“I was Terrified by the Tarot Reader”

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Sometimes tarot readings can do more harm than good if given by a charlatan psychic. In this instance, Craig Hamilton-Parker consults the spirit world about a tarot reading gone wrong.

“My life was a mess and everything was going wrong. I was deeply depressed and didn’t know where to turn. In desperation I decided to visit a psychic.” says Susie Fabian from Alton in Hampshire.” But what the tarot told me was so terribly upsetting- in fact quite terrifying- that I cried all the way home.”

Susie knows now that the woman she saw was a complete charlatan. “She would listen carefully to what I gave away and feed it back to me later in the consultation. For example, I mentioned that I lived in the countryside. Ten minutes later she told me that there were horses near where I lived and I should drive a Land Rover.

Fishing for Info

She fished for information and then started predicting the most frightening things that were to happen: I’d lose my job, husband, home, money, health- you name it- I’d be losing it. ‘I’d like to tell you something positive my dear but I can’t’ said the seer.”

I worried about what I was told day and night. It wasn’t until I shared my feelings with my close friend Liz that I began to see how I’d been conned.

For ages, Susie kept what she was told to herself. “I worried about what I was told day and night”, she says “It wasn’t until I shared my feelings with my close friend Liz that I began to see how I’d been conned. I played her the tape and we soon realized when we analyzed it that she was telling me things I’d already mentioned earlier.”

Angrily Susie’s friend destroyed the tape in front of her “But despite this bad encounter I still wanted to see a psychic and Liz recommended Craig Hamilton-Parker who many of her friends had seen.

Spirit Communication

“Craig explained that he wanted first to communicate with the spirit world and ask them about my life. He started telling me about my mother who had died in 19XX. Next, he said how she hadn’t changed much and even though money was not important where she was she still worried about it as she was penniless when she died. Then he told me when she died, how she died, named names and what she was like as a person.

Mum laughed about Dad- how he lived on sandwiches, refused to budge from the house and told me lots of stories of things that happened in my life. These were absolutely accurate and no one in a million years could guess the facts. They are very personal to me and I would rather keep them to myself. Suffice it is to say- I knew by now that some, but not all, psychics are true.”

After the mediumistic work, Craig offered to use the Tarot cards to look into Susie’s future. “I am first and foremost a medium” explains Craig “But sometimes people need a little extra guidance. I believe that the future is subject to our own free will- we can change it. Many mediums disagree with fortune-telling because of the harrowing stories you hear of deception.

Tarot Cards

In the right hands, Tarot Cards can be a useful tool- but that’s all they are, a tool to help with precognition. I see them as a way to compose a philosophy that the sitter can apply to their circumstances. Ultimately the future’s what you make it.”

The Oracle showed problems ahead for Susie but they weren’t impossible. Together Craig with his spirit helpers and Susie plotted a plan of action that would make the best of the circumstances available. “I believe that if you sincerely put love behind your actions,” says Craig “Then inevitably you will do the right thing and in time reap the benefit.- it’s the natural law of things.”

“We left Craig’s house on a high,” says Susie “Inside I felt at peace with myself. I knew that there were problems to deal with in my life. It wasn’t going to be a bed of roses but now I could cope.”

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