Real Haunted Houses and Powerful Emotions Unleashed.

Real Haunted House Investigation with the BBC
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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

Why some Houses are Haunted

Most supposed haunted houses have about as many ghosts as my granddad’s pocket watch. The example I have given shows how sensing residual energy is similar in many ways to using psychometry to read an object’s past.

One theory is that what we experience at haunted houses are the imprints left in the earth’s energy field. Some scientists accept that brain waves emit an electrical field that can affect and leave a trace on the surroundings.

This ethereal impression can be compared to the way a camera records a scene or the chemicals on photographic paper produce an image when exposed to light. A clairvoyant is aware of these thought waves that project through the aura and infuse into the environment. Ancient places are saturated with the recorded thought energies of generations of visitors.

Craig and Jane talk about Strange Real Ghosts

Powerful Emotions

Powerful emotions such as fear, hate, and anger leave powerful impressions in the surroundings. Elsewhere  I pointed out that sensitivity to these things may be a pre-language survival mechanism that warned our more sensitive ancestors of places that were dangerous.

I believe that the theory of the recorded emotions extends to ghosts. Ghosts may be the result of human emotions that have been projected during traumatic events.

Events involving grisly deaths, prolonged tragic circumstances, and drama are likely to leave behind an imprint. Therefore, a ghost is like a photographic record that is occasionally visible to sensitive people. It is seen as a film clip from the past, sometimes with the same scene repeating in the same spot. What is seen is certainly not a conscious spirit trapped in a time warp and repeating the same task for eternity. It is the energy of history.

Many people become very frightened when they see a ghost but in actuality, there is no cause for alarm. The real people, their spirit selves, have moved on long ago into the world of the afterlife.

Haunted Houses and Spirit Entities

Spiritualists believe that at the time of death the spirit leaves the physical body and manifests in an etheric body—also sometimes called the subtle body or body of light. The etheric body enables the continuation of the spirit and, with it, the persistence of our memories, feelings, identity, and consciousness.

At death, we let go of the confinements of the physical body and in the vehicle of the etheric body, we effortlessly soar into the infinitesimally beautiful world of the beyond.

Sometimes at the time of death, there remains unfinished business of great importance and the spirit person may urgently want to contact loved ones on earth. Many of the communications that non-mediumistic people receive come just days after passing.

We do not know for certain why this is the case but perhaps during this time, the spirit’s energy is different in some way to give it the chance of one last communication before moving on. Usually, when a spirit appears to a loved one it is for the purpose of saying a silent goodbye or to let their loved ones know they have survived.

They are not ghosts

A spirit entity is not a ghost, the difference being that a spirit is conscious, whereas a ghost is an unconscious memory imprinted onto a specific place. A ghost’s behavior never varies, whereas a spirit may manifest at different times and impart a variety of information. You will probably recognize the spirit form of someone you love, whereas a ghost is simply a manifestation of someone else’s experiences.

Certainly, there are occasions when a conscious spirit appears to haunt a specific place. For example, Spiritualism was founded soon after the Fox sisters purported in 1848 that the strange rapping that surrounded them came from the spirit of a dead tinker named Charles Haynes, whose remains were later discovered buried in the basement of their house in Hydesville, New York.

Trapped and Sleeping Spirits

There are those who believe that sometimes spirits fall asleep or become trapped on the earth plane either because they do not know they are dead or are helplessly clinging to their former lives.

I have experienced a number of rare instances where we have encountered a conscious earth-bound spirit, though I believe even this experience could be explained by the projected fear energy of a living person.

Trust Yourself

It is advisable to take a common-sense approach and trust your own experiences as the measure of what is real and what is not. You may read many strange ideas that are written as facts but are, in reality, written by people who have no mediumistic ability or experience of spirit. And not all mediums speak sense you know!

I advise my students to keep their feet on the ground and not to get carried away with fantasy. When you take a measured and stable approach to these issues you soon come to realize that there is nothing whatsoever to be frightened of with regard to ghosts and spirits.

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