Haunted Battlefields: New Sightings of the Weird Ghosts of Gettysburg

Soldier from Haunted Battlefield
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Haunted Battlefields

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

There have been many reports from people who have seen ghostly knights in armor still fighting on the battlefields of history. In France, it is said that knights can still be seen falling beneath English arrows at the site of the battle of Agincourt; in Scotland, the soldiers still wail on the fields of Bannockburn and the battlefield Culloden.

England has its phantoms of the fallen cavaliers of the English Civil War, Belgium its ghosts on the Somme, and on a still night at Stalingrad, it is said you can hear the ghostly echoes of the sounds of war.

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Ghostly Memories

Wherever massive deaths and violent confrontations are mixed, chance is that the vibrations of these events will be present in the area. The violence and fear associated with sudden death still lingers, but I consider it unlikely that earthbound souls continue to fight battles in the astral plane. Instead, these phenomena are mind-field recordings that persist as vibrations that can be perceived by visitors who may have latent psychic potential.

The American Civil War was one of the bloodiest wars ever fought. Since it was waged totally on American soil, it pitted brother against brother, family against family, and nearly split the country in two. Approximately one million men were killed or wounded. It is, therefore, no wonder that some of these battlefields are the most haunted in the world.

Haunted Battlefields

Real Haunted Battlefields and ghost sightings

American Civil War Battlefields

An interesting example of sensing mind fields happened when Carole, one of my first psychic UK helpers on my chatroom, decided to meet up with our American helper Jean. “One evening, during the vacation, Jean took me and four of her friends to visit the ‘Devil’s Den’ near her home in Pennsylvania,” says Carole.

“It was a famous battle site of the American Civil War. Darkness was drawing in when we arrived. We both had a feeling of foreboding about the place. We felt as if we were walking through something at the same time and then had the eerie feeling that something was right behind us. I spun around and took a photograph.

“The weird feelings got worse as we came to the area called the ‘Slaughter Pen,’ which is a forested area with a small path running through the trees. At this place, thousands of soldiers had been trapped and killed. The feelings there that night were dreadful. It was such an oppressive atmosphere. If Jean and the others hadn’t been there, I’d have run for it. Although it was a desolate and lonely spot, we sometimes could hear people whistling tunes. I took some more photographs.


“The next night we went to the nearby battlefield at Gettysburg to a place called ‘Spanglers Springs.’ This was another part of the battlefield, but it was supposed to be a neutral area where the soldiers from both sides could drink. However, fighting broke out and hundreds were killed.

“This time Jean brought along six of her friends to keep us company. Again we started to feel the strange atmosphere. Suddenly we heard these strange calls; like a whooping followed by weird animal calls. Later we described it to an expert who takes part in civil war re-enactments and he told us that what we heard was called the ‘rebel yell.’ It was what the rebel soldiers used to do to try and scare the union soldiers. We had all heard it, yet it was clear that there was nobody about. There was a strange smell in the air. We all took some more pictures.

“When we developed the photographs we were all shocked at what we saw. Nearly every one of them had these strange ghostly lights on them, yet we had used four separate cameras– including one that was digital, so used no film at all.”

Jean and Carole were quite shocked by the weird events they experienced during their vacation. I quote the case because I know them to be sensible people who are not prone to fantasy. The notion of a ‘time slip” sounds like science fiction; yet there are many well-authenticated examples. Some of the most famous reports have happened at the palace of Versailles near Paris.

There, people have suddenly found themselves transported to the time of Marie Antoinette. Remarkably, the scenes these psychic time travelers have described are historically accurate and reveal details about the palace’s layout that are only known to the most knowledgeable historians.

This is not the first incident in which paranormal occurrences have happened at Gettysburg. During this bloody battle, the apparition of George Washington appeared to the Confederate troops. It caused a major retreat and may have given the Union troops a victory. At one point, the figure raised his hand, led the soldiers of General Oliver Hunt in spontaneous charge down Little Roundtop hill, and fell upon the Rebels. Taken by surprise at such a bold manoeuvre, the Rebels retreated.

Edward Stanton, Secretary of War under Abraham Lincoln, even went so far as to conduct an official investigation of the incident. Today, the park rangers still receive reports of a ghostly man that rides the battlefield on a magnificent white stallion. He wears a tricorn hat and has a luminous aura surrounding him.

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