How to see the Spirit World in 10 Steps

see the spirit world
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How to see the spirit world

This is a visualization technique to show you how to see the spirit world. Working initially with your imagination you will gradually learn to ‘see’ with the spiritual eye.

Visualizing Your Entry into the Afterlife.

For this experiment, you are going to visualize yourself meeting the people you love in the next life. Although this is an exercise in imagination rather than the development of mediumship, it will nonetheless help you get an idea of what the afterlife experience is like.

Part of you has been to the afterlife before you came to the earth, so part of you already knows what the afterlife is like. That part is what you are trying to access with this exercise.

How to see the Spirit World in 10 Steps

Step 1

Read these instructions, then sit in a comfortable chair or lay down so that you can completely relax. As you close your eyes and breathe deeply, you feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into a wonderful warm relaxation. All your troubles are gone and you are now focused on the inner world.

Step 2

With closed eyes, you use your inner vision to look all around you. You can see the landscape of a familiar beautiful place that you visited during your earthly life. Now it is even more beautiful than you remember.. Look at the colors in the environment. See how they radiate such color and beauty. Everything exudes peace and contentment. Notice how comfortable the environment feels. You may see the sunshine lighting up the world around you. Notice how important light is in this place. The light here feels as if it is alive as if it is the life force itself. You may hear birds and smell the fragrance of flowers.

Step 3

You can feel yourself moving across this landscape. As you focus on a landmark, you feel yourself moving towards it. You move with grace and gentleness. Imagine how it would feel to have no troubles and worries. All the troubles of earthly life are gone. Tension, stress, ill-health, and anxiety are impossible here. There is a feeling that everything is as it should be.

Step 4

On the horizon, you see some figures. If you listen very carefully, you can hear them calling your name. You move a little closer to them and now hear their voices. The voices are familiar, of people you have loved. Drawing closer still, you begin to make out their faces. Your heart beats a little faster as you recognize the faces as those you love who have come to this wonderful place before you. In enthusiasm, a pet breaks away from them and runs towards you, eager to be the first to greet you.

Step 5

You are now very close to the group and can see their shining eyes and welcoming smiles. “It has been so long,” you hear one of them say, in a familiar voice that you know so well. You notice that a simple low fence separates you from them. However, there is a gate. If you pass through this gate, you understand that there is no going back to your old life. For a short moment, you think about the people on earth who you would have to leave behind. You are aware that it is now impossible to turn back but have the reassuring innate knowledge that they will one day pass through this gate too. When you pass through the gate you will never be able to return.

Step 6

You pass through the gate.

Step 7

As you pass through the gate, notice the mixture of feelings you experience. There is anticipation, a sense of loss for those you leave behind, and a feeling of wonderful warm love as you embrace the people you love here in the afterlife.

Step 8

Finally, spend some time in fantasy about what you would say to the people you meet. What feelings would you express? How would you express them? What would you want to tell them? What do you think they would say to you about your life on earth, and what you could have accomplished to make it better?

Step 9

Eventually, one of them looks at you with love and softly whispers, “It is time now to go back.” Take with you the feelings and insights this visualization has given you. Some may come from your unconscious, but some may also come from the direct communication that occasionally happens when we are fully attuned. Now, return to normal consciousness and make some written notes about any insights that you may have been given.

Step 10

Apply the insights to your life.



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