Geopathic Stress: The Strange Hidden Energy That Can Make You Sick

The Energy of Geopathic Stress
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What is Geopathic Stress?

“Buildings, too, are children of Earth and Sun”

Frank Lloyd Wright

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

I remember an occasion when sitting by a lake and becoming aware of an energy that appeared to flow from the trees in the distance, over the lake and into a spiral pattern near where I was standing. This took me completely by surprise and was something I could see with my normal perceptions.

It looked like the glassy smudging spirals you may see if you pour boiling water into a freezing cold bath. I now understood that chi energy can move across an environment and absorb vibrations as it flowed over different areas. In this case, the energy it was picking up from the lake felt restorative and uplifting. I could now see this happening with my own eyes. Clearly- for me at least- earth energy is a reality.

As energy moves over an environment it absorbs the vibrations of the things it encounters. In this way, the energy influencing us can be beneficial or harmful. This is one of the main ideas behind the Chinese art of Feng Shui which I will touch upon in due course. However, there are also forces acting upon us from below the ground rising upward from beneath the earth. The combination of the radiating earth energies and the flowing earth energies on the surface of our planet has an important influence on the wholesomeness of an environment.

The Power of Crop Circles


Earth energies and ley lines can also have a sinister side. When the energy from a ley line passes through decaying matter such as a city dump, a polluted river or a graveyard it picks up the negative influences it encounters. The energy becomes what geomancers call a ‘black stream’. Similarly, energy coming beneath the earth may encounter underground water streams, geological fissures, and fault lines that interfere with earth energy.

This too can cause a ‘black stream’ of earth energy. Someone living or sleeping in these areas may become ill or emotionally disturbed by these influences. Many practitioners believe that ‘black streams’ can even cause cancer.

The Earth behaves like a huge electromagnet with many go-electromagnetic field lines crossing its surface and rise up through the earth. This natural radiation can be distorted by other electromagnetic fields, subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, underground cavities, cosmic radiation and artificially created electromagnetic fields.

A person who is adversely affected by these negative earth rays is suffering from what we call ‘Geopathic Stress’. They can lose physical strength, energy, emotional stability, and happiness. Illnesses claimed to be caused by these forces include never feeling relaxed after a night’s sleep, aching muscles and joints, emotional over-sensitivity hyperactivity, and aggression.

They also claim it causes weakness of the immune system, which could lead to an inability to absorb nutrients properly and making one susceptible headache, depression, or stress. And of course, Geopathic Stress may be the source of unwanted paranormal activity.

Geopathic Stress and Psychic Protection

I have worked with Ken Nielsen one of the world’s leading experts in Geopathic Stress. Ken runs an organisation called Geomack whose business it is to clear environments that are affected by Geopathic Stress. Their main work is to clear buildings that have been affected. Ken claims that geopathic stress can seriously affect some environments “The indoor environment can vary greatly from building to building. One may have the most relaxing, well-balanced and warm feeling. Another may have a feeling of discomfort and seem cold and unpleasant.

We often ignore the warning of feeling a strange reaction to certain houses or buildings and time after time we lose our ability to sense these signals at all. The gradual effect on people (or some animals and plants) can lead to slow deterioration in health in individuals who are susceptible to such stress. It is quite likely that any illness or ailment seems to be worse during periods of heavy rain or at full moon. We spend approximately one third of our lives in bed! Since we spend such a large amount of time in one location, it is especially crucial to be free of harmful energy fields here.”

Ken’s remedy for a building affected by geopathic stress is to supply a special machine that utilises the electrical wiring of the building to influence the earth rays. Ken has many testimonials from worthy people who claim that that their symptoms disappear after using Ken’s ‘Energia’ machines. I have no idea how they work so cannot comment but there are certainly other remedies one can use to protect your environment from negative earth rays.

Negative Earth Rays

The first step is to ascertain whether negative earth rays affect your environment. Unfortunately, there is no machinery that can measure earth rays so diagnosis is usually done by dowsing. One of the simplest techniques employed by Ken Nielsen uses a semicircle divided into degrees – like a protractor you may have used at school. In the middle, at the point you would find 90 degrees on a protractor, the value is given as zero. To the right of this, the numerals run from plus 1 to plus 20. To the left the numbers run from minus one to minus 20.

A pendulum is now held over the semicircle at the zero line and allowed to swing as the dowser thinks about the environment or room he wants to diagnose. The swing may remain at the zero line or now swing towards the positive or negative numbers. If the swing is in the positive area then the geopathic energy in the environment of okay. If it swings to the negative numbers on the left, then the area is affected by geopathic stress. A minus one would be acceptable but a minus twenty would clearly be a potentially dangerous environment.

Dowsing for Geopathic Stress

Of course, many dowsing techniques can be applied to identify areas affected by geopathic stress. If you would like more details, I have posted some of the main techniques on other parts of this website.

Once the area affected by Geopathic Stress is identified, a number of remedies are available to help negate the negative energy. The first thing to do is usually change the place you sleep. Sleeping over a ‘black stream’ is very harmful so the bed (or bedroom) may have to be moved. It is important to identify the best position in the house to place the bed.

Some practitioners protect the bed by placing materials beneath it that are said to shield you from negative earth rays. Sheet glass or a mirror (face down) placed beneath the bed are claimed to reflect negative rays. A sheet of toughened glass such as an old car windscreen is effective. Similarly, iron or corrugated iron beneath the bed may help to protect you. Putting two sheets head to head under the bed will also work, but they must be overlapping otherwise noxious energy will immediately rise vertically through the join between them. The entire area of the person/s to be protected must be covered, with the possible exception of the feet and legs

Crystals are also considered an effective remedy for removing Geopathic Stress. Dowsing techniques can identify areas where energies are blocked and find the points which can be worked on with Earth Acupuncture techniques. For this crystals are placed or buried in strategic places to enable earth energy to flow better. In most cases, clear quartz crystals can be used as these are powerful amplifiers of energy.

Negative Energy

If placed where the energy is negative they will lift the energy in this affected area. Other crystals will bring different energies to bear on the environment. For example, rose quartz and amethyst have healing properties and may be used to calm the energy in a disturbed area. In particular, they help change the course of a ley line. For example, the crystal is ‘charged’ by the practitioner by holding it in their hands and making a sincere request. They may say something such as “May this crystal move the negative ley line.” Once the request is complete, the area is dowsed and the crystal then placed in the most auspicious spot. Additional techniques involve burying lengths of copper wire in the areas surrounding a building to deflect negative earth energy.

Specific crystals increase the energies that the individual needs. For example, if you are feeling depressed the dowser may place Tourmaline, Coral or Pyrite to lift and calm the energy. Crystals and gemstones have many different functions. They secure an environment from negativity and make specific enhancements to the energies.

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