Halloween Superstitions – How to terrorize your kids!

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Article about Halloween Superstitions by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

The Celts believed that on Halloween (Samhain) the boundaries between this world and the spirit world became thin, allowing both good and bad spirits to come into our world. Our Halloween costumes and customs originate from these old Halloween superstitions. The old pagan belief that harmful spirits and ghosts can be frightened off by wearing costumes and masks.

But is this really enough to scare off the demons from Hell? For some fail-safe remedies, we asked the psychic medium Craig Hamilton-Parker.

Craig talks about Halloween Superstitions

Craig says: “One of the most effective ways to ward of ghosts at this time of year is simply to put a skeleton in your front window. This is an old Celtic tradition but it is said that it essential you use a real skeleton or scull otherwise you are even more likely to be attacked.

“You can also reassure children that they are perfectly safe so long as they never look over their shoulder on Halloween or they will see the dead following them and their soul could easily be ripped from them and dragged forever into a portal to Hell. Similarly, it is essential to keep the candle alight in a jack-o’-lantern or they could be attacked by a malevolent spirit. Wearing your clothes back to front they say is perfect protection as it confuses a ghost and directs it elsewhere.

Wear Salt in your Shoes

“It is probably a good idea to encourage kids to wear salt in their shoes as this can act as a form of spiritual protection as can covering yourself in broken eggs. Protective magical amulets made from coffin nails are also a must. And, according to an old rural superstition biting your elbows turns misfortune around.

Above all… warn your children to never think about green monkeys as Eastern superstitions believe that this will attract hungry ghosts who seek to feed upon the life energy of the living.


“In Tibet, one of the most efficient remedies for protection against dark forces is the ritual of ‘Rolang’. For this, the practitioner is locked in a dark room alone with a corpse for a number of days. Occasionally they must dance with it until eventually, the corpse will become animated. The celebrant must now bite out the corpse’s tongue. The tongue of an animated corpse is an absolute must for any Tibetan sorcerer. It is clearly a wonderful protective measure for any child looking for the perfect trick or treats.

My own children never really took to this. We rarely got past the darkroom with a corpse stage, but then we are a psychic family so probably don’t need as much protection as the average person.”

If you’d like to chat about Halloween I am running an online Halloween Ghost Special on my website community at family.psychics.co.uk We also have other events happening every day of the year so join us and be spooked!!!

Halloween Superstitions to protect children from Evil Spirits

  • Voodoo uses a lot of techniques that are similar to Halloween Superstitions. Magic powders that are blown into people’s faces, dolls of course, and all sorts of strange formula. My favorite, that does annoy my wife a bit, is to take a magic bath. You have the usual incense and candles but also add chicken blood and chicken heads to the water. I find it more soothing without the heads.
  • A Halloween Superstitions method to protect young babies from malevolent spirits is to make a ring of fire around them. It doesn’t work, well certainly not indoors, as it sets the fire alarm off.
  • The evil eye is, of course, another spiritual force to be reckoned with. If someone gives you the evil eye it can cause all sorts of problems. This can include miscarriage, illness, business failure, and so on. One way to avert it is to spit three times in the eye of the person staring at you. You could suggest to your children to do this if someone is not so happy with their trick or treat antics.

Why throw Eggs on Halloween?

  • Throwing eggs may have similar symbolism as the egg is a little like an eye in its composure. Lots of rituals around the world involve eggs or if we really want to be more traditional we could throw eyeballs on Halloween. These would probably need to be ordered in advance from your butcher if your kids want an authentic Halloween.
  • The V sign with the fingers was a sign made by the British archers to the French and by Churchill to Adolf Hitler. But it is said to be a very old gesture that was originally used to send spirits back to Hell. Children making V signs with their fingers is clearly a good thing on Halloween.


  • Tradition has it that animals affected by the evil eye should be burned. To take a curse off a child they need to be held upside down every morning and then wash the child’s face with charming water. The water must have a silver coin in it.
  • In the East, they believe that ragged and dirty children cannot be seen by evil spirits. Eating chicory is also supposed to make you invisible. In Frazer’s book The Golden Bough it is claimed that candles made from the tallow from corpses will make you invisible. Many copses were exhumed for this purpose by medieval robbers and burglars.
  • When trick or treating do not knock three times on the door as this the number of times death knocks when he comes to carry off a soul.


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