, and poltergeists it just exaggerated the truth and threw in extra special effects. Nonetheless, there are real evil spirits that can cause havoc to the people of this world.

We mediums prefer to call them ‘earth-bound spirits’. Although nobody, in the tales that follow, spits green slime, ghosts crawl out of graves, or levitates; the stories are much more frightening, for they are absolutely true.

Craig and Dom Investigate the Spirit of Alistair Crowley

Experiences of Spirit Attacks

Di Spotiswood’s Story

“For twenty years I have kept quiet about the frightening things I saw,” says Di Spotiswood (60) from Waterlooville in Hampshire, “But now I feel I must speak out in order to warn others of the dangers of playing with ouija boards and contacting evil spirits.”

“It all started as a game when some teenage friends of mine started using the Ouija board. An old man who once owned the country bungalow in which the seance was being held started to communicate through the board. Other neighbors became interested in what was going on and soon quite a crowd would visit to watch the proceedings.

“But the language used became abusive and foul- which amused the ‘players’ who answered back with similar tones. I was called in to help when things started to go very badly wrong..”

“Everybody blamed everybody else when swearing words started to appear on the walls. But there was no arguing when articles started whizzing through the air and narrowly missing the small children. Incredibly wardrobes moved around as though they were made of matchwood, voices were heard, bumps and bangs sounded all through the night- and the whole family became absolutely terrified. I saw burly, muscular men tremble with terror on seeing these things.

He Pushed through the wall

“The worse thing I saw myself was the unshaven face of an old man push through the kitchen wall. I saw it happen. It was as plain as day. And as it happened I felt a burning sensation from head to toe.

“I spent hours on the phone trying to track down someone who could help us. Finally, I managed to find a medium brave enough to go along. She identified a young 17-year-old girl as the source of the energy that fueled the poltergeist activity. The medium’s involvement helped but the bungalow never completely returned to normal. The family eventually had to move.

It has often been known for poltergeist activity to be centered around teenagers in puberty and the medium may have been right in identifying the 17-year-old girl as the source of the activity. However, it is more likely that the crowd of participants fueled the poltergeist with negative psychic energy. For centuries the Tibetan yogis studied this and called these entities Tulpas.

They can cause havoc for a short period but inevitably, given time, their energy dissipates and the activity ceases.


John and Joyce Allen’s Story

When John and Joyce Allen from Wootton Bassett in Wilts moved into their house the last thing they expected was to be transported into a series of events worthy of a program from the X-Files. “It all started 10 years ago when items in our house started to go missing and were returned in another location,” says John

“There was no logical reason to explain what kept happening. It wasn’t caused by absent-mindedness or children and pets carrying off the objects- there was no logical explanation.

“Soon we discovered that my neighbors in the Crescent were all experiencing similar things. In particular, the house two doors along saw items flying around, electrical switches switching themselves back on, a piano playing by itself, a dog was heard and items flew through the air and even around corners.

House of ill repute

“Most people in the crescent assumed it was the ghost of a lady called Anny Moody and her dog, who used to own the old ‘Canal Wharf House Inn’.  It was a house of ill repute at the turn of the century and was demolished in 1982. Many claims to have seen Anny’s ghost walking our street. Were we experiencing evil spirits?

“I did some research and discovered that the houses were built directly on a ley line which is where ‘earth energies’ are said to accumulate. And the house where the poltergeist activity happened was built exactly on the intersection of two major leys. As far as I could discover, there had only been one death in the crescent since the 1950s.

“The ghost of a small boy with calipers was also seen by myself and many people. He had died, he told us, during the 1st World War and was looking for his father who had been killed in France along with 20 others in the Flanders fields. I was unable to trace the boy’s address in the records.”

3 Years of Paranormal Activity

After  3 years of strange paranormal activity, John and Joyce had had enough. “I called in our local Spiritualists to assist the trapped spirit people to move on into the other realms.” says Joyce “I sat with them in the seance and I have to say it was a very strange experience indeed. I felt the pain and suffering of the various soldier’s wounds as they communicated through the medium.

“We concluded that the soldiers and a Second World War pilot were trapped by the energy of the ley line and the crippled boy with his dog had been trying to attracting our attention to help free his friends.

“The Spiritualists now appear to have exorcised the ghosts and buried various crystals around the area to disperse the ley line’s energy. John did some further research and the soldier explanation appears logical. The houses in the Crescent were once owned, I discovered, by the MOD.”

Parapsychologists have found that many of the most famous poltergeist cases have happened at the intersection of two ley lines. These are said to be a network of earth energy lines that criss-cross the country. The prehistoric inhabitants of ancient Britain were supposedly aware of these lines of force and built their monuments on the most important concentrations of these fields. Stonehenge is a prime example.

Earthbound Spirits

I am aware that the events caused the family severe distress which resulted in many problems. Persistent earthbound spirits can be very disruptive and it’s often the Spiritualists that get called in to sort matters out.

It is unusual for Spiritualists to identify the source of a haunting as the node of intersecting leylines but times are changing. I believe that their diagnosis was right. The earth does have areas of negative energy where nasty elemental powers can accumulate. Many people now believe that these negative areas are places where ‘Earth Rays’ that rise up from the center of the earth are distorted by underground streams and rock strata A negative ‘geopathic’ area will make a person feel uneasy, tired and tense. Because of this some places just don’t feel right and can even cause illness for people who inhabit these places.

As well as centering on areas of Geopathic Stress the energy required for poltergeist activity and vivid haunting can accumulate because of water. In some cases, underground streams and covered wells supply the energy. In this next case, it may have been the sea herself.

A Desperate Call from the Spiritualist Church

A committee member of one of our local Spiritualist Churches telephoned us one evening to explain that they had a problem. “A lady has contacted the church and claims that she and her husband are being attacked by a poltergeist.” said the Spiritualist. “Someone or something has been throwing objects around the cabin of their boat on the Solent and, she says, it has also been attacking her.

We sent along with one of our local mediums and he feels that this is a real phenomenon and not just a figment of an overworked imagination. He felt, however,  that it would be best if a strong group of mediums could be assembled to tackle the problem together. He is convinced that it is real as there’s a strong and violent presence on-board. Would you two be prepared to help?”

The occurrences happened mainly at night we were told, so this would be the best time to have our seance. Jane and I agreed to go along and a date was fixed for the following Saturday night. There would be five us taking part – We’d have enough psychic power between us all to make a serious challenge to the poltergeist.

Real Case of Haunting

It was on the Friday night before that we realized that this was going to be a real cause of a haunting. Something happened that shook us both.

Jane and I were laying in bed talking about our plans for the encounter the next night. We were both relaxed and feeling quiet, peaceful, and at ease. Our conversation was interrupted when the room lit up with an intense blinding white light. We both sat bolt upright in bed. My immediate thought was that it was lightning but the weather forecast had already predicted that it would be a clear evening with no threat of thunderstorms or rain.

And it most definitely wasn’t lightning. There was a second brilliant flash and the room remained illuminated for some time. The light then folded in on itself and formed into a luminous ball about four feet across in the center of the room and floating at about head height.


Jane and I sat speechless as it hovered for what seemed like an eternity but what in reality must have been about thirty seconds. It then shot across the room, out of the door, and toward the living room. I leaped out of bed and gave chase. Seconds later it disappeared leaving no trace.

Jane and I had seen things like this before but never with such intensity. As a young child, I would experience a ball of light that seemed to read my thoughts- a manifestation of spirit perhaps? Jane had a peculiar experience one day whilst alone with her then nine-year-old daughter Chantal from her first marriage.

Ball of Orange Light

“Chantal and I  saw a ball of orange light about a foot across hovering in the living room,” says Jane “It moved towards us and hovered in the air about three feet in front of us. Chantal was becoming frightened as I put my hand out and tried to touch it. My hand went straight through it. There was a swishing sound as the ball of light bounced onto the TV and out of the window.”

Jane and I had never seen anything as brilliant as that Friday night’s manifestation, however. We were both, to say the least, startled by the experience but we didn’t feel that we had encountered anything malicious indeed the room felt peaceful with a sense of well-being.

It did affect us physically though. We both felt sick, there was a sickly scent in the air, we were sweating, and our solar plexus region felt uncomfortable- as if it was knotted. I have read of similar reactions in physical circles, where the mediums manifest ectoplasm, although Jane and I do not claim to be physical mediums.

Surprisingly, the whole experience startled but didn’t frighten us. We believed that a spirit from the higher realms had visited us to reassure us that we were well protected and to prepare us for the next night. The angels were looking after us.

The Haunted Boat

It was already beginning to get dark when we met the other mediums who would be going on-board the boat. This was the time when the owner of the boat said that the spirit was most active.

The old converted fishing boat looked ominous and creepy against the darkening sky. It creaked and groaned as it rocked with the tide. The sultry evening was turning colder and across the river, we could see the lights of other boats bobbing up and down. The moon was casting its first rays on the indigo waters.

We kept the mood light by joking between ourselves. With this type of situation, it’s best not to be too somber and serious.

Jane and I had spent some time before in deep meditation to prepare ourselves and had by now opened our psychic awareness. The lady, who was having the problem, was clearly troubled. Her aura, we could see, was full of prickly sensations and dark colors. Our initial task was to gently question the lady to see if the phenomena were the product of her imagination. She and her husband appeared to be honest. Soon we would find out for certain.

“Watch your head as you go below,” said the husband of the lady as he guided us aboard. The spiritualist banged his head.

Evil Encounter

“And watch yourself around here” he banged himself again. We all chuckled. It was important to keep a cheerful spirit between ourselves as we prepared ourselves for the encounter.

We all squeezed around the table at the bow of the boat and settled down with a nice cup of tea. The atmosphere on-board was odd but not as sinister as Jane and I was expecting. It was certainly a strange place to live and not a place for those who loved their creature comforts. There was limited decoration, a lot of damp, and no space at all. It had a musty smell. “Perhaps,” I thought “the lady is using the excuse of a haunting to get her husband to abandon these unfeminine conditions for a brick-built home on land.”

Once we had settled in we all relaxed and tuned-in to spirit. John, the medium who first the clearance would, we all agreed, act as the leader of the group. His wife Ethel sat next to him, Jane and I sat together and Nick the church member sat opposite us. The husband and wife who owned the boat stood in the doorway to the side of us. A prayer was said to ask for protection and for God to be with us with our work.

The Prayer

“Father may you give us the protection that we need with this work. Bring to us from spirit those guides and helpers that we each know and also those that come here to help with this type of work in particular. May the higher angelic helpers be here with us also. Protect us in what we do and give your blessing to our task so that the troubles that fill this place may be lifted. Amen”

As the words of the prayer unfolded we could feel strength and joy as the power of the spirit built around us to aid us with our work. The next step was to challenge the spirit to come forward. Like a snake under a dark rock, we had to coax it into the light and disarm it. The boat was still but some of the keys hanging on the wall on a nail swung a little. We all noticed it but continued as if nothing had happened, perhaps it was nothing.

“Come on, you coward.” said John in a loud stern voice “You’ve bullied this lady enough! Now there are five of us to take on. Come on, we challenge you to show yourself. Come out!!”

Show Yourself!

Nothing happened. Again he made similar retorts. “Come on, show yourself. You want to scare people, come and scare us!”

Then we felt, what can best be described as a thickening of the atmosphere and a feeling of someone stood close to us. I could feel the face of a man press close to mine then leave me and went towards Jane:

“The man felt angry and very violent yet at the same time he felt frightened and confused.” says Jane “I could tell that he didn’t like women at all and that he felt it was bad luck that women should be on his boat. “Get away from me “I projected in my thoughts “Go and pick on a man, you bully, go and try and take on Nick from the Church”

As Jane sent these thoughts we all saw  Nick’s face changed. His went bright red and he looked frightened.

“Who’s he with now, “somebody said aloud.

“He’s with Nick, can’t you see,” I said.

“That’s right he’s over here with me, “said Nick. We all sent out our power to help Nick with his struggle. The spirit left him and I felt him draw close to me. I closed my eyes and said:

“There seems to be two of them, there’s a little boy here with an angry man, someone has been hit hard across the head with something heavy. That’s one of the things that’s making him so angry.”

It’s Bad Luck

“I felt it across my head as well,” said John, “And me too, “said his wife Ethel. He has a thing about women being on his fishing boat. It’s bad luck !”

The spirit man’s unexpressed anger at the time of his passing was holding him to this world. His death was linked somehow with a woman and he was taking it out on the lady that now lived on board.

We all agreed that we were feeling the same sensations and description of the man in spirit. We countered his anger by all mentally projecting thoughts of love and encouragement for the trapped soul to progress onward to the spirit world.

“Come on now,” said John, “Your time now is finished. It’s time to go to the spirit world”

We felt the spirit moving between us. His aggression began to soften. I felt him leave Jane and the others and return to me. I could hear his voice clearly in my mind.

“I’ll suffer for what I have done if I go over there,” he said in a rough rasping voice “They’ll send me to hell for sure”

No Vengence

He drew closer still. I tried to reassure him that no God sat in a golden throne was going to throw him into an eternal hell. God didn’t want vengeance he wanted only our love. Hadn’t this man suffered enough by being bound by his anger to this world? He owed it to himself and the young boy who clung to him to seek God’s unceasing forgiveness. He had as much right as anybody to enter the kingdom of heaven, his own conscience would be the judge of his soul.

As each of us reaffirmed these ideas in our own way we could feel the spirit man’s grip begin to loosen. We all sensed him crying. He let go.

The ecstasy in his soul was contagious. As he departed I had a beautiful vision of a great staircase leading up through the clouds with angels of light stood at the sides. I could see the man’s silhouette small and dark against this heavenly setting. I was seeing that man’s image of heaven as he left this earth. Perhaps when I die I will have a different passing vision but what I saw that night was quite beautiful. Another soul had found peace.

The heavy atmosphere had left the room as we all started to return to normal consciousness. The suffocating atmosphere had gone.

“He’s gone now,” Nick said to the lady “Can’t you feel the difference in this place?”

The boat was, as far as we know, never troubled again.


Although it makes interesting reading, work with earthbound spirits (Evil Spirits) is only a very tiny part of our work. Cases like these are extremely rare. The main thrust of our mediumistic work is to communicate with the spirit people who return from the bliss of the afterlife to reassure their loved ones on earth that they are happy, safe, and well.


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