Is it Dangerous to use the Ouija Board?

Horrors of the Ouija Board
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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about ‘Horror Stories About Ouija Boards’. The articles, comments, and posts on this site are copyright and appear in my books.

True Horror Stories About Ouija Boards.

Using the Ouija board can often lead you into trouble because it not only responds to spirits but also to the psychological fears of everyone sitting around the table. It can be dangerous as it can create fear that may lead to irrational behaviors and in some cases is a trigger for suicide.

I get so many emails and letters with horror stories about Ouija Boards. Isn’t it about time that people realized that if you approach the spirit world looking for frights then it is likely that you’ll not only frighten yourself but there are long-term consequences?

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One person wrote to say: “I have been using the glass and letter circle and been told that I have an Indian guide. Some remarkable things that have come true and that I should look to join a circle.

“The glass told me that a family member would become pregnant but the person they would marry would not be the father. Three months later this came to pass. My grandmother also communicated and spoke of a twin son, named Robert, who she had lost a few weeks after his birth. No one living knew his name so I checked at the Department of Records. To my surprise there it was in black and white: Robert!”

Many of the objections to spirit communication are that the medium is using telepathy to read the minds of the sitters. As no one living knew of Robert it goes a long way in demonstrating that this person is contacting people in the after-life and there are lots of cases on record where the Ouija Board was used in a responsible way to contact the dead. If people use it properly then there would be far fewer horror stories about Ouija Boards.

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Some Scary Tales

Here are a few more recent questions that people have sent me via my newspaper columns.

“Many years ago when I was a teenager, some friends and I, started playing about with the Ouija Board. When we ‘made contact’ we took turns to ask the spirit some questions, and, when it came to my turn, I stupidly asked the spirit when, and how I would die. It answered through the board that I would die at 65 and it would be in a plane crash.

“Now much wiser, I realize that dabbling in these things is dangerous. However, I would like to know if the spirit could have been right, or if (as I have read in a book ) spirits don’t have access to this information. You will appreciate that this is causing me some anxiety.”

In reply, I wrote: The time and way of our death is not accessible through any form of clairvoyance. Many of the phenomena displayed through Ouija boards come from a collective, telepathy and the messages can show our own inner fears.

It is clear that many people get quite upset by predictions made by the Ouija Board and death predictions are of course the source of most horror stories about Ouija Boards.

Fears About Death

The fears that Ouija Board creates may last a lifetime. One person wrote to me to say: “Years ago when I was a young woman, I played with the Ouija board on my own for fun. A few years later, my mother and I both began to experience constant bad luck. There was a feeling of an evil presence and disturbances around the house. This continued in all three houses we moved to. I believe that bad luck still follows me. Can this curse be broken?”

I replied: Frankly, I think your bad luck is a result of by negative thinking habits. The Ouija board probably has nothing to do with what has happened to you. Whatever the cause, you need to think more positively. That upon what you focus your attention grows stronger. If you focus on bad luck, things will only get worse. Instead, start counting your blessings, however few, and look forward to better times ahead. This will inevitably draw good luck your way.



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