I Must be Psychic: I Knew I’d Win the Lottery

Psychic Predicts Lottery
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Here are a few examples from my files from articles about our work with psychic readings where our medium readings have inadvertently become future readings. Tell us in the comments at the bottom what you think and about your own experiences of knowing the future of your life.

“I knew I’d win the lottery”

It could be claimed that Bob did not need Future Readings as he could see the future for himself! Here’s an interesting example of a reading from an article about my work in the Weekly News that could suggest that the future is already set.

Unlike many of the people we’ve covered in this series, Bob Morris from Gosport in Hampshire is no stranger to psychic phenomena. He is himself a Spiritualist healer and regularly visits mediums to keep in touch with those he knows in the afterlife.

“I can’t understand why so many people are antagonistic to the claims of mediums and healers,” says Bob, “I have been involved in the subject for many years and have been guided and helped by the spirit people throughout my life. I believe that mediumship can really help people overcome grief and offer a wonderful philosophy for life.”

You’re a very lucky man. Fortune has smiled upon you just recently. You’ve had a windfall and you should expect another soon

When Bob came for a consultation with the medium Craig Hamilton-Parker it was who communicated with him from the afterlife. (Bob will be sending the details to me about who communicated and what proof they gave) As the sitting progressed Craig said “You’re a very lucky man. Fortune has smiled upon you just recently. You’ve had a windfall and you should expect another soon.”


Unbeknown to Craig Bob had, only a few weeks before, won a Jackpot £50,000 on a scratch card for the national lottery. “Strangely enough I woke up that morning and just knew that I was going to win. I remembered the time from long ago when I had the same feeling. On that occasion, we were very hard up and the last thing the family could afford was a Sunday joint- it cost over two shillings!

I announced that I’d win on a Tuesday and said so every day. Nobody believed me by the time Saturday arrived but by 2 o’clock I had a big leg of pork in my hands. I won first prize in the raffle!

“As before I announced to the world that I would be winning the National Lottery that week. Already I had been quite lucky and had won four out of five first prizes at our church’s raffle. A few days later I hit the Jackpot.”

“Craig told me all about this story during the consultation and there’s no way he could have known as I’d won. But he told me that I’d win again. And I’m sure he’s right.”

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