4 Ghost Faces That Are Hard to Explain (Pareidolia Examples)

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Ghost Faces in Photographs

Many of these Ghost Faces may simply be tricks of the light. Do you think something paranormal is going on? Please add your comments at the bottom of the page. The tendency to see faces in random shapes is called pareidolia.  The mind will also see patterns in random shapes which is called apophenia. Below are some examples of pareidolia where we see strange faces in these photographs. Or are they ghosts appearing on camera? Leave your comments.

Why Ghosts Appear in Photos


Grave Ghost Face Photograph?

Grave Ghost FacesSENDER SAYS: This is a picture taken by my phone the day after my husband’s headstone was erected.  It shows a diagonal blue haze although the sun is behind the stone casting a shadow.   Is this just a trick of the light?

CRAIG’S REPLY: I’m sorry but I feel that this is most likely explained as glare caused by the strong sunlight. But of course you could explain just about any strange light in this way. If spirit were to communicate it would probably be with light and this is probably how and where they would do it. Whatever the case I am sure your husband’s spirit would have drawn close to you at this important time.

Ghost Faces in Orbs

Ghost Faces in OrbsI was trying out the camera on my new phone, just taking random shots when I captured these orbs with ghost faces in them. One seems to have an old man’s face in. What do you think?

CRAIG’S REPLY: Orbs only occur with digital cameras. That’s either because spirit cannot work with film to communicate or it is because the short focal length of digital cameras magnifies either dust or moisture on the lens glass. When the patterning creates ghost faces it is very spooky and sometimes startling how like real ghosts they appear. I personally believe that orbs can be easily explained but there are many psychics who believe that are images of spirits.

Angel in Sunset Clouds

Angel In CloudsSENDER SAYS: My baby sister passed away on 3rd September 2005. I was standing outside my house on the night she passed away taking a photo of the sunset but when I looked closer at the picture I noticed a strange little light in the top right hand side it looked like the figure of an angel, could it have been my sister come to say she was okay and looking down on us?.

CRAIG’S REPLY: At sunset the light hits things at a steep angle so that shadows are enhanced and light hits the camera at a steep angle. If the camera has a slight chip in the glass or dirty glass the angled light can be refracted as it passes through the glass and cause a splash of light or color. That is the cause of the light but why it makes the shape of an angel is another matter. Many people like to think that the angels communicate with us by leaving signs such as a stray feather crossing your path or – in this case – an image made of light. You may find this belief comforting.

London’s Famous Blackfriars’ Ghost?

Blackfrairs Ghost FacesSENDER SAYS: I took this photo in the Blackfriars Famous Pub, London, after the Lord Mayor’s show last year. The Morris dancers ended up inside the pub afterwards for a sing-a-long, drinking and being merry. But it seems a spirit of another kind has joined in on the left and various other ghost faces. There appears to be a man in period dress. I wasn’t aware of anyone there at the time. I didn’t use a flash. I was about to delete the picture as it’s not very clear when I noticed the man, ghost whatever! What do you think?

CRAIG’S REPLY: There is so much happening in this photo with reflections, stray light sources and a slow shutter speed that it is impossible to explain this picture from what I know about photography. It is however a very convincing image and quite possibly you could have caught something paranormal here. Morris dancing may have originated from the pre-Christian fertility rites and the sticks, bells and handkerchiefs were thought to chase away evil spirits and make sure good returns from the land. Perhaps your spectral visitor is one of these ancient spirit protectors?


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