Famous Spiritual Healers: Harry Edwards, Tom Pilgrim and More!

Who is Matthew Manning?

Mathew Manning - Spiritual HealerMatthew Manning is one of Britain’s most famous spiritual healers. He was brought to the attention of the British public when he wrote his first book, The Link,  in 1974. This book, which was published in 16 different languages, was an international sensation and sold over 1 million copies. The Link tells of the life of famous spiritual healers and how poltergeist activity had plagued Matthew since he was 11 years old. It also related some of the harrowing and humorous consequences of such activity.

He was twice suspended from school and was once sent to the Psychiatric Unit of a local hospital. Matthew finally discovered that he could control the physical phenomena occurring around him by channeling the energy and producing automatically the most remarkable drawings.  He could think of a particular artist and concentrate his mind on that artist and then would produce superb drawings which were so similar to the style of the artist that even art critics were fooled. This was before he became one of Britain’s most famous spiritual healers.

Himalayan Mountains

In 1977 Matthew had a powerful and strange experience while in the  Himalayan Mountains. After this he made himself available for research purposes and for approximately 5 years. He was tested by scientists at the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio, Texas,  at the University of California and also at London University. Matthew was tested under laboratory conditions and demonstrated his ability to influence human blood cells and enzymes. The rate of growth of mold samples, the death rate of cancer cells and could also, from a distance, affect the brainwave patterns of another person. These tests produced the largest number of scientific records on healing ever produced from the work of one individual

In Britain, Matthew has spoken to MPs in the Houses of Parliament and lectured to the Oncology Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. He also appears regularly on TV . For two years in the 1990s he was the co-presenter of ITV’s Beyond Belief with Sir David Frost.

Matthew now lives in the UK giving healing consultations to patients and running seminars and workshops internationally.  Acknowledged as a leading healer in Europe, his services are sought by people from all walks of life and there are many people whose quality of life has been improved by treatments from Matthew even though he tells everyone, he cannot perform miracles and also, that he cannot help everyone but there are sufficient who have been helped to place on record the extraordinary healing abilities of Matthew Manning.

Who was Harry Edwards?

Harry Edwards - Spiritual HealerHarry Edwards is possibly the most famous of all famous spiritual healers within the UK. His house in Shere in Guidford was turned into a Healing Sanctuary to cater for thousands of sick people who visited Harry and his helpers, the main helpers being Olive and George Burton.

Harry gave his life to healing the sick and to writing books to help people to understand the power and operation of the healing energies. A list of the books written by him can be found at the end of this booklet.

Harry also found time to demonstrate healing all over the world in large halls and small churches; he gave television and radio interviews and has been filmed many times demonstrating spiritual healing.

“You people,” said Harry Edwards, “are the very salt of this earth”.

This was said by Harry when talking to a gathering of a hundred strong spiritual healers on the platform with him at  The Royal Festival Hall in London, prior to one of his major public healing demonstrations.

At the famous Free Trade Hall in Manchester, where he was to give one of the greatest healing demonstrations of his career against a backdrop of a hundred healers from all over the country assembled on the platform behind him, he told the audience …. they (the healers) would not do this work if they did not get the results that they do… they give of their time and their service without any thought of reward … it is their love and compassion for the sick that inspires them.”

While Harry’s life was taken over by his Healing Ministry no one ever called upon him in vain. His time was theirs, their problems became his; he felt their pain even though he was a very fit man and rarely knew pain for himself. He empathised with his patients and understood them and they, in their too, knew this.

Harry used Jesus and his Healing Ministry as his source of inspiration and determined to give of himself as Jesus did.

In 1954, Harry Edwards was asked by a member of the Archbishops’ Commission on Divine Healing to put into writing what he believed to be the power and procedure that lies behind spiritual healing.

This was his reply:

“I Believe that : 

  • Spiritual or divine healing, being the same thing, comes from God.
  • Healing is directed to the sick through God’s healing ministers in Spirit, who are part of the heavenly host. that healing is directed to the sick through God’s healing ministers in Spirit, who are part of the heavenly host.
  • The healing mission of His healing ministers in Spirit is part of the divine plan and that we are simply the human instruments for this purpose.
  • We, of ourselves, do not possess any healing power.  that spiritual healing can only take place within the framework of His total laws created for our good living. These total laws embrace both the physical and metaphysical (or spiritual) laws.
  • These laws, being God’s laws, cannot be broken in a favorable discrimination for any person but that healing take place as part of an ordered procedure, intelligently directed, within the scope of the total laws.
  • When God has work to be done, He appoints His messengers (angels is another word) to do His bidding, and His healing ministers whom we call our spirit guides or doctors, come within this category.
  • Healing does not take place as a result of God’s personal intervention on behalf of a favored individual, over-riding His established laws.
  • The spiritual implications arising from divine healing provide the demonstrable proof of man’s spirituality and of his soul. It proves the continuity of life with spiritual progression.”

Were it not for Harry Edwards and his work it is questionable whether spiritual healing would be so far to the front as it is today.

Who was Tom Pilgrim?

Tom Pilgrim - Spiritualist HealerBorn in 1910 in Brighton, Tom Pilgrim’s life was enlightened by visions of the spirit world from a very early age.  Working as a photographer in his own business until he was called up to join the RAF in 1941 during the second world war, Tom’s psychic and spiritual experiences continued throughout this period. His homecoming was made unbearable by the news from his wife that not only had she fallen in love with another man while Tom had been abroad, but also that she had had this man’s baby, which died shortly after its birth. Tom was devastated.

A safe job at the Co-op now helped Tom with his new life, having received custody of his 5 year old son after the divorce. It was in 1946 that Tom was ‘blinded by the light’ when he experienced the vision of a golden cross and it was to be a few months later before the reason for this was made apparent. While lying quietly on his bed he became aware of a spirit man who introduced himself as Robert Koch and told Tom that his healing ministry was now to commence.

Before his ministry began he developed a stomach ulcer and consulted a healer called J J Thomas who went into trance and performed a spirit operation on the ulcer. A week after treatment the ulcer and all trace of it had disappeared. It was now time for Tom who, like J J Thomas, commenced his healing by going into trance and then allowing Dr Robert to control his body and carry out the healing.

National Federation of Spiritual Healers

Tom was to be the instrument for many healing successes and it was in 1973 that he joined the NFSH – the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and Tom began carrying out healing full time as his profession. The book Tom Pilgrim is the autobiography of this healer and contained within its pages are numerous case histories where spirit healing has been effective.

The pages of Spiritualist history are filled with too many healers to list. There are people who have dedicated their lives to helping their fellow men. It includes people who seek no recognition for the time and devotion they give. And most importantly people whose lives are a shining example to all who would live a life of service to man and spirit-kind.

Before leaving this section it is necessary to look at the work of one of the greatest Psychic Surgeons – namely Arigo

Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery  is surgery without the use of anesthetics and specialized medical instruments and is undoubtedly one of the most amazing and spectacular aspects of psychic healing. It is practiced mainly in Brazil and the Philippines, where psychic surgeons are apparently able to make incisions in a person’s body without the use of a scalpel, remove diseased or infected tissues, and close the wound without leaving a scar.

Arigo: Jose Pedro de Feitas

One of the most famous spiritual healers and well-known miracle surgeons was a Brazilian, Jose Pedro de Feitas, otherwise known as Arigo. According to John Fuller, in his book, Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife, Arigo claimed that he had been “taken over” by the spirit of a German surgeon called “Dr Fritz” who had been killed during the first World War. Dr Fritz told Arigo that he intended using him as a vehicle to cure the sick. From then on, using crude implements kept in an old rusty tin can, and no antiseptics or anesthesia, Arigo performed hundreds of operations, among them the removal of tumors, cysts, lipomas, cataracts, carcinomas and pterygiums, before specialists from all over the world.

As Arigo’s fame spread he was subjected to intensive study by eminent members of the Brazilian medical profession who watched as Arigo performed his operations. One such operation was witnessed by Dr Marques, an eminent member of the Brazilian medical profession, and was described in a statement as follows:


“The patient lay on an old door, and scissors, scalpel, a kitchen knife and tweezers stood near by in an old tin can. Without the help of a speculum (an instrument for dilating the cavities of the human body for inspection) he introduced three scissors and two scalpels into the vagina. He was holding one handle of the scissors when all of us saw the other handle start moving along, opening and closing the scissors. Although we could not see whether this was also the case with the other instruments, we could all clearly hear the noise of metals rattling and the characteristic sound of tissue being cut.

After a few minutes ‘Dr Fritz’ removed the scissors and at the sight of blood said: ‘Let there be no blood, Lord’ and there was no further hemorrhage at all.” Dr Marques went on to say that Arigo removed a piece of tissue about thirty-one inches long and fifteen inches wide, which was shown to all present. The operation which lasted for only a few minutes was completely successful, and the woman was relaxed and conscious throughout the proceedings.”

Hundreds of other testimonies about famous spiritual healers have been given by both doctors and patients of Arigo’s astounding powers, but before a scientific study could be made, Arigo was arrested and charged under the Brazilian Penal Code, which states that spiritual healing is a crime. He was sentenced in 1964, to eighteen months imprisonment as a witch doctor, and died in a car accident in 1971.

Arigo, along with all other psychic surgeons has been declared by the medical profession to be fraudulent and all eye-witnesses to be  naive and gullible. Notwithstanding the statements made by these laudable people, no explanation has been given for the thousands of prescriptions Arigo wrote in Latin, when entranced by Dr Fritz, a language of which he had no knowledge and for drugs appropriate to the patients’ conditions.

This is an extract about famous spiritual healers from The Psychics & Mediums Network Teaching Manual that is used as support material for our on-line classes and distance learning projects.

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