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Extrasensory Perception Types (ESP)

Extrasensory perception, ESP or Esper, is the alleged ability to receive information though means other than the known physical five senses. It is also known as the sixth sense or second sight. The ESP powers of the mind include Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition and Psychokinesis.

Measuring Extrasensory Perception:

The American researcher Joseph Banks Rhine is considered the father of serious scientific research into the paranormal. In the 1930’s at Duke University in California he undertook the first systematic study of the subject and used statistics to quantify his exhaustive tests. Together with his colleague Carl Zener he designed a set of colorful cards of geometric symbols that were used in various card-guessing games. His conclusion was that many people were achieving correct guesses that were far above what you’d expect from chance alone. These extrasensory perception types were receiving information from something other than the known five senses.

Extrasensory Perception Types (ESP)

Rhine defined this sixth sense as ‘Extrasensory Perception’ and subdivided it into four basic abilities:

  • TELEPATHY: the ability to ‘tune in’ to the thoughts of others, or to inject your own thoughts into another’s mind.
  • CLAIRVOYANCE: the power to see things that aren’t available to you by the known senses and which aren’t known by anyone else.
  • PRECOGNITION: the skill of looking into the future and seeing events before they take place, often through the subconscious when dreaming.
  • PSYCHOKINESIS: the ability to use the power of the mind to influence matter to move objects by thought, for example.

I demonstrate extra sensory perception types of telepathy on TV (Sporting a silly beard!)

More examples of TV psychics and mediumship here

Are You Psychic?

Parapsychologists have shown that psychic and mediumistic people share certain qualities and this may account for why some people are more psychic than others:


Psychic people are usually extroverts. Tests with guessing the turn of random Zener cards have shown that outgoing people score better results in tests than sombre, reflective types. It has also been found that psychics and mediums like to take risks.  It has been shown that gamblers and risk takers display higher ESP abilities. Some may also be able to influence the fall of dice by psychokinesis.


Psychic and mediumistic people are usually extremely sensitive people and will often be influenced by other people’s moods. You may be able to tell if someone is in a bad mood before you see their face. Psychic and mediumistic powers seem to also work best when the people working together like one another or better still love one another. A telepathic bond has been proved to be particularly strong between parents and young siblings. Experiments show that a mother’s heartbeat increases when her baby wakes and cries- even if it’s put in a soundproof room or is at another place


A large proportion of psychic and mediumistic people come from artistic backgrounds. I was an artist for many years and many of my mediumistic friends have an artistic gift. Some can even draw portraits of the spirit people they see. Some researchers believe that psychics and mediums, like artists, use the right hand side of their brains the side that’s responsible for intuition. Imaginative, creative people, and particularly artists, score better in ESP tests than systematic thinkers.

Many psychic people can visually project imagined images into random shapes. Scrying, sand reading and tea-leaf reading all use this technique.


Psychic and mediumistic people will often have lucid dreams dreams that are very vivid in which you are conscious while the dream is taking place. Dreams connect us to the unconscious mind and its psychic intuition. Psychic experiences are most likely to happen when the mind and body are relaxed and receptive. Measurements of brain waves show that a person who is dreaming or meditating emits similar wave patterns to a psychic who is demonstrating his skills. (Physicist Julian D. Isaacs from John F. Kennedy University, Orinda, California, researched brain waves by mapping them as the subject was demonstrating ESP such as while bending spoons using psychokinesis.)

Many of people first ESP experiences happen in dreams and I have written book about this ‘Psychic Dreaming’. In dreams we may see the future or the distant past. We may meet our friends talk to the dead and sometimes have the clairvoyant ability to psychically perceive distant locations – dubbed ‘remote viewing’ by the CIA who employed psychics to spy on Soviet installations during the Cold War


It has been suggested that the pineal gland that is about as the size of a pea and lies in the center of the brain may have something to do with our clairvoyant ability. It has been argued that it is the ancient remnants of a reptilian eye left over from the time of the dinosaurs and as it is in a direct horizontal line with the center of the forehead may be the ‘third eye’ spoken about in mysticism. (In the Western Fence Lizard (S. occidentalis) the pineal and the parietal third eye are connected with the parietal nerve the lizard has a rudimentary eye coming out the top of its head and connected to the pineal gland.) Ancient Greeks believed the pineal gland to be our connection to the ‘Realms of Thought’. Descartes called it the ‘Seat of the Soul’.

Scientific Discoveries

Scientists have discovered that a chemical called Serotonin is disrupted in the pineal gland when a person takes drugs such as mescaline or LSD. The gland is believed to be significant in the mystical experiences claimed to be triggered by hallucinogenic drugs. As the pineal third eye is related to seeing light it may in fact be the source of the ‘inner light’ of the mystical experience and the altered perceptions such as seeing the aura that are experienced by psychic people and extrasensory perception types of personality.

Extra Sensory Perception and having fun.Craig is handed a cruel caricature at a psychic seminar. Having fun may increase Extra Sensory Perception

Eccentric Extrasensory Personality Types

All of the above may help scientists to form a profile of psychic and mediumistic people but certainly not all mediums are highly sensitive extrovert artists with eyes like lizards. If you know any mediums personally you will appreciate that it takes all sorts to make the psychic world. Mediums such as John Edward, Van Praagh and Jane and myself who work with the media are very polished with our presentation and this can sometimes mask the quirkiness of our nature. I love the eccentricity of many mediums and within Spiritualism you will meet some extraordinary and adorable personalities who would probably horrify most TV producers!

Do I Have ESP?

So if you do not completely conform to the personality traits described above, don’t worry. It takes all sorts. I have seen mediums who have a habit of spitting their false teeth out half way through a message, others that shout in such a loud voice that it makes you jump, another that would take her wig off without warning and some that get their words so mixed up that the double-entendres are hugely embarrassing. I particularly love the way mediums get their words mixed up when they are so engrossed in their mediumship. My wife Jane has dropped some wonderful clanger and spoonerisms. I’ve caught her saying things like ‘Decapitated Coffee’, ‘Bitten to death my midgets’ and my personal favourite was a reference she made to the movie ‘Jason and the Juggernauts’. (I won’t mention my own gaffs while demonstrating.)

Another classic that still makes me giggle was a message given by Doris Smith, an ex-member of the Salvation Army and the mediumistic sister of Vi Kipling from my online school. During her demonstration Doris gives proof from the rostrum saying, “I have a butcher with me in spirit. I know he’s a butcher because he is holding his chopper in his hand and it is a big one!”

How to become a psychic or medium:

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