Life After Death: Proof Shocks Highly Skeptical Journalist!

Is there anybody out there?

The  highly skeptical journalist Amanda (Writing for Mari Claire Magazine and the Daily Express) visited me (Craig Hamilton-Parker) for a psychic reading and got more than she bargained for. Visiting with the intention of perhaps exposing psychic readings a fraud, she was shocked to be given proof of life after death.

Spiritualism has never been more popular – everyone who’s anyone, from Geri Halliwell to Fergie, has a medium, psychic or clairvoyant. But is there Life After Death and can mediums genuinely talk to the dead, or tell us our destiny? We sent Amanda Ward, below left, who has lost both parents and a twin sister, to find out if there really is life after death.

At 30, I didn’t expect to be the only surviving member of my family.

My mum died suddenly of lung cancer last year my father six years earlier of a brain tumour and my twin sister, Barbara-Ann, at just three days old.

I had coped with losing my father – just. And my sister is now a sad memory. But my mum’s death came as a real shock.

I didn’t see her before she died. She passed away half an hour before I arrived at the hospital after a manic dash from London to Liverpool. I’m haunted by the fact she died alone, and tormented that we hadn’t spoken for six months. She was a heavy smoker and I had been annoyed that she wouldn’t give up. Usually she’d call a few days after an argument, but this time we were both too stubborn to give in. Her phone call telling me she had cancer came out of the blue. Within a week she was dead.

When someone close to you dies, all you want to do is talk to them one last time. Is there life after death? I want to know that they’re happy and well, free of the illnesses that killed them and, most importantly, together. I also want to say ‘I love you’ one more time.

My mum had taken me to a spiritualist church after my dad died. They had been married 38 years and she missed him terribly. Mum believed in life after death. I’ve often wondered if there is an ‘other side’, and if I were to see a medium, would Mum, or any other member of my family, get in touch? I decided to give it a try.

My brief is simple: I’m to visit five mediums. I’m to give them no information about the deaths in my family nor will any of them know I’m researching a story. What I want, more than anything, is to contact my mum and dad, but as some mediums are also clairvoyants, I may get a glimpse of my future, too. Will I have children? Am I going to many? What does my career hold?

(NOTE: Amanda Ward visited 5 mediums. She was a definite non believer and scathing in her comments for most of the people she visited.)

Is There Life After Death?Is there life after death – sometimes it’s the little things that give the greatest proof.

Amanda’s report about her visit to Craig:

Craig Hamilton-Parker, medium, psychic, clairvoyant… I choose Craig Hamilton-Parker after accessing his psychic website. According to Craig, his wife, Jane, his daughter end even his dog are also psychic. He has written several books on the subject and charges £50 for an hour’s sitting, but warns me he has to spend twenty minutes ‘tuning in’ before our meeting at an old school ball rear Southampton. I wait on a tatty sofa while Craig prepares himself.

We sit at the front of the hall surrounded by rows of chairs, with children’s collages hanging on the walls. It’s early evening, the sky is darkening and it’s eerily silent. I’m a little scared. ‘You’ve got a really lovely aura,’ he begins. ‘It’s blue, which means you’d be good at healing.’ I’m flattered and relax slightly. I have given him no details, so what he says next makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. ‘I’ve got a lady here. I’m getting a pain in my chest and finding it quite hard to breathe.

The illness was very quick, unexpected,’ he says. ‘I’m getting the date of 11th November. And is the date 28 February important? Is this your mum’s mum, or someone on your mum’s side?’ I think it’s my mum – she died on 21 November and 28 February was my parents’ wedding anniversary.

Craig continues, the was good at organising. She’s telling me that her favourite flowers are daffodils and that she’s one of seven. She loved swimming, especially when she was older, and that you changed your job around the time she was ill.’ He’s just described my mother’s character her favourite flower, the correct number of siblings and her main hobby. He was spot on about the job, too. I went freelance a few weeks before her death.

He carries on. Is there a new-born baby here? It’s either yours or a sister.’ I confirm that it is my sister He continues, ‘She wouldn’t have lived long. She doesn’t look like you, but she’s grown-up now and has long ringlets.’ We were non-identical. I feel totally freaked but strangely pleased that she is now an adult.

Craig does ask if my father is alive. When I tell him no, he says. ‘He had bright blue eyes with a mischievous twinkle.’ Yup, that’s dad, and I want to hear more. Craig looks at me decisively, ‘He had a very short name. Three letters. Don or Ron?’ Oh, my God. Dad was called Stephen Ronald, but everyone knew him as Ron. ‘He had a very selective ear where the women in the family were concerned. He used to joke about your mother being “the battle-axe” or something,’ says Craig. Attila, actually, but what the heck. ‘And he used to torment you, but in a nice way’ he says.

Next, I ask the impossible – what was my father’s pet name? Craig closes his eyes and goes silent. ‘Is it something to do with eating?’ he asks finally. Craig is making a chewing action with his mouth. ‘I’m getting sweetness. It’s definitely fruit. Is it cherry?’ As a child, I loved pineapple chunks and used to call my father ‘Chunks’. Craig may not have got it exactly, but it was damn close.

I’m overjoyed. To me this is proof that my father is there, somewhere. How else could Craig have known those things? But what’s unnerved me most is that Craig has adopted my father’s mannerisms – stroking the top of his head, and pinching the brow of his nose as he’s been talking. In fact, for one strange moment in the dim light, I almost believe it’s my dad sitting there. I leave feeling buoyant and comforted. I find myself talking to my parents in my head. Thanks to Craig, I’m convinced they can hear me.

Amanda’s verdict: Verdict: 9/10

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Video of Craig giving a psychic medium reading at the theatre

Proof of Life After Death Video

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  • George May 8, 2017, 1:07 pm

    My only skepticism is not if the medium can make a contact, but what is that he medium comes in contact with. Is it 100% our loved people? Or something low vibrating entity pretending to be our loved ones. Personally that’s my only skepticism about the matter.

  • sean Jan 23, 2016, 9:18 am

    Used to be heavily into spiritualism as a rescue medium. Last few years have had a loss of faith. Can you help?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jan 25, 2016, 4:34 pm

      As this is a question that requires a personal answer I suggest you drop into our forums or chat rooms to discuss your issues.

  • Bob Cash Apr 21, 2013, 7:33 pm

    ANYONE claiming to be psychic is in only one, or both, of two states:


    • Christine Thompson Oct 21, 2014, 5:54 pm

      Bob Cash:

      If you carried out some extensive, in-depth research into this subject, you’d discover that in fact many mediums and clairvoyants are 100% genuine. Your sceptical words stem from your lack of knowledge of all the many genuine mediums, etc.

      There are countless millions of educated, PROPERLY-informed people, worldwide (I being one of them) who are fully aware that there exists a veritable wealth of multi-faceted, objective evidences which show that we DO all survive (in sub-atomic energy form: ie, the eternal, immortal soul/spirit being that we each ARE) the very, very illusory event that’s so very wrongly termed “death”.

      Twenty years ago I had less than no knowledge of this ultimate life truth, but in 1994 I was led to a book about it; that book acted as a catalyst, causing me to initiate a programme of very extensive, in-depth, scholarly research, to see whether there MIGHT exist any objective evidence to support the assertion that we all survive (in immortal soul form) the event we [wrongly] term “death”.
      In the last 20 years, my very scholarly research into this has included the reading of more than 700 (seven hundred+) diverse, high-quality, scholarly books on this ultimate life-truth – books which relate the multi-faceted, objective evidences which show that we DO all survive [in immortal soul form] that very illusory event.
      I should add, here, that a large percentage of the tens of thousands of excellent books on this ultimate life truth have been written by educated, PROPERLY-informed scientists, doctors, psychiatrists etc.

      If you cared enough about FACTS to carry out some in-depth, scholarly research into this subject, you would be very surprised indeed; you would learn of the objective facts and evidence which show that the ACTUAL nature of the event we [wrongly] term “death” is so very, very different from what it merely seems to be, when interpreted at its very, very illusory face-value appearance.

  • Stephen Mar 28, 2013, 7:44 pm

    I believe there is irrefutable proof of life after death. Forget so called experts and experiments. Take no account of scientists or professors – just consider and ponder the following.

    When you ask most people when they were born they will give their date of birth, and give it no further thought. As far as they are concerned that’s the date they were born and prior to that date they were but a twinkle in their father’s eye.

    Well think of it a different way. There are only two states. Alive or dead. Simple. Therefore before you were born you were 100% physically dead. You had no earthly body. If you are here now reading this, you are now alive. You were dead and now you are alive. If you can be born from nothing once you can come from nothing again.

    Every single person on this planet are proof of life after death – the truth really is that simple.

  • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jan 2, 2013, 2:52 pm

    I have argued the case for Life After Death with skeptical psychologists such as Susan Blackmore who claim that Near Death Experiences and experiences of life after death are an illusion created by the dying brain.

    What proof would you give from your own experiences with the dying or from your studies to prove to the skeptics that there is life after death.

    Please post your comments.

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