Can dreams help you find your Soulmate?

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Finding your Soulmate

Soulmate Connections

Could it be that in dreams we may discover soulmate connections between ourselves and our partner? These dreams may reveal past lives that we have shared together and our future destiny together. Some dreams show our connection symbolically. For example, they often dream of living in Tibet as a yogi. In this particular dream, a book falls from the sky and lands on my crossed legs.

The monks around me get very excited and say this is an auspicious sign. They tell me that I must prepare for a new life and they begin to chant an uplifting mantra.  Next, I am with my wife Jane and we are looking forward to what may lie ahead. A guru figure explains that we are at the source of the Ganges and must now swim the river but warns that it will be very cold indeed.

The Ganges is the holy Indian river in which the ashes of the dead are scattered in the hope of being taken to a fortunate future life. The icy waters shown in my dream may symbolize the coldness of the corpse and death itself.

Crossing a river is a common symbol for the transition to the next life and is found in western symbolism in figures such as the Greek boatman Charon who ferries the dead across the river Styx to Hades. In this dream, the source of the river is shown. In a psychic dream a spring, a fountain or the source of a river may show the source of life itself from which awareness springs.

Soulmate Dream Symbolism

These symbols can show the life-giving power of the unconscious and in this case point to some of the primary objectives of my life. In this instance, the dream shows –in a symbolic way- that the lives of my wife and I are intertwined at a spiritual level. I believe that this dream indicates that Jane and I are soulmates and share a common destiny?

Dreams about soulmate may include similar imagery to the above or may even include specific details that can be verified. Before I met my wife I would dream of being with a group of people fleeing from soldiers and wild dogs. In the nightmare, we are attacked from behind and our heads are severed.

Remarkably Jane also had had this same dream prior to our meeting. And strangest of all was the fact that Jane, my daughter Danielle and me all had similar birthmarks on the back of our necks– as if our bodies were still carrying the marks of something that had happened to us in a previous life.

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