Have you spoken foreign languages in dreams?

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Xenoglossy – talking foreign languages in dreams

This is a copyrighted extract from my book  Psychic Dreaming  by Craig Hamilton-Parker ( ISBN 1-4027-0474-7 Sterling Publishers 2004 )

The phenomenon is frequently present in incidents of past-life-recall, and states of altered consciousness such as trance, delirium, and mediumship. Occasionally, unknown and unlearned foreign language may be heard in dreams.

The jury is still out as to whether this is a real phenomena or a result of forgotten phrases emerging from the subconscious.  Many instances are clearly gibberish. Some researchers have claimed that the phenomenon is a result of telepathy happening between two people such as a hypnotist and a subject. If this is true, then it is astonishing that the telepathic ‘receiver’ can not only ‘read’ the words in the sender’s mind but also put the individual words into sentences. This would be a truly formidable task.

I have encountered limited Xenoglossy during my work as a medium. During mediumistic consultations, when I have been working with a foreign sitter, I have occasionally spoken to them in their own language. This has included short sentences in Urdu, Croatian and Chinese- all languages that I have zero knowledge but were of course understood by the recipient. If foreign language can be transmitted by spirits during mediumship, then could it not also happen in dreams or when under hypnosis?

Sceptics have pointed out that many instances of Xenoglossy have been shown to be memories of words and phrased have been learned in the past but forgotten. However there are rare instances when people have been able to spontaneously converse in an unlearned language. One of the most famous cases was documented in 1961 by Dr. Ian Stevenson and Professor Sri H. N. Banerjee when they researched the alleged past life recall of Swarnlata Mishra – a Hindu girl born in 1948. She claimed that she remembered her previous incarnation as a Bengali woman. During this past life she had been taught Bengali songs and dances by a friend. In her present life at the age of three years old the young girl sang Bengali songs and performed Bengali dances without ever having been exposed to Bengali language or culture.

Xenoglossy Dreams

Xenoglossy talking foreign languages in dreams.

Signs and Symbols:

If you dream of words being spoken in a dream is advisable to write these down immediately on waking as auditory information is quickly forgotten. Foreign languages spoken in a dream can be symbolic of things that you do not understand or are unknown to you. Dreaming of foreign countries or foreigners may represent a part of the psyche that is unfamiliar to you. It may show that you are neglecting important feelings or talents. Foreign lands can symbolise the fact that you are experiencing something unusual in your waking life. The anxieties associated with a new relationship, new job or strange experience may trigger these dreams.

In most instances dreaming of foreign languages is symbolic of emotions and experiences that are perplexing the dreamer. But what if on waking you were to write down sentences in a foreign language that you cannot speak but which translates into something intelligible? If this were the case then you would have experienced Xenoglossy and may have received information by clairvoyance. Interestingly practitioners of the medieval magick of John Dee believe that there is a special language of heaven called the ‘Enochian Language’ that is whispered to the sleeper by the angels. Dee claimed that Adam and Eve were the first people to speak the Enochian language and many modern magickians believe it was the original language of Atlantis.

This is a copyrighted extract from my book  Psychic Dreaming  by Craig Hamilton-Parker ( ISBN 1-4027-0474-7 Sterling Publishers 2004 )

This is an extract from my new book
Mystical Dream Interpretation

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