Do you think the future has already happened?

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Serialism: Has everything already happened?

“As I become activated enough to lose my sense of ego-identity, then conventional time loses its meaning and I get caught up with extra-dimensional adventures in the future.” Alan Vaughan (Clairvoyant)

Psychic dreaming was first popularized through the writings of J. W. Dunne and author of An Experiment with Time and other books. Dunne proposed that our minds roam through time during sleep and he cited many examples of his own psychic dreams.


Dunne kept detailed records of his dreams and would regularly look back over his notes to see if any dreams either reflected incidents in his own life or events which have not yet happened at the time of the dream but that did occur later. He discovered that many of his dreams predicted the future and from these examples, he developed a theory of time which he called serialism.

Dunne believed that his theory of serialism explained his and others’ psychic and precognitive dreams. We all assume that time travels in a straight line but according to Dunne it is like a stretched cord; it is more like a tangled skein of wool.

He proposed also that our ordinary self, which he called ‘Observer 1’, is confined to the present ‘now’ which lives in a time frame from birth to death- like a long length of wool. In sleep, another aspect of ourselves (Observer 2) is active and roams at will through the skein of time. Hence dreams about the future are not precognitive to Observer 2 as for in this state everything has already taken place.

Dunne’s interesting ideas from the early 1900s corresponded with many of the latest theories of time and space being proposed by physicists today.

Has everything already happened?

Between 1900-1902, Dunne had a series of dreams that appeared to predict world events. Most of these were about disasters. Perhaps the most striking of these dreams was the one he had, well in advance of the event, of the volcanic eruption of May 8, 1902, which destroyed St Pierre, the main trading center of the island of Martinique. The eruption killed 40,000 people.

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