8 Tips for Getting the Best from a Psychic Consultation

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8 Psychic Consultation Tips

8 tips for psychic consultationBooking psychic consultation can sometimes be confusing to the newcomer to this genre. There are so many terms: psychic readings, mediumistic readings, clairvoyance, psychic consultation, tarot and so on. So where do you start? How do you prepare yourself for your psychic reading? How do you get the best from the reader and maximize the time you have booked?

Below I have written answers to some of the most often asked questions about having psychic consultations. In particular, I show the difference between what we call a psychic consultation and mediumistic consultation(also called mediumship). There’s also info here about how you need to prepare your questions beforehand.

It’s all straight forward really but sometimes it’s good to know what’s out there. This will give a wider perspective about the sort of readings that are available.

1. Decide What Type of Psychic Consultation You Need

A psychic reading is usually done to help you with your life issues. The practitioner may have psychic gifts such as clairvoyance and seership. Some may use oracles such as the Tarot Cards as a tool to help them understand your situation. They can help you find the best way forward.

A medium (also sometimes called a psychic medium or a Spiritualist Medium) has the ability to be a conduit for the spirit world. A medium cannot guarantee that a specific spirit person will come through. The medium is a conduit to the spirit but cannot call up specific people.

Our mediums do not make outrageous promises and every sitting (consultation) should be approached as a spiritual experiment.

2. Have an Open Mind

It does not help if you feed the psychic information or try to steer them to give the answer you want to hear. Enjoy the conversation, stay open-minded, be friendly and allow a rapport between you. Respond and answer so that the psychic knows they’ve correctly tuned into you. Do not go into too much detail about what’s happening in your life.

It’s the psychic’s job to pick up the facts about your situation and offer advice. Do not try to make everything fit. If you are unsure about something that’s being said then feel free to ask questions. Our practitioners do not claim to be 100% right all the time.

3. Make Sure You Are Ready

If you are recently bereaved, it would probably be best to wait a while before seeing a medium. Although it is possible for the newly departed spirit to make contact on the same day they’ve passed over, in most cases it takes them some time to adjust to their new conditions. Also, you too need time to get over the shock and pain of losing someone you love.

Mediums believe that for communication between the two worlds to take place the conditions have to be just right. You need to be inwardly ready. For many people, speaking to a medium is a big step to take. Take it when your heart is ready and not just on impulse.

4. Don’t Call If You Feel Vulnerable

If you feel that you are incapable of making fair and reasonable decisions then it is best that you don’t call. Get the proper professional advice or medical advice if you are in an extreme emotional condition such as feeling suicidal, hearing threatening voices or incapable of making measured decisions. Psychics cannot wave magic wands to make everything better.

You may need professional help from a doctor. Do not use our services if you have a diagnosed mental illness or suffer from clinical depression.

5. Use Common Sense

Within Spiritualism, we follow the principle of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. We understand this to mean that everyone has free will to decide their future and path through life. We believe that the future is NOT set. Clairvoyant insight may be able to help you with good advice to make sensible decisions about your way ahead and the choice you need to make. Your psychic consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation. Guidance is not intended as predictive.

The information contained within your psychic consultation should at no time be regarded as legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial fact. Any actions taken by you the customer are solely your choice and your responsibility. Any opinions expressed in readings are those of the individual consultant and not the opinions of the owners of this website.

6. Remember That Everyone Is Fallible

Psychics and mediums are fallible and yes they can and do sometimes make mistakes. Practitioners who claim 100% accuracy are probably best avoided! So please use common sense and sound judgment when taking advice. Mediums can also sometimes make mistakes. They may pick up the information being projected from your own mind so again be discerning about the information you are given during your psychic consultation.

7. Don’t Ask for Predictions

We believe that the future is not set in stone because we all have free will to tread our path through life. A psychic’s role is to use their insight to see the potential future based upon your current situation. They will then guide you and help you address your problems. This way you make better decisions to bring about a brighter future.

The future is determined partly by our past life karma but also by our free will being applied in the present moment. With effort and good intent, you will get to the right spiritual path that your reading reveals. At the same time, you will need to flow with adversity created by karma and yet remain at peace with yourself and unfolding events. In this way, you can become the master of your fate.

8. Know the Difference

There is NO best type of psychic readings. You need to think about what questions you are hoping to answer and then choose your reader accordingly. In a nutshell, if you want to connect with the next life you will need to talk to a medium, if you have a general question about your life then a clairvoyant may be best for you. And if you want to know about the future or have a very specific issue that needs addressing then you may want to ask someone who used an oracle such as tarot.

The Basics: What Are Psychic Readings?

Psychic Readings are a spiritual method to help you to gain insight into your life and your potential future. Psychic Readings usually include clairvoyance. This which literally means clear seeing. In this context, it refers to getting information about you and your path through life without the use of the known senses. Psychics call this the sixth sense.

Another term you’ll hear associated with Psychic Consultation is Extra-Sensory-Perception. This refers to the various ways a person can use their psychic skills. These include Telepathy (mind to mind communication) Clairvoyance (Getting information without the use of the known senses) Precognition (Seeing the Future) and Psychokinesis (Mind over matter). Nowadays psychic readings may also include Retrocognition (Seeing your past)

What is Astrology Reading?

Astrologers are people who study the positions of the planets and stars to foresee the future and understand the workings of fate and destiny.

The word Astrology comes from the Greek word ‘astron’ meaning “constellation/star”. Astrology is used today mainly as a form of divination.

What are Clairvoyant Readings?

When a reader uses clairvoyance to give your psychic consultation they are using the ability of clairvoyance. This literally means ‘Clear Seeing’. They are ‘seers’ in that they may be able to ‘see’ your past, present situation and potential future. They see the bigger picture so that you are better enabled to know what to do about your current situation. Clairvoyance will guide you to make a path towards a brighter and better future.

What is a Medium Reading AKA Psychic Medium Reading?

A Medium Reading will primarily be about proving that there is life after death. Most readings start by establishing who is the spirit communicator. This is likely to be a relation or loved one. The Medium then gives some evidence. This will include facts about the spirit communicator’s personality or their lives when on earth.

The Medium reading will also include the reason the spirit communicator has made contact. This usually includes a comforting message and some guidance. In the past mediums work by private consultation or in a Spiritualist church. Now they work on television or by phone.

What is a Dream Reading?

You can call our online dream interpreters for a second to none service to help you understand and interpret your dreams. As well as a symbolic interpretation of your dream our interpreters will also use their psychic abilities to see beyond the obvious meanings. They use their insight to unlock your unconscious.

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