Can Psychics See the Future?

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Examples of Future Readings

Article about Jane and Craig Hamilton-Parker. Can psychics and mediums know the future? Some psychics claim the Tarot Cards and other oracles can read the future. Many mediums say that as we have personal responsibility for our destiny the future is not set and therefore cannot be known.

Here are a few examples from my files from articles about our work with psychic readings where our medium readings have inadvertently become future readings. Tell us in the comments at the bottom what you think and about your own experiences of knowing the future of your life.

“I knew I’d win the lottery”

It could be claimed that Bob did not need Future Readings as he could see the future for himself! Here’s an interesting example of a reading from an article about my work in the Weekly News that could suggest that the future is already set.

Unlike many of the people we’ve covered in this series, Bob Morris from Gosport in Hampshire is no stranger to psychic phenomena. He is himself a Spiritualist healer and regularly visits mediums to keep in touch with those he knows in the afterlife.

“I can’t understand why so many people are antagonistic to the claims of mediums and healers,” says Bob, “I have been involved in the subject for many years and have been guided and helped by the spirit people throughout my life. I believe that mediumship can really help people overcome grief and offer a wonderful philosophy for life.”

When Bob came for a consultation with the medium Craig Hamilton-Parker it was who communicated with him from the afterlife. (Bob will be sending the details to me about who communicated and what proof they gave) As the sitting progressed Craig said “You’re a very lucky man. Fortune has smiled upon you just recently. You’ve had a windfall and you should expect another soon.”


Unbeknown to Craig Bob had, only a few weeks before, won a Jackpot £50,000 on a scratch card for the national lottery. “Strangely enough I woke up that morning and just knew that I was going to win. I remembered the time from long ago when I had the same feeling. On that occasion, we were very hard up and the last thing the family could afford was a Sunday joint- it cost over two shillings!

I announced that I’d win on a Tuesday and said so every day. Nobody believed me by the time Saturday arrived but by 2 o’clock I had a big leg of pork in my hands. I won first prize in the raffle!

“As before I announced to the world that I would be winning the National Lottery that week. Already I had been quite lucky and had won four out of five first prizes at our church’s raffle. A few days later I hit the Jackpot.”

“Craig told me all about this story during the consultation and there’s no way he could have known as I’d won. But he told me that I’d win again. And I’m sure he’s right.”

We’ll keep you posted

“My Date with Fate”

Although I often tell my clients that the future is not set it is remarkable how sometimes we read the future by accident. This next article was about my work and published in the Psychic News and Know your Destiny Magazine.

I’ve always believed that the spirit world can guide us through mediums. So, when I consulted with Craig I hoped to be given advice about my job and whether I’d ever meet my soulmate.


At the time in January 1996, I was working as a nurse. Craig told me he was in touch with a man called George who he said was my parental grandfather. With him was my grandmother. Craig said they wanted to tell me that I would soon change jobs. But what really intrigued me was when Craig said I would fall in love with a spiritual man who had lived in America. I would know him when we met as destiny would draw us together through a past life connection.

Craig told me that I would fly to America to see him and that we’d be together for New Year. He said that there was an important link with horses, that my sister would be pregnant and that there would be something about Napoleon that would help me identify him.

Future ReadingsFuture Reading Predicted events – Can psychics know the future?

The job change happened as predicted and, in August 1999, soon after I heard the news about my sister’s pregnancy, a man names Andrew Carrol asked me out. The evening before I was to see him I went to a comedy club in Southampton with friends. On the table was a flyer advertising a coming event. It said: ‘Prophecy presents: Andy Carrol.’ The Andy Carol mentioned was nothing to do with the Andy Carrol I was about to date, but the coincidence sent shivers up my spine.

Exactly as Described

Andy and I got along immediately. He was exactly as Craig had described. He’d been married to an American woman and still visited America regularly. He also told me how he enjoyed horse racing as a child. I asked him if he believed in reincarnation. His answer shook me to the soul. ‘Oh, the problem is that everyone believes they were Napoleon in a past life.’

Later, Andy asked if I would like to go to San Francisco with him. How could I refuse? I planned to fly on January 2, but the flights became disrupted because of the Millennium and the only day I could get a flight was on December 31 so we were together for New Year’s, just as Craig had predicted.

Sadly our relationship didn’t work out quite as we expected. But we are still the best of friends and there’s still a wonderful chemistry between us but not of the relationship kind. As they say in America, I lost a lover but gained a friend.

 Future Reading: “I was terrified by the psychic”

Sometimes future readings can do more harm than good if given by a charlatan psychic. In this instance, I consult the spirit world about a future reading gone wrong.

“My life was a mess and everything was going wrong. I was deeply depressed and didn’t know where to turn. In desperation I decided to visit a psychic.” says Susie Fabian from Alton in Hampshire.” But what the psychic told me was so terribly upsetting- in fact quite terrifying- that I cried all the way home.”

Susie knows now that the woman she saw was a complete charlatan. “She would listen carefully to what I gave away and feed it back to me later in the consultation. For example, I mentioned that I lived in the countryside. Ten minutes later she told me that there were horses near where I lived and I should drive a Land Rover.

Fishing for Info

She fished for information and then started predicting the most frightening things that were to happen: I’d lose my job, husband, home, money, health- you name it- I’d be losing it. ‘I’d like to tell you something positive my dear but I can’t’ said the seer.”

For ages, Susie kept what she was told to herself. “I worried about what I was told day and night”, she says “It wasn’t until I shared my feelings with my close friend Liz? that I began to see how I’d been conned. I played her the tape and we soon realized when we analyzed it that she was telling me things I’d already mentioned earlier.”

Angrily Susie’s friend destroyed the tape in front of her “But despite this bad encounter I still wanted to see a psychic and Liz recommended Craig Hamilton-Parker who many of her friends had seen.

Spirit Communication

“Craig explained that he wanted first to communicate with the spirit world and ask them about my life. He started telling me about my mother who had died in 19XX. Next, he said how she hadn’t changed much and even though money was not important where she was she still worried about it as she was penniless when she died. Then he told me when she died, how she died, named names and what she was like as a person.

Mum laughed about Dad- how he lived on sandwiches, refused to budge from the house and told me lots of stories of things that happened in my life. These were absolutely accurate and no one in a million years could guess the facts. They are very personal to me and I would rather keep them to myself. Suffice it is to say- I knew by now that some, but not all, psychics are true.”

After the mediumistic work, Craig offered to use the Tarot cards to look into Susie’s future. “I am first and foremost a medium” explains Craig “But sometimes people need a little extra guidance. I believe that the future is subject to our own free will- we can change it. Many mediums disagree with fortune telling because of the harrowing stories you hear of deception.

Tarot Cards

In the right hands, Tarot Cards can be a useful tool- but that’s all they are, a tool to help with precognition. I see them as a way to compose a philosophy that the sitter can apply to their circumstances. Ultimately the future’s what you make it.”

The Oracle showed problems ahead for Susie but they weren’t impossible. Together Craig with his spirit helpers and Susie plotted a plan of action that would make the best of the circumstances available. “I believe that if you sincerely put love behind your actions,” says Craig “Then inevitably you will do the right thing and in time reap the benefit.- it’s the natural law of things.”

“We left Craig’s house on a high,” says Susie “Inside I felt at peace with myself. I knew that there were problems to deal with in my life. It wasn’t going to be a bed of roses but now I could cope.”

Get to know the future with a reading today.


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