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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about how to contact your spirit guide.

Contacting and talking with your Spirit Guide

Spirit guides have proven their existence many times through trance mediumship. They were photographed when they materialized at physical séances. You may become aware of the influence of your guides when they draw close during meditation.

You will feel tremendously inspired by the beauty and radiance of their personality. They are real beings. These are advanced souls who have postponed their merger into infinite bliss. They do this to teach us spiritual knowledge.

Spiritualists prefer to call them spirit guides rather than angels because their remit is to work with a specific person or small group of people. People who make outlandish claims about the status of their guide are usually lost in an ego-based fantasy. Not everyone gives good advice about how to contact your spirit guide.

Craig Explains how to contact your Spirit Guide


Inspired Wisdom

I am reminded of Britain’s most famous spiritualist guide, named Silver Birch. He was the American Indian control of the medium Maurice Barbanell, the editor of Psychic News, and a famous journalist in his time (1902–81). The inspiring words, wisdom, and evidence given by Silver Birch have, in my opinion, never been surpassed. They were acclaimed by Lord Dowding, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Arthur Findlay, and Sir Oliver Lodge, and yet neither Barbanell nor Silver Birch ever made any claim to him being the “highest of the high.”

Silver Birch – the spirit guide explains

Silver Birch told of a hierarchy of spirits working together to enable communication and that he had to “lower” his vibration to communicate with the material world. In turn, “the masters” have to lower their vibrations to communicate with him. Silver Birch explained that the Indian guide the masters talk to is an “astral shell” through which he communicates to us.

In reality, he is not an Indian at all but a being of light speaking to us through the spiritual persona we call Silver Birch. Silver Birch also has guidance to his spiritualist sitters about how to contact your spirit guide.

When a medium claims he in touch with the archangels or has a guide that is so many hundreds of thousands of years old, for me at least, alarm bells go off. If also, the medium’s channeling fails to inspire, is impossible to verify, or verges on nonsense, then I head for the exit. It is not the guide that is important.

The words, wisdom, and verifiable information that come through the guide that counts. Therefore, do not be distracted by the form the guide shows you. A tangible form is maintained so that we can distinguish between the many beings of light that communicate with us.

Working with Your Spirit Guide

Much of your inner work is with spirits you already know. The spirit of a dead parent or grandparent may be one of your first helpers. Once an internal dialogue is established with these spirits, you will gradually notice that others now draw close to help.

The first guide you are likely to become aware of is the “gatekeeper,” whose guiding hand has been with you from birth. He or she will also be the guide who will escort you into the next life when it is time to die. The gatekeeper will instruct you and give you insight into your spiritual direction and will help you to awaken your spiritual powers.

In addition, guides who have specific tasks to do will also draw close. Guides may appear who will help you when working with children or young people; others will help you channel healing, use ESP, or be the conduit for physical mediumship, transfiguration, and trance mediumship.

When the Need is There

The guides will come as they are needed. Many of these will have special remit. If the arts are used in your psychic work you will attract guides to help with psychic portraiture, inspired music, or writing. Often when I am demonstrating to an audience I sense a clown guide working with me, who will seek amusing stories I can include in my evidence of survival. His role is important, as a sprinkling of humor helps to raise the vibration and energy levels of the audience, which, in turn, fuels my mediumship.

When sitting for the spirit you will sense that your guide is with you. He or she will not try to take you over or force any information on you. You will not be shown how or when you will die or be given distressing information. The guide will work with you at your pace and will neither push you too hard nor give in to demands that you may make. He or she helps to water the inner garden, and when the time is right the flowers will bloom.

The Hidden Helpers

Allowing your guides to sprinkle their thoughts across the screen of your awareness prepares you for full mediumship. If you are praised for your spiritual work, remember that it is the spirit guides that do the real work. They set up the inner rapport with, and bring to you and organize, the thousands of spirits who will, during the course of your mediumship.

How to Contact Your Spirit Guide

To contact your spirit guide comes through meditation and an awareness of your inner world.  Once a peaceful inner state is achieved the spirit guide can draw close and make themselves known to you. Eventually, you will establish an inner dialogue and be able to talk with your spirit guide. You will be given verifiable information that you can communicate with others.

When a spirit guide’s thoughts are superimposed on your own it is known as a light “overshadowing”. The inner experience is how you contact your spirit guide. You will notice that you are fully conscious and in control. You have the option to return to normal consciousness when you want to. All mediumship is based upon this blending of thought. Even when you are doing a private reading and chatting to the sitter there is a slight overshadowing. The spirit people pass to you the information for the client.


During meditation or when sitting for spirit, you may have a glimpse of someone who was known to you. this is probably someone who loved you, such as a spouse or a parent. These clairvoyant visions may make you feel happy and inspired. Your thoughts are potent forces that will be received by those in the spirit. this will happen even if you are not aware that they have “heard” you.

Do not bombard your guides with a stream of requests. You may, of course, ask the occasional question, but the answer may not always come immediately. You will get a reply when you are ready to receive it, perhaps during another meditation session or sometime during the next day when you are in a contemplative mood.

When attempting to find out how to contact your spirit guide, your insights will come in the form of a silent influence. This happens as the guides blend with your awareness. They will help you to develop your clairvoyance. Their influence will help you to overcome your negative traits and inspire you in times of crisis. The help given will you rid yourself of selfishness, and enable you to become a better person.


If you want to know how to contact your spirit guide you must start by going within. You can work on your own or as a group. It is recommended that you join a spiritualist circle. Some of these are specifically designed to show you how to contact your spirit guide. We also have free classes in our chat rooms that can guide you on this topic.

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